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Blockchain and FOSS

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Linux/FOSS Events

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  • FOSDEM Desktops DevRoom 2016 all for Participation

    FOSDEM is one of the largest (5,000+ hackers!) gatherings of Free Software contributors in the world and happens each February in Brussels (Belgium, Europe).

    Once again, one of the tracks will be the Desktops DevRoom (formerly known as “CrossDesktop DevRoom”), which will host Desktop-related talks.

    We are now inviting proposals for talks about Free/Libre/Open-source Software on the topics of Desktop development, Desktop applications and interoperability amongst Desktop Environments. This is a unique opportunity to show novel ideas and developments to a wide technical audience.

  • LatinoWare

    Yesterday, Wednesday 19 oct, was the first day of LatinoWare thirteen edition hosted in the city of Foz do Iguaçu in Parana state with presence of 5155 participants and temperature of 36ºC. Currently this is the biggest event of free software in Brazil.

  • Attending a FUDcon LATAM 2016

    From my experience I will share my days at FUDcon 2016 held on Puno last week. There were 3 core days, and 2 more days to visit around.

OpenStack in the Headlines

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  • Mirantis and NTT Com Double Down on OpenStack

    Mirantis continues to drive forward with new partnerships focused on the OpenStack cloud computing platform. The company and NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) have announced that they will partner to offer fully managed Private OpenStack as a service in NTT Com Enterprise Cloud and its data center services across the globe. NTT Com, in becoming Mirantis’ first data center services partner, says it will offer Mirantis Managed OpenStack on NTT Com Enterprise Cloud’s Metal-as-a-Service.

  • Using metrics effectively in OpenStack development

    At the OpenStack summit taking place this month in Barcelona, Ildikó Váncsa will be speaking on metrics in her talk Metrics: Friends or Enemies? She will discuss OpenStack metrics and how they can be used in software development processes, both for the individual developer and manager.

    I caught up with Ildikó before her talk to learn more about how metrics in OpenStack help guide developers and companies, and how they also drive evolution of the OpenStack community itself.

Open source where possible in Polish Gdańsk

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The city of Gdańsk, Poland’s sixth largest city, is using open source software applications where possible. Open source is called an ‘important element’ in the Operational Programmes, made public in August. This document describes the tasks and activities set out by the city to achieve the goals it defined in the Gdańsk 2030 Plus Development Strategy.

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Leftovers: OSS and Sharing

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  • Linux Foundation Takes JavaScript Under Its Wings

    The JS Foundation is now a Linux Foundation Project. The news came on Monday, first as an announcement on the Linux Foundation's website, and then announced from the podium at the first day of Oscon Europe in London. "JS," of course, stands for "JavaScript," and as any web developer will tell you, it's an essential part of almost all modern websites. Its use isn't entirely web based, however. For instance, it's used in PDF documents.

    "We've been supporting a lot more than jQuery for a long time," Kris Borchers, the JS Foundation's executive director and former head of the JQuery Foundation, explained in his Oscon keynote address, "so the rebrand is to better reflect that. This also signals this effort to start creating a center of gravity for open source JavaScript."

  • Tips for contributing to a complex and large project like OpenStack

    Becoming a QA Engineer for OpenStack was a career shift for Emily Wilson who has a background in research microbiology. But there's an odd similarity between the two careers—they both involve figuring out what makes complicated systems work and where the weak points are. Paradoxically, this requires both a big picture perspective of a system, as well as an in-depth understanding of how the individual components function.

    At the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona later this month, Emily is giving a presentation on her first year working in the OpenStack community. In this interview, she talks to me about contributing to a large and complex project like OpenStack.

  • With OpenStack users, dev and test are king

    What's OpenStack's killer app? Users say it's dev and test.

    According to the latest OpenStack User Survey, most deployments of the open source cloud infrastructure project are on-premises private clouds for dev-and-test work that serve teams of fewer than 100 users.

