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Trisquel GNU/Linux - Free Software and Gorgeous

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all-things-linux.blogspot: Trisquel GNU/Linux is as you can see by the naming convention one of the few distributions fully endorsed by the Free Software Foundation, and in return they're doing a lot to promote the FSF and their principles on their website.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Linux Some folks just won’t switch get out of their comfort zone when it comes to Windows. Here some of those reasons.

Fedora and RHEL Documentation

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Linux I must say that the Fedora and RHEL documentation team’s produce is certainly one thing that I do take for granted… EXCELLENT documentation! Its always there, and generally excellent, if sometimes a bit hard to find in the wiki.

There are over 300 Distributions of Linux- Which One Should You Use?

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Linux In Liberia, like most countries, Microsoft Windows is the de facto platform of choice when it comes to computing. Lately though, there has been some discourse about the use of the Linux. Which distribution of Linux should we use since there are over 300 distributions?

Quick Look: Bodhi Linux 1.2

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Linux Bodhi is more of a minimalist’s distribution. If you’re looking for tons of software and bloat, you won’t find it in Bodhi. It’s really geared toward those who want to choose their applications & feature sets rather than have the developers foist it on them.

89 trees missing from linux-next

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Security Of the 171 trees that represent work for the next merge window, 89 only exist on machines. This means (obviously) that I have not had updates to those 89 trees since the servers were taken down.

Gnome creator: Linux has "only 10 great desktop apps"

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Software Miguel de Icaza, co-creator of the Gnome desktop, told tech journalist Tim Anderson at the recent Windows 8 Build conference that Linux desktops have failed because they never cracked the application problem.

Miguel de Icaza talks about Windows 8 and the failure of Linux on the desktop

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Microsoft At Microsoft BUILD earlier this month I arrived early to hear Anders Hejlsberg talk about the future of C#, and found myself next to Miguel de Icaza, co-creator of the GNOME desktop and of Mono, the open source implementation of Microsoft .NET. I took the opportunity to ask a few questions, which I have his permission to post.

A Bundle of Updates Give 10 Linux Distributions a Boost

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Linux Think Linux is just Ubuntu? Think again. Canonical's distribution may still be No. 1 on DistroWatch's list, but there are many other active players. Here are just a few.

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