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Oracle's rising open source problem

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While a number of factors are at play in Oracle's stumbles, one of the most persistent is the rise of open-source databases, both relational and non-relational (NoSQL), as a recent Bloomberg article posits. As Powa Technologies CEO says, "They scale and operate extremely well, and they don't cost anything."

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3DPrinterOS Goes Open Source for Their Cloud Client

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If you’re that kind of development monster, you can now find the source code for the cloud client here on GitHub.

This cloud client already sports support for the majority of desktop 3D printers, and through the GNU Affero General Public License, it’s being shared.

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Enterprises Flocking to Open Source Software

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Open source software is not a trend; it is here to stay. Debating the value of open source software (OSS) on technical considerations is a moving target. Determining the costs of implementing and using open source makes for a more stable argument. The initial software may be free, but learning, implementing, improving, connecting to, and operating it is not free. When you acquire OSS you will have more responsibilities than if you acquired closed product software from a vendor.

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Top 5 Open Source Alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

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Choosing an open source messaging server can save you money and admin time without losing out on features. Take a look at what our favorite alternatives to Microsoft Exchange have to offer.

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Leftovers: OSS

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  • Facebook open sourcing mobile bug analyzer Infer

    Among the apps within Facebook's portfolio already using Infer include the standard Facebook apps for Android and iOS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

  • Facebook Open-Sources Infer To Help Developers Identify Bugs Before They’re Shipped

    Facebook today announced that it is open sourcing Infer, a static program analyzer the company uses to find bugs in mobile code before it’s shipped. Internally, the company uses this tool to analyze the Facebook apps for Android and iOS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and others.

  • Open Source Groups Release SDN and NFV Software

    Things are moving smartly forward in the world of upstart, disruptive networking technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), as open source stewards in both camps have come out with new software releases.

  • How TYPO3 meetups help improve the technology, community, and business

    Peer-production is one of the strengths of open source projects. TYPO3, a self-organized project without corporate backing, always lived from the spirit of sharing ideas, work, and values. It’s not by accident that one of our core values is, "Inspire people to share." Over the years, as a result of the massive success of TYPO3 as a product, core team members became increasingly decoupled from the work with clients. Instead, they focused on the core development. On one hand, this transition was great because it means a lot of people have contributed their time and passion into the product. But on the other hand, the change brought disadvantages.

  • Thunderbird 38.0.1 Brings A Lot of New Features, Including OAuth2 Authentication for Gmail and Support for Yahoo Messenger in the Chat
  • Mozilla Increases Rewards for Bug Bounty Program

    After maintaining the same vulnerability rewards for five years, Mozilla decided to increase its monetary acknowledgement for bugs reported by external security researchers.

  • ownCloud 8.0.4 Brings Better Support for Internet Explorer 8 and 9

    ownCloud had the pleasure of informing us about the immediate availability for download of the fourth maintenance release of the ownCloud 8.0 DIY (Do It Yourself) open-source self-hosting cloud storage solution.

  • Bright Computing Offers Guided Private OpenStack Deployment Solution

    Are you looking for an automated, guided way to deploy OpenStack? Some people feel daunted relying on nothing but documentation, and want a wizard-style approach to a new software installation. That's exactly what the folks at Bright Computing are banking on. At the recent OpenStack Summit, they showed off Bright OpenStack, billed as a complete, standalone OpenStack private cloud solution. It even features a wizard to guide you through installation.

  • Nexenta to Showcase Open Source-Driven Software-Defined Storage Solutions at Largest French Digital and IT Infrastructure Forum
  • Apple Releases CUPS 2.0.3 for Linux with Over 20 Bug Fixes

    Apple announced the immediate availability of the third maintenance release of the CUPS 2.0 (Common UNIX Printing System) software for all supported operating systems, including GNU/Linux and Mac OS X.

  • Wayland's MIT License To Be Updated/Corrected

    Bryce Harrington sent out the patches today for the in-tree license text to be updated. He clarified the situation a few weeks after the matter was brought to the attention of Wayland developers with the FAQ and license text not matching.

  • Google Made Its Secret Blueprint Public to Boost Its Cloud

    Craig McLuckie took the idea to Urs Hölzle, the man who oversees Google’s global network of computer data centers, and Hölzle didn’t like it.

