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  • Initial Vulkan Performance On macOS With Dota 2 Is Looking Very Good

    Yesterday Valve released Vulkan support for Dota 2 on macOS. Indeed, this first major game relying upon MoltenVK for mapping Vulkan over the Apple Metal drivers is delivering performance gains.

  • [ANNOUNCE] mesa 18.1.1

    Numerous fixes for radv, a few fixes for i965, tegra, amd/addrlib, dri3, virgl, tgsi, nv30, opencl, core mesa, core vulkan, st/mesa, etnaviv and spirv all got fixes.

  • Mesa 18.1.1 Released With Many OpenGL + Vulkan Driver Fixes

    For those waiting until the first point release of a new Mesa series before updating, Mesa 18.1.1 is out to kick off June as the first update to Mesa 18.1.

  • Steam Linux Usage In May Creeps Up To 0.57%

    Following the Steam Survey corrections beginning with the April numbers that came following slightly inaccurate numbers due to cyber-cafe reporting and at a time when there has been large swings in users due to popular games like PUBG, the numbers for May 2018 have barely budged on the Linux front.

    The May 2018 Steam numbers are out and they report a Linux gaming population of 0.57%, or an increase of just 0.02%. Meanwhile, macOS was the big winner with a 0.14% increase in its pull away from Windows. The overall macOS numbers are up to 3.07%. Windows continues to hover around the 96% mark on Steam.

Games Leftovers

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Games Leftovers

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  • Beep boop the Feral Interactive port radar has a UFO sighting for a new Linux port

    Deep breaths commander, there's a new UFO sighting on the Feral Interactive port radar indicating a new Linux port is on the way.


    We've still got Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia yet to come from Feral, so another showing up is quite exciting news. They've ported so many top quality games to Linux now, it's really quite incredible and it's pleasing to see this continue!

  • It's time to begin your descent, as the six-degree-of-freedom shooter 'Overload' is now out

    Overload [Official Site] is easily one of the best six-degree-of-freedom shooters in my eyes and the full release is now available with great Linux support. I've played a number of similar games, but nothing has come as close to perfection as this for me.

  • Xbox Ambassadors rewarded with prizes take over from paid staff who trained them

    Microsoft laid off a team of Xbox support staff earlier this month, replacing them with volunteer Xbox fans, according to two sources affected by the layoffs.

  • Vulkan-Powered Dota 2 For macOS Released, Linux Comparison Tests Incoming

    Back when Vulkan for macOS/iOS was announced at the end of February thanks to the opening up of MoltenVK for mapping Vulkan atop Apple's Metal graphics API, Valve announced they would be bringing Dota 2 on Vulkan to Mac. Today that milestone has finally been reached.

    Vulkan support on Dota 2 under macOS is now available for delivering improved performance and better stability. This support on macOS requires enabling the Vulkan support DLC within Steam for the game and then switching to the Vulkan renderer from the in-game settings, as confirmed this evening by Valve's Pierre-Loup Griffais on Twitter.

Atari Launches Linux Gaming Box Starting at $199

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Attempts to establish Linux as a gaming platform have failed time and time again, with Valve’s SteamOS being the latest high-profile casualty. Yet, Linux has emerged as a significant platform in the much smaller niche of retro gaming, especially on the Raspberry Pi. Atari has now re-emerged from the fog of gaming history with an Ubuntu-based Atari VCS gaming and media streaming console aimed at retro gamers.

In addition to games, the Atari VCS will also offer Internet access and optional voice control. With a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, the system can be used as a standard Linux computer. The catch is that the already delayed systems won’t ship until July 2019.

Read more

Games: Surviving Mars, Remnant, Tannenberg, Cultist Simulator

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Games: Feral's Departure and Online Gaming on Linux

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  • The former Linux dev lead from Feral Interactive has moved to Unity

    For those interested to know, the former Linux dev lead at Feral Interactive is now working at Unity.

    I noticed earlier this week, as Marc posted a hint about it on his personal Twitter (I need to get me one of those sweet Unity tops to add to my collection). Now I've had a chance to personally speak to him, it's all very much confirmed.

