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The growth of Linux in developing regions

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Linux Since I started my Blog I noticed an interesting trend. A lot of the readers and individuals who link to my Blog are from developing regions around the world such as China, India, Indonesia and Central/South America. However, most of the time when I am writing about Linux I am concentrating on the North America and Europe.

Cairo-Dock 2.1.0 Released, OpenGL Mode Now Works

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When Cairo Dock v2.0 was out, it instantly became my favourite dock for Linux. Unfortunately, some Intel and ATI graphic card users were not able to run it. Cairo Dock in OpenGL mode now works.

Why more people don't use GNU/Linux: it's the apps, stupid

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Linux (varghese): If one were to pose the question why don't more people use GNU/Linux, one would probably get as many answers as people who are asked the question.

Introducing your Child to Linux

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Linux The Linux operating system offers an excellent learning opportunity for children, whether for educational software and games, programming, or general computer skills. Charles Profitt, a K-12 systems administrator, shares with SmartBean the nuts and bolts of introducing kids to Linux.

Kahel OS Linux

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Linux Kahel OS is a remastered version of Arch Linux. Arch Linux has a bit of a reputation as not being particularly friendly to average desktop users. Kahel OS is an effort to change that perception and make it easier for people to use Arch Linux.

What is it About Linux?

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elevenislouder.blogspot: Why do we love Linux so much? What is it that draws so many of us into the tinkering, experimenting, and everything else?

Thoughts: Puppy Linux 4.3 on Older Laptop

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Linux I have used Linux for many years. I use it on extremely fast machines and on some really slow ones. I am always encouraged when I test out a new release and find that it works on my older and much slower equipment. Puppy Linux 4.3 is just that. A stable Linux distribution that has all the tools to get that older machine running.

Home Automation with Linux

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Linux Home automation may sound like a science-fiction dream, but in reality it is not only commonplace, but relatively simple to get started, especially with Linux.

Choosing a Desktop Linux Distro, Part 1: Getting What You Want

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Linux For newcomers to the open source world, selecting a Linux desktop from the many available choices can seem overwhelming. But don't let that stop you! There's plenty of free expert advice available online to help you narrow the field and figure out which distro is likely to best suit your needs.

Linux rising

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Linux When we talk about the Linux market, it means different things to different people. While much of the industry in 2008 stagnated or even receded, Linux revenues grew 23.4% to touch $567 million. The top selling server OSs came from Red Hat and Novell.

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