    Together with two other engineers in Google’s Seattle office, McLuckie wanted to recreate Borg as an open source project. Borg is the sweeping software tool that drives everything from Google Search to Gmail to Google Maps, letting the company carefully parcel computing tasks across that global network. For years, it was one of the company’s best kept secrets. And McLuckie wanted to share its blueprint—or at least some of it—with the rest of the internet.

  • Congressional Rep Makes A Pull Request On GitHub, Which Is Then Merged By US Gov't CIO

    Well, here's a possible first in open government: a Congressional Representative issuing a pull request on a government policy posted to GitHub, leading the US CIO to merge the request into the document. The White House has actually been using GitHub a bit lately. In fact, we had just noted how the White House CIO, Tony Scott, had been using Github to solicit feedback on various proposals, including the one to require all federal government websites go HTTPS only.

  • Coreboot Is Now Able To Build With LLVM's Clang Easier
  • BPF Goes Through With Becoming An Official LLVM Back-End

    Earlier this week I wrote about the BPF back-end seeking a promotion in LLVM to officially become a first-class back-end. The feedback was positive and now for LLVM 3.7 the BPF back-end is official.

  • W3C Adopts new Software and Document License

    W3C today adopted a new Software and Document License, an update to the W3C Software License, as the default permissive license in cases such as relicensing of unfinished specs where W3C has decided to use a permissive license. The Software and Document License, compatible with the GPL, permits copying and modification with attribution (by inclusion of a reference to the original W3C document), and can be used in W3C Community Groups, among other venues. All work that W3C has previously made available under the prior W3C Software License is also made available under the new Software and Document License.

The NoSQL and Hadoop disruptive open source dividend

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Beyond the LAMP stack, open source technology for development of enterprise class applications has arguably become mainstream, especially in modern databases like NoSQL and Hadoop based systems. They are unlocking huge value.

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SourceForge Not Making A Graceful Exit

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If SourceForge were a person and I were the New York Times, I’d make certain I had an obituary on file right about now. It’s obvious that the once essential code repository for open source projects is terminally ill, although it’s just as obvious that Dice Holdings, which took over ownership of the site nearly three years ago, has no plans of letting SourceForge go gently into the good night, so we’ll probably see more kicking and noise-making until the lights are inevitably extinguished.

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Also: SourceForge under fire again for Nmap page [Ed: SourceForge says that's not the case]

European Union's 5-year roadmap for IT and open source

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While the DSM does not explicitly state it, to achieve a lot of these objectives, open standards will be essential. While many parts of the strategy are explicit in their proposed actions, this section has been written in broad strokes. For this reason, open source/open standards proponents must stay engaged both to help steer the DSM toward a positive outcome and for fear that the DSM may instead seek to secure the "free flow of data" via mandating contractual requirements and cumbersome and problematic data ownership definitions.

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Pentaho 5.4 Gets New Spark

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Open source business intelligence vendor Pentaho, now a part of Hitachi Data Systems, bulks up its Big Data support with Apache Spark integration.

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Postgresql to detect nuclear explosions

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France’s nuclear energy and defence research institute CEA is looking for help with maintenance of Postgresql, an open source relational database management system. The institute this week published a call for tender, aiming to design a seismic, infrasound, hydroacoustic and radionuclide monitoring system, as part of its task to monitor compliance to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

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More in Tux Machines

Leftovers: Gaming

  • Garry's Mod and Rust Dev Say Linux Is a Second Class Citizen
    Garry Newman, the developer behind the famous Garry's Mod and the survival MMO Rust, has made some very interesting comments about the lack of Linux players and why his studio doesn't really care about the open source platform.
  • Last Chance to Get "The Last Federation" 4X Strategy with an 80% Price Cut
  • Get the "Gone Home" FPS Puzzle Game with a Huge 88% Discount on Steam
    FPS adventure game Gone Home is now available on Steam for Linux with huge 88% price cut that will last for another day. Gone Home is a story driven game that is like nothing you've ever played until now. You don't get to meet anyone, and you don't get to interact with any other character. You're just trying to solve a mystery. Despite the fact that there are no enemies, and you don't get hurt in any way, the game manages to keep the suspense going with ease, and that's mostly due to the script and the gameplay itself.
  • Unity Game Engine to Get a Native Linux Editor Soon
    Unity is a game engine that managed to get a lot of developers and fans in the past couple of years. Even if it supports the Linux platform, there are no Linux tools just yet, and the developers have explained why that happened.
  • Vendetta Online 1.8.342 Brings Rendering Optimizations for OpenGL 4 and DirectX 11
    Guild Software announced this past weekend the availability of a new update for their Vendetta Online science-fiction MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) for Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X, and iOS operating systems.
  • Solar 2 for Linux Review
    Solar 2 is described by its developers as a sandbox universe, but that doesn't quite cover it. And when you're having a problem describing the gameplay, you know that you have some something special.
  • Introducing SteamOS "brewmaster"
    Valve is pleased to announce the preview of the next SteamOS release, codenamed "brewmaster" and based on the latest Debian 8.1 stable release.

