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Are Android and Linux the same thing?

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Linux I've knocked the sand out of my keyboard, applied aloe to my sunburned skin, and am trying to apply my refreshed and relaxed brain to the following conundrum: Is Android Linux?

20 years of Linux

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Linux TWENTY years ago in August, a 20-year-old computer science student named Linus Torvalds sat down at his computer at the University of Helsinki to post what is now one of the most famous entries in computing history.

L'Independence day with a bit of a twist

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Linux Jack Wallen revisits his yearly L’Independence blog, only this year adding a bit of a twist to the age-old topic of independence. Read on and enjoy the freedoms Linux brings.

Sabayon 6 Review

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Linux Sabayon Linux is based on Gentoo and, as you may already know, Gentoo has not always been considered the easiest version of desktop Linux for non-technical users to install and use. Sabayon Linux does a pretty good job of making Gentoo available to those who simply want to install and use Gentoo without having to roll their own.

Porteus 1.0: On the Trail of SLAX

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Linux Porteus team announced that version 1.0 of their system is now ready.

The Bootable Maintenance Flash Drive

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Linux I enjoy being the tech hero. Relatives and friends come to me with their computer problems, and more often than not, I help them. Their problem gets solved, and my ego goes up a notch. It helps to have the right tools--

Fedora in Public Libraries

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Linux Our local Linux Users Group in my home town of Osijek has started workshops called knowledge exchange in partnership with our public library. So first step was to install Fusion Linux Fedora Remix on their PCs.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 412

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: Lightweight Portable Security 1.2.1
  • News: Mandriva experiments with UI changes, Mageia sets up update infrastructure, Bodhi releases distro for ARM-based touch screens
  • Questions and answers: Alternatives to GNOME 3
  • Released last week: PCLinuxOS 2011.6, Calculate Linux 11.6, AriOS 3.0
  • Upcoming releases: Pardus Linux 2011.1, Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2
  • Donations: Midori receives €210
  • New additions: Lightweight Portable Security
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

China v USA: Who Loves Freedom More?

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Linux In politics this question has so many angles and firmly-held beliefs getting in the way of facts. In IT, however, we have objective measures like Google Trends.

Thoughts On Linux

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Linux I have now been running Linux Mint for a couple of months as a main OS and I am gradually becoming a huge fan of it, I have Winodows 7 now installed on my second PC, but only ‘in case’. Mint runs so well and is so easy to set up and update.

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HPE Introduces Linux Server for Data Analytics and Real-Time Computing

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has rolled out a new Linux-based server that it says will help enterprises manage high-performance, large-volume data analytics and real-time processing workloads. The platform, called the HPE Integrity MC990 X Server, was announced Tuesday. The company says it was developed in response to growing demand for more efficient and scalable computing power for the datacenter. Read more

Wine Staging 1.9.3 Adds Compatibility Fixes for a Bunch of Older Windows Games

We reported at the end of last week that the Wine developers were working hard on the next major update to the open-source software that lets Linux users install and run all sorts of Windows applications and games. Read more Also: Wine-Staging 1.9.3 Brings Improvements For Old Games, Even 16-Bit Apps

Canonical Updates the All-Snap Snappy Ubuntu Images to Remove Misplaced SSH Key

We reported last week that Canonical, through Michael Vogt, informed all users of the Snappy Ubuntu Core operating system for embedded and IoT (Internet of Things) devices about the general availability of new all-snap images. Read more

Linux-ready dev board beats BeagleBoard-X15 to the AM5728

Elesar’s “Titanium” is a feature-rich board based on TI’s AM5728 SoC, featuring dual Cortex-A15, dual DSP, and dual Cortex-M4 cores, plus a dual-core GPU. It’s not too often that a workalike board ships before the original, but that appears to be the case for UK-based Elesar’s Titanium development board. The Titanium is not really a clone, but it’s available now with similar features and the same new Texas Instruments Sitara AM5728 SoC that was supposed to debut in the still delayed BeagleBoard-X15 hacker SBC. Read more