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Dell Netbooks: Windows XP Beats Ubuntu on Value

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Linux Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9 Netbooks running Windows XP and Ubuntu are on sale. But US newspaper advertisements from Dell and Best Buy show Dell’s Windows XP netbooks to be a far better bargain than Dell netbooks with Ubuntu Linux.

How Not To Make A Commercial Linux Distribution

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Linux I have nothing against commercial Linux distribution. As a matter of fact, I thought that the experience was good enough for me to justify paying for a Linux distribution. Enter iMagic OS.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 290

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This week in DistroWatch Weekly:

  • First look: Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 live CD and network installation

  • News: Debian 'Lenny', Ubuntu 9.04 kernel updates, OpenSolaris Bible, Zypper improvements, Red Hat 'State of the Union' address, Woof 0.0.0, Nova - Cuba's national distribution
  • Released last week: Debian GNU/Linux 5.0, antiX MEPIS 8, sidux 2009-01
  • Upcoming releases: Frugalware Linux 1.0 RC1
  • New additions: Progex
  • New distributions: Debris Linux, Dotsch/UX, Nova
  • Reader comments

Read more in this week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly....

Debian 'Lenny' arrives: bigger, longer, searchable

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Linux There's something different about Lenny, the latest release of Debian that finally went live this weekend.

The Linux Software Repositories

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jdeeth.blogspot: Our word for the day this fine Linux President's Day Monday is “repository.” I admit, it was one of those alien words that buffaloed me when I first started learning.

Which Will Run?: Mint 6, SuSE 11.1, Mandriva 2009 or Antix 8

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desktoplinux.wordpress: In this post, I describe how I compared 4 distros to run on the old family desktop. I’m presently auditioning for a new distro. PCLinuxOS 2007 has been the family favorite for the past year or so.

The Silly Names Of Linux-Distributions

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Linux Linux is Free Software. Generally the average person tends to think of “Linux” as simply one operating system, but it’s rather a family of systems. A few minutes ago I found this (swedish-language) thread about why Linux-distributions have such silly names.

Review: Linux Mint 6

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Linux I reviewed Linux Mint 5 Light back in July 2008. Since I wasn’t using VirtualBox at the time, I only tested it as a LiveDVD and that may have been the source of some of my problems testing the software installation. Plus this time I can review the installation process.

You may find you're a Linux geek, too

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Linux The free Linux operating system doesn't reveal its charms easily, but charms it has. You just have to know how to make the software work for you.

Five network tricks for Linux on S/390 systems

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Linux brings the power of Open Source Unix tools to the S/390 mainframe. All the current versions of standard Unix services may run in a Linux partition gaining the advantages of mainframe hardware.

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Intel Beignet Is Working Out Surprisingly Well For OpenCL On Linux

Beignet is the project out of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center for exposing GPGPU/compute capabilities out of Ivy Bridge hardware and newer when using a fully open-source Linux stack. While Beignet differs greatly from Gallium3D's Clover state tracker, this Intel-specific open-source OpenCL implementation is working out quite well for Ubuntu Linux. While I've been writing about Intel's Beignet project since early 2013, it's probably been about a year now since I tried out the code, which is developed by Intel's OTC graphics team in China. This weekend I tried out Beignet v0.9.2 as trying out the newest Intel OpenCL code has been on my TODO list for a while and it's been working out rather well in my initial tests. Read more