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Linux 4.9-rc5

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Back to my Sunday schedule, things look fairly normal. Calm first part
of the week, with most fixes coming in towards the end.. I'm used to
it by now.

Things have definitely gotten smaller, so a normal release schedule
(with rc7 being the last one) is still looking possibel despite the
large size of 4.9. But let's see how things work out over the next
couple of weeks. In the meantime, there's a lot of normal fixes in
here, and we just need more testing.

The stats for rc5 look extremely boring (which is a good thing). Two
thirds driver updates, 10% arch updates, 10% filesystems, the rest
"misc". Nothing really stands out, with the possible exception of the
re-enablement of "-Wmaybe-uninitialized" again after Arnd fixed it all

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Also: Linux 4.9-rc5 Released, 4.9 On Track For Possible Release In Three Weeks

How To Use vi Editor

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vi is a screen-oriented text editor originally created for the Unix operating system. The name "vi" is derived from the shortest unambiguous abbreviation for the ex command visual, which switches the ex-line editor to visual mode.

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Tizen News

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  • $9 Million Cash Incentive available to Tizen Mobile App developers

    A new incentive is available to developers as part of the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program and is offering up to $9 million in cash in prizes. You could even earn a mouth watering $10,000 every month, for the 9 months the program runs for, that is if your app is ranked the monthly top 100. Get developing your apps for the Tizen platform if you want to share in all the goodies.

  • Delhi is the next destination for Tizen Devlab, 24 Nov 2016

    If you missed out on the Tizen Devlab event which took place in Bangalore last week, then mark your calendars because Tizen Devlabs is happening once again and this time will be help in New Delhi. The event will commence at 9:30 am and will go up to 4:30 pm. The Tizen DevLabs is a place where developers, both novice and highly skilled, can learn about all the opportunities that Tizen has to offer and learn about how Tizen is being implemented on a wide range of platforms and devices which include smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, TVs, refrigerator, automobile, camera and a whole lot more.

  • Best 3D Gun Shooter Game in Tizen Store
  • Native iReff App is available now on Tizen store

    Hi guys, if you recharge on your prepaid sim card you should to check the particular plan / pack before recharge your prepaid mobile. iReff app, created by iReff Technologies, it is the fastest and easiest way to find the recharge plan / pack which you need and will be the best one to buy.

Linux Foundation and Linux

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  • The Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative Renews Funding for Reproducible Builds Project
  • Fluentd Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

    Today, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) voted to accept Fluentd as the fourth hosted project after Kubernetes, Prometheus and OpenTracing. You can find more information on the project in this proposal presented to the TOC recently.

    As CNCF builds out multiple paths for adopting cloud native computing, the TOC is looking to unite high-quality and relevant projects into the Foundation. Fluentd was started by Treasure Data in 2011 and is an open source data collector that allows you to implement at an unified logging layer. Logging is a crucial part of cloud native architectures and aligns well with CNCF’s goal to significantly increase the overall flexibility and reliability of modern distributed systems environments capable of scaling to tens of thousands of self healing multi-tenant nodes.

  • How Blockchain Will Change Your Life

    Until the mid-1990s, the internet was little more than an arcane set of technical standards used by academics. Few predicted the profound effect it would have on society. Today, blockchain—the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin—might seem like a trinket for computer geeks. But once widely adopted, it will transform the world.

  • Nithya Ruff's Appointment to Linux Foundation Aids Diversity Efforts

    It's been a couple of weeks since the nonprofit Linux Foundation announced the addition of Nithya Ruff, along with Erica Brescia and Jeff Garzik, to its board. Ruff comes to the table with a long list of accomplishments. For the past two years she's been at Western Digital, where she's currently the director of open source office and is also the founding president of the company's Women’s Innovation Network. During this same period, she's been a member of the OpenStack Diversity Working Group and Women of OpenStack.

Microsoft Hates Linux (Proxies, Moles)

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  • Wim Coekaerts Returns to Oracle

    Only eight months after leaving Oracle to serve as Microsoft's corporate vice president of enterprise open source, Wim Coekaerts returns to his Oracle home.

