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Open Source for Vertical Apps:

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  • Open Source for Vertical Apps: Is Wall Street Ready?
  • How Open Source Projects Can Prepare Students for Better Careers
  • Intel open sources 3D world software

EBooks are "attacking our freedom"

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OSS Free software guru Richard Stallman has called on consumers to reject eBooks until they "respect our freedom".

Using free software to promote proprietary

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Ubuntu The Linux distribution Ubuntu got a promise which says: "Ubuntu is free. Always has been and always will be. From the operating system to security updates, storage to software." But,

Computacenter blamed in public sector open source row

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OSS Systems integrator (SI) Computacenter has taken fire in a growing bust-up over open source software at Bristol City Council, which MPs have been told proves the government's open source ICT strategy is unworkable.

Re: Control is Highly Overrated and Overpriced

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OSS Ken’ Hess has posted a blog article on ZDNet about how control over your own computer is overrated. This sentiment I feel is an attempt to embarrass people into moving their computing further onto the cloud.

Open-Source Software Winning Mainstream Status in Enterprises

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OSS Industry observers have been predicting for years that open-source software will achieve mainstream adoption. Five years ago, open source was in its “nascent stages.” The latest survey results “clearly demonstrate” that open source “has gone mainstream.“

Brad Kuhn: a life devoted to Free Software

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OSS Bradley Kuhn is well-known in the world of Free Software. That he works for the Software Freedom Conservancy - and what that august organisation does - is less well publicised.

Does Free Software Restore Dignity?

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OSS The other day a high-school student came by the public library computer center where I work in Takoma Park, Maryland. On this visit he looked sad. “Do you have a restore DVD for this Sony Vaio laptop?” he asked, with his relatively new Windows 7 laptop underneath his arm.

Shame on Richard Stallman

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OSS You chose the "Free beer" giving up the "Free of speech" and that disappoints me very much since it has to do with the genuinity implementation of your own presented ideas.

When The Going Gets Tough, Call On Open Source

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OSS There was a time not that long ago when one of the knocks on open source was that it was not scalable or "tough enough" for the biggest most demanding jobs. That attitude has really been stood on its head recently.

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