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A Quick Look at Linux Deepin 12.12

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Linux When I learned of Linux Deepin about a week ago, I jumped to the conclusion that it was just “another Ubuntu derivative”. As it turns out, I was way off-the-mark.

Knoppix 7.2.0 / ADRIANE 1.5 Release

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  • Knoppix 7.2.0 / ADRIANE 1.5 Release
  • 2014 Conference Announced
  • New MintBox 2 is on its Way
  • All you wanted to understand about sudo vs su in Ubuntu
  • Tuxradar Podcast Season 5 Episode 11
  • The openSUSE Team at oSC13
  • Farewell, Ron…

Fedora 20 Will Have A Security/Performance Change

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  • Fedora 20 Will Have A Security/Performance Change
  • Red Hat Stock Rating Reaffirmed by TheStreet
  • Red Hat Analyst Day Gets Positive Reviews; Stock Up
  • This week in rawhide 2013-06-25, a word about comps

Kernel Log: Coming in 3.10 (Part 3)

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Linux Kernel developers have toned down an over-eager feature for protecting against the Samsung UEFI bug and added a function for reducing timer interrupt overhead. Improvements have also been made to Hyper-V support and instructions for reporting errors.

Mint 15 freshens Ubuntu's bad bits

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Linux Mint is a relative newcomer to the world of popular desktop distros, but it has recently started to take the GNOME and Unity-hating Linux world by storm.

SolydXK: New Kid on the Linux Block Delivers Rock-Solid Performance

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Linux Young doesn't always mean immature. Offering both Xfce and KDE as desktop options, SolydXK is not only polished and fast, but its desktop choices deliver solid computing power and convenience. Rarely do I try a Linux distro that instantly makes me want to put it on all of my computers. SolydXK does just that.

The Best and Worst Features of Linux Desktops

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Software In any given week, I am likely to use two or three Linux desktop environments. Partly, I switch so often to keep up to date. But the main reason is that, whatever environment I am using, I soon become aware of its shortcomings and start thinking of another's advantages.

So, where does Linux fit into the post-PC world?

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Linux After over a decade of positive predictions by stalwarts, the year of Linux desktop hasn't materialized. Is it time to give up on the platform? I think not.

Fedora 19 Release Candidate Quietly Posted

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Linux The final release of Fedora 19 is due July 2 and a Release Candidate 1 was quietly released to testers in the early hours of June 25. Fedora's list of new features is never boring and version 19 follows suite. Let's see what's coming.

What would be my own ideal distribution?

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Linux There was a question addressed to me recently, after publishing the "Divergence in the distros" article. That made me think about the most perfect distribution I'd like to get, ever. Let me share these thoughts with you.

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