  • Feral's Former Linux Team Lead Is Now Working For Unity

    Earlier this month Feral's Linux team lead left the company after a triumphant five years at the company leading the Linux game porting team through titles such as HITMAN, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. It turns out he's now working for Unity Technologies.

  • Online Gaming on Linux

    As Linux users, we can sometimes feel like we miss out on the latest tech and games. Finding games that work well within this OS can be tricky at times. If you fancy playing on some casino games, then we have you covered with this guide.

Console and Games With GNU/Linux: SEGA Genesis, Atari, PS4, Xbox One

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  • SEGA Genesis Classics is Now Available on Linux

    SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows and (drum roll) Linux. The £25/$30 compilation includes 53 games ripped straight from my childhood summers. So, put down those pogs, pour yourself a glass of Sunny Delight, and prepare to take a trip back to the 1990s.

  • You can now pre-order the Linux-powered Atari VCS games console, a lot more details revealed

    The day has finally arrived, the Linux-powered Atari VCS games console can now be pre-ordered and they finally have the specifications up too. As I was hoping, they've released a lot of the hidden details, so it seems they were saving it to make a big splash.

  • You Can Now Run Linux on PlayStation 4 with Firmware 5.01 or 5.05, and PS4 Pro

    Valentin Breiz's PS4 Linux Loader, the tool that makes it possible to hack your PlayStation 4 gaming console to install a Linux-based operating system, has been updated to work with newer firmware.

    Previously designed to work only with PlayStation 4 firmware 4.55 and then with firmware 5.50, Valentin Breiz updated its PS4 Linux Loader utility to also support PlayStation 4 models that run the firmware 5.01 or 5.05. In addition, it would appear that the PS4 Linux Loader tool also supports PlayStation 4 Pro models.

  • xpadneo is an 'advanced' Linux driver for the Xbox One S wireless gamepad

    xpadneo [GitHub] seems like an interesting project for those of you who own the Xbox One S wireless gamepad, allowing you to connect it Bluetooth with other fun features.

Games: Chasm, Moonlighter, Hex Empire 3, Transmogrify

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  • Action-adventure game 'Chasm' to finally release this summer with Linux support

    Turns out I missed the fact that developer Bit Kid announced that Chasm will finally release this summer complete with Linux support.

    Chasm was funded on Kickstarter years ago back in May of 2013, with $191K in funds from nearly seven thousand backers. Originally going under the name of Discord Games, they later changed to Bit Kid in 2016 (likey due to the rise of Discord's own popularity). Naturally, some have questioned why it has taken so long, but when you compare indie games trying to get funding to much larger AAA projects the latter are usually announced when they're quite far into development.

  • Moonlighter, the action-RPG with rogue-lite elements has a delay in the Linux version, still coming

    Moonlighter [Official Site], the action RPG with rogue-lite elements from Digital Sun and 11bit Studios has seen a bit of a delay with no Linux release yet. The developer is clear that it's still coming!

  • Risk-like strategy game 'Hex Empire 3' is now available on Linux

    Hex Empire 3 [Official Site] looks like quite a nice strategy game for those who like Risk and it's now available on Linux.

    Currently in Early Access, with a fully playable skirmish mode and map editor. It will also gain a campaign and multiplayer, which are still in development. What's interesting, is that there's nothing random about it, so performing an action will do exactly what it says it will.

  • Sci-fi platformer 'Transmogrify' will have you turning aliens into useful objects, built with Godot Engine

    Sci-fi puzzle platformer Transmogrify from Odyssey Entertainment has you turning aliens into useful objects to help solve puzzles.

    The idea came as a result of a Ludum Dare 32 game jam, which had a theme of "An Unconventional Weapon". They say that someone messaged them with the idea to make a weapon that doesn't kill, so they ran with the idea.

Games: Re-Legion, Humble Bundle, POSTAL Redux, Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Classics

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Games: PPSSPP, SEGA/Genesis, F1 2017 and More

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