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Games: Humble Store, Steam Play and Two Point Hospital

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Games: Two Point Hospital, SPLASH BLAST PANIC, Sunless Skies, MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5, Slime-san, Mavericks

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Games: Rocket League, BlazeRush, Battle Chef Brigade

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  • The Rocket League 'Progression Update' is out allowing you to form a special club

    The addictive game Rocket League that has you sat in rocket-powered cars smashing balls around a court has been updated with some fun goodies. In addition to the patch, they've announced their "Rocket Pass" is going to go live next week, which has a free and paid option to allow you several ways to earn new content.

  • BlazeRush is another completely awesome co-op game available for Linux

    You will be forgiven for not knowing about BlazeRush, since it's an oldie released back in 2014. Taking another look at it recently with the help of my trusty side-kick I've found it to be an exceptionally fun co-op experience on Linux.

    It's an action-racing game filled with ridiculous power-ups like boosters, rockets, chainguns and so on which makes it so ridiculous. It's basically Micro Machines covered in awesome sauce. For those who don't have people to play with locally, it also has online play and some pretty menacing bots that will waste no time in completely annihilating you off the track.

  • Battle Chef Brigade has been updated to a Deluxe edition for all owners

    Battle Chef Brigade is a rather good mix of cooking and hunting which just got upgraded to a Deluxe edition. You can see my original thoughts on it here. Honestly, the game really is surprisingly good and it's fantastic to see such a massive update out for free.

    Note: It doesn't advertise Linux support on Steam, but it does have a Linux version. The developers said it's simply because they haven't tested it enough. It does list Linux support on GOG.

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Linux gaming gets a new head of Steam

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Way back in 2012, Valve, creator of the Steam game engine and network, excited gamers by saying they were bringing Steam-powered games to Linux. Yea!

Then, a year later, Gabe Newell, Valve's CEO, said, "Linux is the future of gaming". He went on to announce there would be Steam Machine gaming consoles powered by Valve's own SteamOS Linux distribution. All went quiet. Too quiet.

Years later, Steam Machines finally rolled out. It was too little, too late. Windows upped its gaming support game. Only about 500,000 Steam Machines shipped. But Valve hasn't given up on games for Linux.

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Games Leftovers

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  • An early look at Achaem, an action-RPG with an infinite world that generates as you explore

    An action-RPG where the world generates before your eyes as you explore, it's certainly an interesting element so is Achaem [Steam] any good?

  • Colony building sim RimWorld just had a huge 'Polish the Cannons' update

    The excellent colony building sim RimWorld was updated today with the Polish the Cannons update adding in plenty of new content ahead of a final release. The developer said they did want this to be the big 1.0 release, but instead they're going to a polished not rushed release which is admirable.

    With update 19, you're now able to build bridges over water. You can build on them and they can support quite a bit of weight, but they can catch fire and collapse too. It also adds in multiple new buildings: Watermill generator, Autocannon turret, Uranium slug turret, Fabrication bench, Waterproof conduit, Butcher spot and a Double sleeping spot. In addition, there's new items to build, a new scenario which will start you naked with no items, a new soft sand terrain which doesn't let you build medium or heavy structures, animals can be renamed and get diseases and so much more.

  • A beta of BATTLETECH for Linux is due in 'next few weeks'

    Harebrained Schemes just released another major patch for BATTLETECH and they also gave an update on the status of the delayed Linux version.

  • UnderMine, a sweet looking 2D action-adventure RPG will have you dig deep for riches

    UnderMine [Official Site] pulls in elements from a lot of different genres to make a 2D action-adventure RPG that actually sounds really quite good.

  • Language learning game Lingotopia is out, some thoughts

    While I love the idea of the game, the execution of it overall is pretty lacklustre. The movement and camera controls feel like a hassle to work with. The movement is especially bad! Even though you're a person, it feels like you're trying to move a truck it's pretty awful honestly.

