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Steam's hardware survey now shows many distros

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Gaming So the Steam Hardware Survey got updated again, this time they are now including lots of Linux distro's so we can see just how popular they are!

GameMaker engine opens for Linux development

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Gaming GameMaker: Studio, the cross-platform game engine that is popular among indies and widely used in educational institutes, now supports publishing to Linux via Ubuntu Export.

Piston 'Steam Box' maker breaks from Valve's vision of a Linux-powered system

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Gaming Valve's decision to break away from their work with Xi3 and their modular "Piston" computer won't impact the Xi3 Piston or how it works, the computer maker said today in a prepared statement.

Steam On Linux Adoption Gaining, Overtaking Mac OS

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Gaming A lot of things happen at the start of each month, and one of those that I look most forward to is being able to check out the updated hardware survey at Steam.

FlightGear review

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  • FlightGear review - Pilots needed, do apply
  • FlightGear 2.10 gets more realistic

Top 10 Best Games on Steam for Linux So Far

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Gaming Steam for Linux has already garnered quite a few interesting games, but some of them will stand out due to their quality. We compiled a list of the most interesting titles that are working right now and have the most potential.

Steam for Linux arrives, celebrates with sale

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Gaming Valve announced today that Steam is now available for the open-source operating system Linux. To celebrate the release, Valve kicked off a week-long sale on 50 available Linux games.

Is 2013, the year of Linux gaming?

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Gaming Could Linux end up the default OS for gaming on the PC - it's more possible than you think...

Supporting Linux isn't worth the hassle

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  • Carmack: Supporting Linux isn't worth the hassle
  • Gemini Rue developer seeking Linux beta testers
  • Carmack would be stunned by mainstream Linux gaming support
  • Counter-Strike: Source Is Now Available on Steam
  • Shank 2 and Psychonauts Available on Steam
  • See you soon Cyber-Cowboy…

id Software Hits Linux Gamers with a Wine Bat

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  • id Software Hits Linux Gamers with a Wine Bat
  • Steam games in Slackware
  • Behold! The Game-Make-inator!
  • Unvanquished Alpha 12 Brings Lots Of Churn
  • Wargame: European Escalation Coming Soon
  • Hairy Tales may be ported to Linux
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Mozilla and Add-ons

  • Firefox 40.0.3 Brings Bug-Fixes Only
  • Reactions to Mozilla’s announcement about upcoming Firefox add-on changes
  • Mixed Feelings Greet Mozilla's Add-ons Overhaul
    Also new is a requirement for add-ons to be reviewed and signed by Mozilla before their deployment. Back in April, Mozilla's security lead Daniel Veditz published The Case for Extension Signing, addressing the volume of feedback their announcement had generated from the developer community. Veditz said the internet browsing experience for tens of thousands of people was being shaped by "third party add-ons in ways they did not choose and that benefit third parties, not the user."
  • Please, God, Don't Let Mozilla Ruin Firefox
    A week ago, Mozilla shed some light on its future, laying out a plan on how the browser is going to dramatically change in the upcoming months. While most of us understood "Chrome extensions were coming to Firefox," it is not as simple as we all thought.
  • The future of Firefox Add-ons - Nope
    Once in a while, I must give my sermons, to help you figure out how things work. Why this is not going to be good for us, the users, and why we must duly prepare, in advance. As it happens, Mozilla does not fully understand the market. It truly does not. When you make decisions based on incorrect data, you are bound to make a disastrous choice. Let's try to amend this, if possible.

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