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10 ways to dodge Linux hardware issues

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Hardware If you’ve been grappling with Linux hardware problems, take heart: Jack Wallen has some strategies for resolving common issues — or avoiding them in the first place.

Spotlight on Linux: Linux Mint 9

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Linux Linux Mint is another distribution that seems designed for new users, although many seasoned users find it as handy as anyone. Linux Mint takes Ubuntu and makes it usable by adding drivers and codecs and adjusting the default application stack for more mainstream appeal.

Fedora 13 Boasts Many Leading-Edge Enhancements

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Linux Red Hat's Fedora 13 open-source software can serve in a full gamut of Linux roles, as long as users are prepared to upgrade their systems about once a year.

KDE at SouthEast LinuxFest

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  • KDE at SouthEast LinuxFest
  • SouthEast LinuxFest Part II
  • Gentoo at LinuxTag 2010: A look back
  • systemd Slides from LinuxTag 2010
  • LinuxTag from my view

The open-source entrepreneur

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Linux Bob Young is a self-confessed contrarian with a strong desire to change the world by allowing people to share and collaborate. The approach has served him well and has helped turn the Canadian into a multi-millionaire.

Linux versus the world: The unwinnable war?

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Linux The first three months of the year were defined, in the technology sector, by some very scary numbers. Just feast your eyes on some of these.

Spreading the Linux blogger love: Five questions for Ghabuntu.

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This is Luqman Saeed, owner & operator of -- he's been an avid supporter of my blog on Facebook and fairly active in the comments as of late. So what kind of host would I be if I didn't introduce him to you all?

More here...

Binary Portability in Linux

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Linux An interesting topic for a change: is Linux binary portable? That is, can we take a binary file and be sure it’ll run in any other Linux system? What happens if we broaden that to any POSIX system, will it blend? Eh, I mean, will it run?

Ubuntu-based Windows XP looker freshens up

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Linux An Ubuntu-based Linux distro identical in look and feel to Microsoft's Windows XP's been updated.

The Linux Desktop isn't Dead, it's Pining

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Linux I know it sounds crazy but the Linux Desktop isn't dead, it's just pining. It's pining for the correct platform--a tablet computer. And, I'm not referring to some cheap imitation tablet that will merely satisfy a few observers and nerdlets who use Linux.

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