    The amount of Spanish I've learned while walking around isn't as much as I was hoping either. The actual learning ends up being nothing more than a guessing game. You click on objects as you walk around and it tells you what it is, sometimes the explanation is covered up by the model of the object too. When you speak to people directly, it gives you a sentence or a paragraph and tells you to guess a specific word with three options or gives you pictures for you to type in the word you think they're hinting at.

  • Akane is a violent arcade slasher giving you only one aim, to kill as many Yakuza

    Ludic Studios are bringing some violent arcade slashing action to Linux with Akane [Official Site]. Set in 2121 in Mega-Tokyo, it will see you take on the Yakuza with a lot of bloodshed.

  • Puzzle game 'while True: learn()' puts you in the shoes of a machine learning developer

    Another programming puzzle game here for you today with 'while True: learn()' that will place you into the shoes of a cat loving machine learning developer.

  • Some thoughts on Chasm, the challenging adventure platformer from Bit Kid

    Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 with an NVIDIA 980ti with the 396.54 driver.

Games: Civilization VI and Steam Play

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  • The Linux Civilization VI patch with cross-platform multiplayer hit a bug, going back to approvals this week

    It seems Aspyr Media hit a small roadblock when trying to get the latest Civilization VI patch out for Linux, the one to finally give cross-platform online support.

  • Steam Play – Let the games begin

    Linux gaming news are always a good thing. An exciting and important thing. The more legitimacy, popularity and quality the Linux world gets, the higher the chances of the Linux operating system, desktop in particular, making it big with the crowds. Even for myself, one of the primary reasons for using Windows is the ability to play various games.

    Now, there’s a brand new and rather ambitious attempt by Steam to take the Linux gaming scene up a few notches. Several years ago, Steam really made the huge difference by creating an official version of their client software for Linux, and since there’s been a healthy influx of new titles to the Steam platform, all capable of running natively on the penguin-powered systems. This is still a drop in the sea compared to what Windows has to offer, and so there’s a new effort now. Improved Steam Play for Linux that can run Windows games through a compatibility layer.

Games: Tower of Time, Blood Nor Water, Underworld Ascendant

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  • The fantastic RPG Tower of Time is now on GOG with a Linux build

    For those after their next RPG, you can't really go wrong with Tower of Time and it's now on GOG with a Linux build available right away.

  • Blood Nor Water, a narrative-driven strategy RPG is on Kickstarter promising Linux support

    Blood Nor Water seems quite interesting, with it blending together RPG mechanics with a strategy game with the aim to be accessible without needing overwhelming fast-paced actions per minute like some.

    Initially, the Kickstarter campaign did not mention Linux support. I spoke to the developer personally last night, to see if it would have Linux support. They replied rather quickly, to clarify this and they've now updated the campaign to clearly mention it will in fact support Linux. Nice turnaround that!

  • An update on the Linux version of Underworld Ascendant

    After a reader contacted us concerned that Underworld Ascendant [Official Site] wasn't listing Linux support on their Steam page, I got in touch with OtherSide Entertainment to get some up to date clarification on what's happening.

    The last time we spoke was in June so with the news that the release was coming later than originally planned, it was a good idea to get some up to date information.

Latest SteamOS Linux Beta Brings Mesa 18.1.6 and Nvidia 396.54, Security Fixes

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When it released the SteamOS 2.154 stable update last month at the end of July, Valve said that the update was kept small intentionally to test the waters before new kernel and graphics stacks upgrades are implemented in a major release of its gaming Linux operating system.

A week later, the company published a first beta version of the upcoming major SteamOS release, which rebased the gaming operating system on the Linux 4.16 kernel series with the new Display Core (DC) framework enabled by default for AMD Radeon pre-Vega GPUs in the AMDGPU graphics driver.

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Games: Retro Games on GNU/Linux, Planetary Annihilation: TITANS, Dota 2, Fantasy Strike, Kontrakt, Last Epoch, A Gummy's Life

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