Android Leftovers

OSS Leftovers

  • Libreboot Now Supports An AMD/ASUS Motherboard
    The Libreboot "fork" of Coreboot now has support for its first AMD motherboard -- or more broadly, its first desktop motherboard.
  • IBM Insists It’s Open to Open Source
    So it’s interesting when a senior IBM exec turns up in a keynote slot. Big Blue’s heritage, at least at the high end, had for years been dominated by proprietary architecture. No longer, said Doug Balog, general manager of IBM Power Systems. The founding of OpenPOWER roughly two years ago, sale of IBM’s x86 business, and the sprint away from the formidable but proprietary Blue Gene (and re-embrace of the battle-tested mainframe) are all part of IBM’s about-face.
  • The Open Information Security Foundation Joins Open Source Initiative as Affiliate Member
    The Open Source Initiative® (OSI) today announced that The Open Information Security Foundation (OISF) has been accepted as an Affiliate Member. “The OSI is excited to welcome OISF,” said Patrick Masson, General Manager and Director at the OSI. "Just as we're seeing with open source software projects, more and more organizations are looking for support from mature, robust and relevant security communities. The OISF and the open source technologies they support are ready to help and we're happy to promote their good work."
  • The evolution of the big data platform at Netflix
    I caught up with Eva to get a bit of a background on her, Netflix, and how open source is being used to improve services at Netflix. Not only has Netflix used and contributed to existing open source projects, but they have released their own projects like Genie as open source. To learn more about Netflix's open source projects you can pursue their GitHub.
  • ATO Opens Reg – Releases Partial Speakers List
    The All Things Open conference today pushed out a notification to recipients on its mailing list announcing that registration for the event, slated for October 19th and 20th. has begun. For the first time ever, event organizers are offering something of a super early bird special: Buy a ticket before July 7th and get admission for both days for only $99 — which is a deal since that’s what a single day will cost once the Early Bird Special kicks-in next Tuesday.
  • NZ Open Source firm opens up free cloud option for Kiwi developers
    New Zealand-based global open source company Catalyst has announced that Kiwi software development companies can build on the Catalyst Cloud for free.
  • New component versioning, Technical Committee highlights, and more OpenStack news
  • The job is not done until the documentation is complete
    And yet there is a lot of really good documentation out there. For example, the documentation for LibreOffice is excellent. It includes several documents in multiple formats including HTML and PDF that range from "Getting Started" to a very complete user's guide for each of the LibreOffice applications.
  • Roundcube Next crowdfunding success and community
    A couple days ago, the Roundcube Next crowdfunding campaign reached our initial funding goal. We even got a piece on Venture Beat, among other places. This was a fantastic result and a nice reward for quite a bit of effort on the entire team's part.
  • DragonFlyBSD 4.2 Released: Brings Improved Graphics & New Compiler
    DragonFlyBSD 4.2 was released this morning as the next major release to this popular BSD operating system. For end-users there are a lot of notable changes with this update.
  • Call for Testing: Valgrind on OpenBSD
    The editors are certainly salivating over the possibility of valgrinding our way to victory.
  • Cracking the Code: U.S. House of Representatives Allows Use Of Open Source Software
    As the executive branch of the United States government quietly works on creating an official open source policy, the legislative branch is also moving into the 21st century: Open source software is now officially permitted in the U.S. House of Representatives. That means software developed in the People's House with taxpayer funds will eventually be available to the people. According to the nonpartisan OpenGov Foundation, there will soon be an Open Source Caucus in Congress.

Linux: Boldly Going Where We’ve Not Gone Before

Right now, my refrigerator uses Linux, as does the thermostat that controls the climate of my home. The washer and dryer components and firmware with the touch control screens are built on Linux (Amana if you want to look it up). The navigation system on my old Ford Explorer is based on Linux. Our home entertainment center has a touch screen control based on Ubuntu. Read more