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Games: Chasm, Moonlighter, Hex Empire 3, Transmogrify

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  • Action-adventure game 'Chasm' to finally release this summer with Linux support

    Turns out I missed the fact that developer Bit Kid announced that Chasm will finally release this summer complete with Linux support.

    Chasm was funded on Kickstarter years ago back in May of 2013, with $191K in funds from nearly seven thousand backers. Originally going under the name of Discord Games, they later changed to Bit Kid in 2016 (likey due to the rise of Discord's own popularity). Naturally, some have questioned why it has taken so long, but when you compare indie games trying to get funding to much larger AAA projects the latter are usually announced when they're quite far into development.

  • Moonlighter, the action-RPG with rogue-lite elements has a delay in the Linux version, still coming

    Moonlighter [Official Site], the action RPG with rogue-lite elements from Digital Sun and 11bit Studios has seen a bit of a delay with no Linux release yet. The developer is clear that it's still coming!

  • Risk-like strategy game 'Hex Empire 3' is now available on Linux

    Hex Empire 3 [Official Site] looks like quite a nice strategy game for those who like Risk and it's now available on Linux.

    Currently in Early Access, with a fully playable skirmish mode and map editor. It will also gain a campaign and multiplayer, which are still in development. What's interesting, is that there's nothing random about it, so performing an action will do exactly what it says it will.

  • Sci-fi platformer 'Transmogrify' will have you turning aliens into useful objects, built with Godot Engine

    Sci-fi puzzle platformer Transmogrify from Odyssey Entertainment has you turning aliens into useful objects to help solve puzzles.

    The idea came as a result of a Ludum Dare 32 game jam, which had a theme of "An Unconventional Weapon". They say that someone messaged them with the idea to make a weapon that doesn't kill, so they ran with the idea.

Games: Re-Legion, Humble Bundle, POSTAL Redux, Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Classics

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Games: PPSSPP, SEGA/Genesis, F1 2017 and More

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Games: MachiaVillain, Dota 2, Dolphin

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  • Invite people into your home and eat them in MachiaVillain, now out with Linux support

    Evil mansion management and strategy game MachiaVillain is now out with Linux support, here's some thoughts on inviting people into my home and having them for dinner. Funded on Kickstarter back in March of 2016, 553 helped get it finished with over €24K.

  • RADV Gets A Performance Improving Workaround For Vega, Helps Dota 2

    In my recent 12-way Linux GPU tests with the very newest Radeon/NVIDIA drivers the RX 580 in particular was performing great on the open-source RADV driver against the NVIDIA competition while the latest Vega GPUs were a bit lagging still. Fortunately, RADV co-founder Bas Nieuwenhuizen has landed another performance optimization.

  • If Killer 7 on Steam is using Dolphin, the emulator authors are pleased

    “If they do use Dolphin, they’d need to follow the GNU General Public License V2,” he explained. “But that’s as much as I know from the licensing side of things.”

    That GNU license enables individuals and corporations to use, modify, and distribute Dolphin code for commercial use as long as they track changes to the code with timestamps and make that info publicly available along with full instructions for use.

Games Leftovers

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Software and Games: KStars, Opera, OpenStack, MariaDB and More

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  • KStars 2.9.6 is Released!

    I'm glad to announce the release of KStars 2.9.6 for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This is a minor bugfix release.

  • Opera 54 Browser Enters Beta with News on the Speed Dial, Update & Recovery Menu

    Opera has promoted its upcoming Opera 54 web browser to the beta channel, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from the final version, due for release sometime next month.

    Based on the open-source Chromium 67.0.3396.18 web browser, Opera 54 recently entered beta stages of development with a plethora of new features and improvements, among which we can mention a new Update & Recovery Opera menu page that makes it easier for users to update the web browser and reset it to its default state, including the ability to clear temporary data, such as cookies.

  • OpenStack at a Crossroads

    The OpenStack of a few years ago is dead, however. What has emerged from the hype cycle is a materially different foundation, mission and software stack, with a great deal of change still ahead of it.

