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Review: Archbang Linux

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Linux Archbang takes the foundations of Arch (early access to software and rolling release) and the visual aesthetic of Crunchbang (using Openbox).

Fedora Scientific, an interview with Amit Saha

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Interviews Our latest interview is with Amit Saha, responsible for Fedora Scientific, a Fedora based distribution geared towards scientists, students and professionals alike. The distribution is packed with software like GNU Octave, R, Maxima and many more. Give Fedora Scientific a spin! Enjoy the interview!

What I do

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larrythefreesoftwareguy.wordpress: Yesterday started out in uncharacteristically annoying fashion and, to be honest, I was counting on it to make a thrilling comeback to become a typically normal day sometime before mid-afternoon. No such luck.

Book Review: The Linux Command Line

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Linux The Linux Command Line, By William E. Shotts Jr. (No Starch Press, US$ 39.95), is the most recent entry in a veritable pantheon of books dedicated to the subject of using and scripting the *nix shell interface, and to its credit, it is probably the most approachable.

Zorin is a Linux OS That Looks and Behaves Like Windows7

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Linux If you're building a computer for a relative or friend and wish to avoid the cost of Windows 7 you might look into Zorin—the Linux OS' elements such as the taskbar, file system, start menu, and desktop all work just like in Windows.

Linux Mint 12 Gnome Review

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Linux This release brings big changes to Linux Mint so be ready for something different. The DVD version offers users the ability to choose between the new Gnome 3 interface with the Mint Gnome shell extensions, Gnome classic, or the new MATE desktop.

Moving Linux Kernel Drivers To User-Space? Nope.

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Linux Brought up on the Linux kernel mailing list this week was a short-lived discussion whether Linux device drivers should be moved from kernel-space to user-space in an attempt to provide "greater security and robustness" of Linux systems.

Pear OS 4 goes back into beta

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  • Pear OS 4 goes back into beta
  • Review: KahelOS 020212
  • Pardus Kurumsal 2 for a Second Time
  • Best Lightweight Linux Distribution for Older Computers
  • Eugeni Dodonov: Even while I was at Microsoft, I still had Slackware
  • Management Tips From Red Hat's Crazy Culture Every Company Should Steal
  • Mageia 2 beta 1 screen shot preview
  • openSUSE ARM plans
  • DragonFly BSD 3.0 improves multiprocessor support
  • Oracle extends Linux support to 10 years, Dangles Ksplice
  • Dream Studio 11.10 Is Based on Ubuntu 11.10
  • Signs are strong that Red Hat will remain in Westford

10 free Linux e-books

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Linux Who doesn’t like free stuff? We put together a selection of free Linux e-books that you can read, in many cases download, and use as references, or simply to learn something.

Time runs out for timezone lawsuit

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Legal The Electronic Frontier Foundation is touting a victory in a copyright lawsuit that had the potential to shut down the database that all Linux and UNIX-based platforms and many time-based applications use to keep track of the ever-changing global timezones.

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