  • “Experts” advise city of Munich to move from Linux to MS Windows

    The “unbiased experts” turn out to be the infamous consultants of Accidenture and their IT consulting joint venture with Microsoft, Avanade, who praise themselves as follows:

    12-time winner of Microsoft Partner of the Year
    24,000+ certifications in Microsoft technology
    90+ Microsoft partner awards
    23 Microsoft Gold Competencies

    Of course, Accidenture has no Linux knowhow at all, MS and SAP is all they ever heard of.

    The fact, that the German HQ of MS moved from the hinterland to Munich recently and paying taxes there, might also help them to get rid of the Debian-based LiMux.

Top 12 Best and Popular Linux Desktop Environments

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Everything is open in Linux and there is no hidden secrets, that is not limited to any particular application. Like that way we are getting bunch of options for all but most of the times, it making trouble to newbies & some point of time experience users to choose the best one because of the wide range of choices.

Are you new to Linux ? i can understand your situation because i have faced big trouble to make a move to next step when i planned to switch Linux (5 years back). Don’t worry i’m here to guide you smoothly, to choose the best Desktop Environment (DE) for your Linux distribution to move next level.

Desktop environment bundles with variety of components to provide common graphical user interface, also include a set of integrated applications and utilities based on DE’s. There are numerous Desktop Environments available for Linux. only few DEs are similar to windows but don’t panic other DEs also working good. Today i’m going to review Top 12 Best Linux Desktop Environments with detailed information to meet your needs.

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Three more Apollo Lake COMs support Qseven and COM Express

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Advantech unveiled Intel Apollo Lake based modules with Qseven, COM Express Compact Type 6, and Mini Type 10 form factors.

Advantech’s first three “Apollo Lake” computer-on-modules were part of a massive product announcement of products built around Intel’s new 14nm Atom E3900, Celeron N3350, and Pentium N4200 SoCs. Earlier this week, we covered five Advantech Apollo Lake SBCs. As promised, here we’re looking at the COMs, about which not a lot of details are currently available.

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Video: Linux Kernel Developers Greg Kroah-Hartman and Ted Ts'o Discuss Software Freedom

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Software Freedom Law Center, the pro-bono law firm led by Eben Moglen, Professor of law at Columbia Law School and the world's foremost authority on Free and Open Source Software law held its annual fall conference at Columbia Law School, New York on Oct. 28. The full-day program featured technical and legal presentations on Blockchain, FinTech, Automotive FOSS and GPL Compliance by industry and community stalwarts.

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Oracle Linux 7.3 Now Available with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4

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After last week's release of Red Hat's RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 7.3 operating system, now Oracle is proud to announce the general availability of its Oracle Linux 7.3 distribution for 64-bit (x86_64) servers.

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How Linux can save small businesses (and old hardware)

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So I told Fred about Linux. I also told him a little about Chrome OS.

Here's the thing: it's wildly dangerous for Fred to run XP anymore, especially since he's got employees actively going online. But that doesn't mean his hardware can't be used. That old hardware will run Linux quite nicely.

