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Linux Netbooks: back to the facts

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Linux There has been a lot of talk about the success or failure of the Linux netbooks recently, to the point that it is now a very controversial topic. I think that it is time to go back to the facts.

Project FrankenMac – help me turn my old Mac Pro into an open-source multimedia monster!

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Now that I’ve replaced my MacBook with a lean, mean, Linux netbook machine the next step in my open-source assimilation is to install some kind of Linux on my two year-old Mac Pro.

The Proprietary Software/Linux Conundrum

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Linux For most people, computing comes down accomplishing their daily tasks with as much time saved and cost efficiency as possible. There are also users (such as myself) who want to know that the applications we use are running code that is not locked in by any one company. This gives us freedom of choice.

From where do you get Linux?

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Linux One of the questions that some beginners do worry about is "from where do I get Linux?" After all most people received their current operating system preinstalled with their computers or purchased it in a box at a retailer such as best buy or office depot.

Changing the Desktop Metaphor

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Linux MIDs are not the desktop. So, to say Linux is making strides on the desktop because it is making strides on netbooks, phones, and the like is inaccurate in my opinion.

Kernel Log : Winding down the IDE subsystem

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Linux David Miller has stepped in to maintain the IDE subsystem, but plans to make it maintenance only, with no major development work. On Friday, one LinuxTag venue will be dedicated entirely to the Linux kernel.

Making sure you have the correct PHP class and functions

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Add context to your PHP code with these tips for creating more intuitive namespaces

Fedora: Stop Screwing Up So Much

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Linux The Fedora Project is screwing up. Big time. Fedora 11 recently shipped. And it has some fairly cool new features. Then you try to actually use it…

Sabayon Core Sneak Peak

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Linux Lately I have been quite busy with many different (usually sabayon-related) things. A main focus is trying to come up with a a nice theme for 5.0. For the mean time however I have created some artwork for the CoreCD, which I have dubbed “Sabayon.Core”.

Linux Mint 7 Review

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Linux Linux Mint's purpose was always to be a very user-friendly, simple, and up to date Linux and GNU desktop distribution. Besides being based on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope it also incorporated the highly popular open source technology of Gnome 2.26, and Xorg 7.4.

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