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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

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Reviews RHEL 6 offers greatly enhanced scalability and is well equipped to handle future technological advances. The switch to KVM virtualisation and server subscription tweaks may not be universally popular, but existing Red Hat customers and new Linux converts should still consider it.…

London Stock Exchange delayed Linux system finally launches on 14 February

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Linux The London Stock Exchange’s delayed Linux-based trading system has finally been given a go-live date of 14 February, for the exchange’s main cash markets.

Boot Issues Plague SimplyMepis 11 Development

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SimplyMEPIS 11.0 Beta 1 was released last week, but again is plagued by start problems for many people. All during this SimplyMEPIS 11 development cycle boot problems have stopped many users from testing.

Mickos and Eucalyptus lock arms with Red Hat

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Software Marten Mickos – the former MySQL boss who now runs build-your-own-cloud startup Eucalyptus Systems – has hitched his new wagon to Red Hat. In more ways than one.

Red Hat to keep headquarters in Wake, add jobs

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Linux Red Hat will keep its corporate headquarters in Wake County and add more than 500 jobs in the next five years, officials said Monday.

Arch Linux is More Awesome Than I Previously Thought

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soosck.wordpress: I kept hearing great things about Arch Linux so I decided to install this cutting-edge distro. It’s a very rewarding and valuable experience. Just give it a go!

Quick Thoughts on Puppy Linux and Puppy 5.2

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thelinuxscoop.blogspot: In recent years I've grown to like Puppy Linux. I can't say that its my favorite "mini" distro, but it serves its purpose. There are some key features that really hold this distro back. They may seem trivial, but they matter to the end users. So has Puppy Linux 5.2 fixed these issues or does it still lack the basics?

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 387

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • Reviews: LucidWorks Enterprise
  • News: Debian 6.0 nears release, Mageia prepares to launch buildsystem, Linux Mint gets the "best distro" award, Linux Genealogy live CD
  • Questions and answers: Creating a distribution
  • Released last week: Puppy Linux 5.2, Peppermint OS One-01042011
  • New distributions: FIDOSlax, DoudouLinux
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

Linux Mint 10 Reviewed – Part #1

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Linux I must admit that it has been just about 12 months since I had last tested a Linux distribution. During my past experiences, I normally uninstalled whatever distribution I tried, because I either had issues getting a wireless connection or was unable to print to my HP laser Jet.

20 things we'd change about installing software in Linux

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Software Software installation in Linux can confuse new users, while it pleases and irritates more experienced campaigners in equal measure. Here are 20 things we'd change about it.

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Cinnamon 2.8.6 Desktop Environment Is Out for Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa"

The developers behind the popular Cinnamon open-source desktop environment, a fork of the GNOME Shell user interface of the acclaimed GNOME 3 desktop environment, have released a new maintenance build for the Cinnamon 2.8 series. Read more

KDE Plasma 5.5

  • KDE Plasma 5.5 Windows 8 Metro-Inspired Theme Looks Interesting
    KDE developer Kai Uwe has just published a lengthy article where he talks about developing a Windows 8-inspired theme for the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.5 desktop environment.
  • KDE Developer Working On Windows 8 Inspired Look
    Kai Uwe has been working on some experimental hacks to resemble Windows 8, although Microsoft's default interface has changed with Windows 10. He's calling this work "U-Bahn" (the German equivalent of a Metro subsystem system) in reference to Microsoft at the time calling it Metro. This was just some brief hacking and he's not planning to see this U-Bahn project through to the end.
  • Pursuing Awesomeness
    While applets can be installed through “Get Hot New Stuff” and distribution repositories, there’s also the classic .plasmoid file. A feature suggested by one of my colleagues – fresh KDE Plasma user – was to drag .plasmoid files onto the desktop or panel and have them installed. After Marco Martin implemented the neccessary KPackage plumbing this is now possible.

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