  • The OpenStack Foundation grows beyond OpenStack

    The OpenStack Foundation has made a considerable change to its development process and governance structure by introducing two open source projects that are not part of the OpenStack cloud platform.

    This week, the organization launched version 1.0 of Kata Containers - a runtime system with an emphasis on speed and security, enabling users to boot a VM in as little as five seconds - and introduced a brand new project called Zuul, spinning out the software development and integration platform that has been used by the OpenStack community internally since 2012.

  • Oracle nemesis MariaDB tries to lure enterprise folk with TX 3.0

    Open-source database biz MariaDB has upped the ante in its war against Oracle, promising enterprise customers better compatibility with – and easier migration from – Big Red.

    The Finnish firm's latest offering, MariaDB TX 3.0, released for GA today, extends the number of use cases to include temporal processing and advanced data protection for sensitive and personally identifiable information, as well as Oracle compatibility.

    The broad aim is to tap into customers' grumbles over legacy vendor lock-in, while convincing the bigger customers that they can move to an open-source database without compromising performance.

  • The Humble Monthly Bundle just added two great Linux games

    For those that are interested, you can secure a copy of two great Linux games in the current Humble Monthly Bundle.

    Just added today are:

    Get Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
    Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth

  • SC-Controller 0.4.3 Released, Support Steam Controller & Sony DS4 Over Bluetooth

    For those looking to manage your Steam Controller and other supported Linux gaming peripheral input devices outside of Steam, there is a new release of the independently-developed SC-Controller Linux user-space software.

    While Linux 4.18 is bringing the Steam Controller kernel driver, for those looking for a Steam Controller solution right now to enjoy this excellent gaming controller for now outside of Steam, SC-Controller fills that void.

Games: Turok, Steam, Cities: Skylines - Parklife and Lots More

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Games and Wine: Hacknet - Deluxe, Full Metal Furies and More

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Games: RPCS3, Web Games, Poly Towns, Rifter and More

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Games Leftovers

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SparkyLinux 5.4 GameOver, Multimedia, and Rescue Special Editions Are Out Now

Released last week on June 11, 2018, the SparkyLinux 5.4 "Nibiru" rolling release operating system was available only as LXQt, MinimalGUI, and MinimalCLI editions. Today, the project launches three more editions, namely GameOver, Multimedia, and Rescue. "New live/install ISO images of special editions of SparkyLinux 5.4 "Nibiru": GameOver, Multimedia & Rescue are out. Sparky 5 follows the rolling release model and is based on Debian testing branch "Buster"," reads today's announcement. Read more

KDE Plasma 5.13 Desktop Environment Gets First Point Release, over 20 Bugs Fixed

The KDE Plasma 5.13 desktop environment launched a week ago as the best release of the acclaimed desktop designed for GNU/Linux distributions, introducing new lock and login screens, redesigned system settings, Plasma Browser Integration, Plasma Discover enhancements, and many other improvements and changes. Now, users can update their KDE Plasma 5.13 installations to the first point release, KDE Plasma 5.13.1, which brings more than 20 bug fixes across various components, such as Plasma Discover, Plasma Add-ons, Plasma Desktop, Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm), KWin, and KDE Hotkeys. Read more

Qt 5.11.1 Released

I am pleased to announce that Qt 5.11.1 is released today. As a patch release Qt 5.11.1 does not add any new functionality, but provides important bug fixes and other improvements. New Qt 5.11.1 is first patch release for Qt 5.11 series. There are fixes for over 150 bugs and it contains more than 700 changes compared to Qt 5.11.0. For details of the most important changes, please check the Change files of Qt 5.11.1. And don’t worry if some fix is missing from new Qt5.11.1 release; we are planning to release Qt 5.11.2 at the beginning of September. Read more Also: Qt 5.11.1 Released With 150+ Bug Fixes

Google Ignores Windows and Releases its VR Video Editing Tool for Linux and Mac

Google has launched a new Virtual Reality video editor called VR180 Creator. Surprisingly, it is available for Linux and macOS, not Windows. Read more