  • Nasdaq Corporate Solutions Brings Open Source Technology to Enhanced Investor Relations Website Platform
  • Microsoft’s CEO Says Windows Is “The Most Open Platform” Ever [Ed: Not just a company of crooks of extortioners. It also lies. A lot. And without shame...]
  • Mesosphere half-year pledge: Fresh DC/OS open source baking [Ed: Very Microsoft-connected company that cannot be trusted]
  • Free Software Directory meeting recap for October 14th, 2016
  • How open source helped beat Ebola

    More than 10,000 dead, hundreds of thousands affected, and a world paralyzed with fear at the prospect of contagion. It is hard to fully grasp the impact of the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the valor of those who put their own lives on the line to save the lives of others.

  • Emulate 'Foundation Help Sierra Leone'
  • Meet the Artist Building an Open-Source Database of Everyday Movements

    The vibrance and diversity of East London is captured through the physical gestures of its inhabitants in Rosana Antolí’s Virtual Choreography, what the artist calls the world’s first digital archive of everyday motions. From the thumbs-up of a security guard to the flick of the wrist of a basketball player, the project combines performance and moving image to evoke daily life in the rapidly-changing neighborhood of Hackney Wick.

  • SafariSeat: Open Source Wheelchair for Developing Countries

    SafariSeat is a low cost, all-terrain and open source wheelchair designed for people in developing countries. It can be made in basic workshops using bicycle parts, which makes it easy to repair.

    SafariSeat has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, to raise money to build as many chairs as possible, and develop an open source manual. Local workshops can then use the manual to make SafariSeats for their communities.

Note to MSPs: Government Agencies Want More Open Source Software

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One of the biggest trends today in the government sector is high demand for open source software. If you're an MSP, it's time to take notice.

Traditionally, open source was not a major part of IT operations for government agencies, at least in the United States. If you look at the list of the top 100 IT contractors for the federal government in 2016, you won't see any names associated with open source software. What you will notice are several hardware and software companies that deal mostly with closed source code, such as Microsoft, IBM and Cisco.

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How to incorporate open source into computer science classes

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This year at the Grace Hopper Conference I'm moderating a panel on why, and how, to incorporate open source into computer science classes. The panelists are four computer science instructors—all women—who have already used open source projects in their classrooms.

I've asked these four talented instructors to tell you a little about themselves, what teaching open source has meant for them and their students, and what you'll hear at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, which is the world's largest gathering of women technologists. This year the event is at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas from October 19-21.

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Linux/FOSS Events

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Ubuntu 16.10: Convergence is in a holding pattern; consistency’s here instead

There's plenty in Ubuntu 16.10 that makes it worth the upgrade, though nothing about Canonical's latest release is groundbreaking. This less experimental but worthwhile update continues to refine and bug-fix what at this point has become the fastest, stablest, least-likely-to-completely-change-between-point releases of the three major "modern" Linux desktops. Still, while the Unity 7.5 desktop offers stability and speed today, it's not long for this world. Ubuntu 16.10 is the seventh release since the fabled Unity 8 and its accompanying Mir display server were announced. Yet in Ubuntu 16.10, there's still no Unity 8 nor Mir. Read more

Red Hat named as visionary in Gartner's 2016 Magic Quadrant

Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, on Thursday announced that Gartner, Inc. has positioned Red Hat in the "Visionaries" quadrant of Gartner's October 2016 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage for Red Hat Ceph Storage and Red Hat Gluster Storage. Read more

Qt Creator 4.2 Beta released

Qt SCXML is a new module in Qt that allows you to create state machines from State Chart XML and embed them into Qt C++ and Qt Quick applications (Overview). It was released as Technical Preview in Qt 5.7 and will be released fully supported with Qt 5.8. Qt Creator 4.2 now supplements the module by offering a graphical editor for SCXML (experimental). It features editing states and sub-states, transitions, events, and all kinds of properties. The editor is experimental and the plugin is not loaded by default. Turn it on in Help > About Plugins (Qt Creator > About Plugins on macOS) to try it. Read more Also: Qt Creator 4.2 Beta Released

6 Best Linux Desktop Environments [Part - 2]

Linux has been developing at a good pace through this last years and with development comes better support for different hardware regarding support for proprietary drivers for video cards, better file systems, more choices in what operating system to use and one of the things that has it importance is distros graphical environment. Read