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The Linux Box to Market Ubuntu to U.S. Enterprise Users

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ANN ARBOR, Mich., February 16, 2010 – One of the most rapidly growing and popular operating systems, Ubuntu, is taking a significant run at the U.S.

Which is the Best Linux Distribution for your Desktop?

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Linux Linux today comes in several different flavors or distros as they are known in Linux circles.

Homosapien Metacity Online Customizer

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I'm sure that at some point everyone finds a Metacity theme that they fall in love with. Except that for that one thing. You wish you could easily change it. Now using the Homosapien theme you can.

LCA 2010: Using a public platform for personal attacks

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Linux When Red Hat employee Matthew Garrett stood up to deliver a talk at the recent Australian national Linux conference on "The Linux community: what is it and how to be a part of it", he wasn't prepared for at least one of the questions that followed.

Arch Linux smokes all others. My Review.

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Linux Last week I finally decided to try another Linux distribution. Even though I started off with Slackware on floppy disks I eventually got really lazy and started to use Ubuntu Linux. I have switch to a more traditional Linux.

Review: Moblin 2.1

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Linux Moblin, the much-hyped Linux-based OS from Intel and the Linux Foundation, released its version 2.1 in November 2009. This is a clean, visually appealing OS aimed at nettop and netbook users, with a desktop model that's far removed from traditional OS.

Linux Training Week: Setup and Compatibility

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Linux If you saw our introductory post yesterday, you’ll know that this week on Zath is Linux training week! Over the next week, I’ll be using Ubuntu version of Linux in place of my norm of Mac OS X and Windows 7 to see how it stacks up against its rivals and whether it’s viable for the average computer user to make the switch.

MeeGo: Paradise lost for N900 hackers?

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Before today’s news I thought I had Nokia’s open-source strategy all figured out. The Symbian Foundation would be a bullet-proof mobile Linux for carrier customization and Maemo would be a gift from on high for power users.

Now I don’t know what to think…

More here...

Is the Linux dream a myth?

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thenakedcoder.blogspot: How many times have you heard the arguments about operating systems and why mine is better than yours etc?

The Dating Game, Linux-Style

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Linux Can geeks find love? Certainly -- but extolling the wonders of GNU/Linux on the first date may not be the best way to go. On the other hand, just think of all the ways a Linux geek can say "I care":

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Chromixium – An Ubuntu Based Google’s Chrome OS Clone

Today, We have come up with an interesting news for both Ubuntu and Chrome OS users. Meet Chromixium – the new modern desktop operating system based on Ubuntu that has the functionality, look and feel of Google’s “Chrome OS”. Chromixium has brought the elegant simplicity of Chromebook and flexibility and stability of Ubuntu together. Chromixium puts the web front and center of the user experience. Web and Chrome apps work straight out of the browser to connect you to all your personal, work and education networks. Sign into Chromium to sync all your apps and bookmarks. When you are offline or when you need more power, you can install any number of applications for work or play, including LibreOffice, Skype, Steam and a whole lot more. Security updates are installed seamlessly and effortlessly in the background and will be supplied until 2019. You can install Chromixium in place of any existing operating system, or alongside Windows or Linux. Read more

BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition review: A promising start

The first 'production' smartphone running the Ubuntu operating system is finally here. Designed and marketed by the Spanish company BQ (not to be confused with the Chinese company BQ Mobile) and made in China, the first Ubuntu Phone is based on the 4.5-inch BQ Aquaris E4.5, which normally ships with Android 4.4. Included with the BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition are two copies of the quick-start guide (in four languages each, one of the eight being English), a charger (with a built-in two-pin continental mains plug) and a 1-metre USB-to-Micro-USB cable. A comprehensive User Manual is available for download from the BQ website. The list price for the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, which is only available in the EU, is €169.90 (~£125). Read more Also: Ubuntu and Windows set to contest desktop/smartphone hybrid market Ubuntu phone that works as a desktop PC coming in 2015

Enabling Open Source SDN and NFV in the Enterprise

I recently attended the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Shenzhen, China, to promote Intel’s software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) software solutions. During this year’s IDF, Intel has made several announcements and our CEO Brian Krzanich showcased Intel’s innovation leadership across a wide range of technologies with our local partners in China. On the heel of Krzanich’s announcements, Intel Software & Services Group Senior VP Doug Fisher extended Krzanich’s message to stress the importance of open source collaboration to drive industry innovation and transformation, citing OpenStack and Hadoop as prime examples. Read more Also: Myth-Busting the Open-Source Cloud Part 2