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Microsoft, Google, and VMware redefine the operating system?

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Linux While the open-source crowd gets (rightly) excited by Linux's growing market share, three companies are pulling the rug out from under the feet of traditional operating systems.

The Quiet Digital Audio Revolution

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Linux The changes in audio recording in my lifetime have been phenomenal, bringing high-end recording and distribution to the masses. Here are some of the amazing digital audio feats you can do with an ordinary Linux PC and a little bit of audio gear:

Boot Linux on the Beagle Board

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The Beagle Board is an open-hardware single-board computer that is both inexpensive and capable of running Linux at a reasonable speed. Get to know the Beagle Board, and learn how to get a Linux development environment together on the cheap.

Red Hat takes on the recession

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Linux Remember about five or six years ago when the open source software movement was going to beat the stuffing out of software giants like Microsoft, Oracle and Sun? That hasn't exactly happened.

The Big Advantage With Linux: Multiple Desktops

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Linux I decided yesterday to give up working on Windows natively and returning back to my preferred Arch Linux mainly because of one thing. Multiple desktops.

Of course its Political

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Linux Some people are arguing that GNU/Linux users should stay away from politics and just concentrate on the technical stuff of the operating system. The problem with this is that politics is part of everything we do.

Distro life cycles, updates and small business

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linuxgeeksunited.blogspot: You will notice that some of the 'community' versions of the distros are supported for a much shorter time frame than the paid for company backed versions. There are those who say it is partially a technique employed by the 'sponsoring' company to encourage users to go to the paid versions, particularly in business related areas. I don't know if that is true or not, but I can see how it could appear that way to some folks.

Funny Linux Merchandise from Zazzle

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Linux Let’s start with amusing Linux merchandise on Zazzle. They have all sorts of stuff like shirts, bumper stickers and stickers in general. Here are some interesting designs.

What Linux cannot do

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Linux There are so many articles out on the internet tubes that I don't know which one to shake a stick at. So to prevent my brain from going totally rusty I decided to pull out some points of what Linux can not do.

CentOS 5.3 - Serious Linux for serious people

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Linux CentOS is not your everyday Linux. It's a server distribution, meant to be used in production environment where users do not care about what applications they have installed. It's a distro that you will most likely run without any GUI, reboot once every other year or so, if that, and upgrade only when you really must. What I'm going to do today is a sort of a capital sin.

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