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Diary Of A Linux Newbie: The First Year

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Linux Just a year ago -- April 21, 2010 to be exact -- I installed a Linux distribution. I installed it from a DVD of Ubuntu 8.10, Intrepid Ibex, that came with an issue of Linux Pro magazine I bought from a news stand.

Linux Mint 8 ‘LXDE’ Edition Review

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Linux Linux Mint is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular Linux distributions out there and Linux Mint LXDE edition is a very welcome edition to the growing number of releases available of the popular distro.

Ricoh Joins Linux Foundation

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Linux (PR): Leader in digital office solutions, Ricoh will participate in workgroup and LF events for face-to-face collaboration

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 34

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Feature: Peering down the business end of Asturix
  • News: Yellow Dog warns against PS3 updates, Red Hat hints at RHEL 6 beta arrival, Ubuntu announces "Maverick Meerkat", Puppy prepares version 5, overview of Unity Linux
  • Questions and answers: Using "alien" to convert RPM to DEB
  • Released last week: Linux Mint 8 "LXDE" and "Xfce", SimplyMEPIS 8.5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5
  • Upcoming releases: DragonFly BSD 2.6, Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 2, openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 5
  • Donations: Libre Graphics Meeting gets US$300
  • New additions: Puredyne
  • New distributions: Fnestree, Linux Caxradonya, Netrunner
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

Linux is looking ready for mainstream users

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Linux I reviewed four of the most popular Linux operating systems and judged them on ease of use, performance, functionality and price.

What will come after Linux?

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Linux Lets face it. Nothing lasts for ever. As much as I like Linux and wish that it live long and prosper. I am also one who likes to think about the future. So I started wondering. What is there that can follow in Linuxs footsteps?

System security? What about your DATA!

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Security It is often said that Linux is more secure than Windows, and for enterprise workloads this tends to be very true. Desktop Linux is a completely different use case, and unfortunately security configuration is sadly way behind (read: non-existent).

There is More to Linux Than Ubuntu

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Ubuntu The fine people at Canonical are experts at keeping Ubuntu in the news, and keeping a lot of buzz alive. That is a good thing; still, it is easy to get the impression that Ubuntu is Linux. But we know there is a whole world outside of Canonical, so here are some of my favorite Linuxes.

The iPad's Linux competition

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  • The iPad's Linux competition
  • JooJoo: The "other" tablet arrives

Help! Finding Community Linux Support

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Linux You've installed Linux, things are looking great, but you've run into a snag and need a little helping hand. You're in good hands. The community is here to help, if you know where to look.

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