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  • How fast is KVM? Host vs virtual machine performance!
  • Kernel maintenance, Brillo style
    Brillo, he said, is a software stack for the Internet of things based on the Android system. These deployments bring a number of challenges, starting with the need to support a different sort of hardware than Android normally runs on; target devices may have no display or input devices, but might well have "fun buses" to drive interesting peripherals. The mix of vendors interested in this area is different; handset vendors are present, but many more traditional embedded vendors can also be found there. Brillo is still in an early state of development.
  • Reviewing Project Management Service `Wrike` And Seems Interesting
    I have been testing some services for our project and found this amazing service, thought why not share it with you guys, it might be useful for you. Project management is a term that in some respects appears common, yet in practice still seems to be limited to large companies. While this may be true, the foundations of project management are actually rather simple and can be adopted by anyone, in any industry. One of the major requirements you need to consider when selecting a good project management software is the ability to run and operate it on the go via your mobile devices. Other factors include the ability to access the software from any platform whether it be Linux, Mac, or Windows. This can be achieved when the project management software is web-based. Wrike is a software that does of all this.
  • World Wine News Issue 403
  • OSVR on Steam, Unity drops legacy OpenGL, and more gaming news
  • GNOME Core Apps Hackfest 2016
    This November from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 was held in Berlin the GNOME Core Apps Hackfest. My focus during this hackfest was to start implementing a widget for the series view of the Videos application, following a mockup by Allan Day.
  • Worth Watching: What Will Happen to Red Hat Inc Next? The Stock Just Declined A Lot
  • Vetr Inc. Lowers Red Hat Inc. (RHT) to Buy
  • Redshift functionality on Fedora 25 (GNOME + Wayland). Yes, it's possible!
    For those who can't live without screen colour shifting technology such as Redshift or f.lux, myself being one of them, using Wayland did pose the challenge of having these existing tools not working with the Xorg replacement. Thankfully, all is not lost and it is possible even right now. Thanks to a copr repo, it's particularly easy on Fedora 25. One of the changes that comes with Wayland is there is currently no way for third-party apps to modify screen gamma curves. Therefore, no redshift apps, such as Redshift itself (which I recently covered here) will work while running under Wayland.
  • My Free Software Activities in November 2016
  • Google's ambitious smartwatch vision is failing to materialise
    In February this year, Google's smartwatch boss painted me a rosy picture of the future of wearable technology. The wrist is, David Singleton said, "the ideal place for the power of Google to help people with their lives."
  • Giving Thanks (along with a Shipping Update)
    Mycroft will soon be available as a pre-built Raspberry Pi 3 image for any hobbyist to use. The new backend we have been quietly building is emerging from beta, making the configuration and management of you devices simple. We are forming partnerships to get Mycroft onto laptops, desktops and other devices in the world. Mycroft will soon be speaking to you throughout your day.
  • App: Ixigo Indian Rail Train PNR Status for Tizen Smart Phones
    Going on a train journey in India? Ixigo will check the PNR status, the train arrival and departure & how many of the particular tickets are left that you can purchase. You can also do a PNR status check to make sure that your seat is booked and confirmed.

Networking and Servers

  • How We Knew It Was Time to Leave the Cloud
    In my last infrastructure update, I documented our challenges with storage as GitLab scales. We built a CephFS cluster to tackle both the capacity and performance issues of NFS and decided to replace PostgreSQL standard Vacuum with the pg_repack extension. Now, we're feeling the pain of running a high performance distributed filesystem on the cloud.
  • Hype Driven Development
  • SysAdmins Arena in a nutshell
    Sysadmins can use the product to improve their skills or prepare for an interview by practicing some day to day job scenarios. There is an invitation list opened for the first testers of the product.

Desktop GNU/Linux

  • PINEBOOK Latest News: Affordable Linux Laptop at Only $89 Made by Raspberry Pi Rival, PINE
    PINE, the rival company of Raspberry Pi and maker of the $20 Pine A64, has just announced its two below $100-priced Linux laptops, known as PINEBOOK. The affordable Linux laptop is powered by Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-bit processor and comes with an 11.6" or 14" monitor.
  • Some thoughts about options for light Unix laptops
    I have an odd confession: sometimes I feel (irrationally) embarrassed that despite being a computer person, I don't have a laptop. Everyone else seems to have one, yet here I am, clearly behind the times, clinging to a desktop-only setup. At times like this I naturally wind up considering the issue of what laptop I might get if I was going to get one, and after my recent exposure to a Chromebook I've been thinking about this once again. I'll never be someone who uses a laptop by itself as my only computer, so I'm not interested in a giant laptop with a giant display; giant displays are one of the things that the desktop is for. Based on my experiences so far I think that a roughly 13" laptop is at the sweet spot of a display that's big enough without things being too big, and I would like something that's nicely portable.
  • What is HiDPI and Why Does it Matter?

Google and Mozilla

  • Google Rolls Out Continuous Fuzzing Service For Open Source Software
    Google has launched a new project for continuously testing open source software for security vulnerabilities. The company's new OSS-Fuzz service is available in beta starting this week, but at least initially it will only be available for open source projects that have a very large user base or are critical to global IT infrastructure.
  • Mozilla is doing well financially (2015)
    Mozilla announced a major change in November 2014 in regards to the company's main revenue stream. The organization had a contract with Google in 2014 and before that had Google pay Mozilla money for being the default search engine in the Firefox web browser. This deal was Mozilla's main source of revenue, about 329 million US Dollars in 2014. The change saw Mozilla broker deals with search providers instead for certain regions of the world.