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OpenStack Summit News

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OpenStack From Texas

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OpenStack at Red Hat, Canonical

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  • University of Cambridge Selects Red Hat to Support OpenStack-Based HPC Initiatives

    Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious academic institutions, has selected Red Hat to support its OpenStack-based high performance computing (HPC) initiatives. In addition to deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform for its HPC-as-a-Service offering, the University of Cambridge also plans to collaborate with Red Hat to bring HPC capabilities to the upstream OpenStack community.

  • Using modern open source as a tactical weapon | #OpenStack

    Gone are the days when the open-source community was a guerrilla organization of free-spirited independent experts working together, according to Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth. He sees a very different modern community, where tactical positioning by large organizations is the new standard behavior and open source is viewed as a weapon to be used to go faster than standard development processes.

Thinking Big: Supporting Open Source for Decades to Come

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Individuals start open source projects because it matters to them. Whether motivated by passion, interest, necessity, curiosity or fame, projects are often started by individuals who want to build better software. Do better work. Have an impact. See their code in the world’s best technology and products.

Because open source today makes up an ever increasing footprint in technology infrastructure and products, we have a responsibility to these individuals and the community and industry at large to support this work and build practices and processes that sustain the world’s greatest shared technologies for the long term.

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Leftovers: OSS

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  • Tuesday's security updates
  • LiveJournal creator Brad Fitzpatrick details his open-source digital life backup system

    The amount of digital data we are creating every day is mind-boggling. But the photos we take, tweets we send, places we check into and other digital detritus is often siloed into proprietary formats from various companies stored on disparate sites across the web.

  • Open365 Is a Free Open-Source Office 365, Spotify May Have Been Hacked… [Tech News Digest]
  • Securing Visibility into Open Source Code

    The Internet runs on open source code. Linux, Apache Tomcat, OpenSSL, MySQL, Drupal and WordPress are built on open source. Everyone, every day, uses applications that are either open source or include open source code; commercial applications typically have only 65 per cent custom code. Development teams can easily use 100 or more open source libraries, frameworks tools and code snippets, when building an application.

  • In the open-source age, ‘no excuse to dictate tech’ | #OpenStack

    2016 marks the largest OpenStack Summit yet. With more than 7,600 attendees in Austin, Texas, and numerous partnerships, it is safe to say OpenStack has arrived. Back at home in Texas, OpenStack is flourishing amid its native state’s southern hospitality.

    “I never thought I’d become an open licensing geek in my life,” said Mark Collier, founder and COO of OpenStack Foundation. Collier joined Jonathan Bryce, executive director at OpenStack, for an interview with Stu Miniman and Brian Gracely, cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team.

  • Release of GNU remotecontrol - Version 2.0
  • GNU Remotecontrol 2.0 Released

    One of the less talked about GNU projects is GNU remotecontrol.

  • Keynote Speech at the Closing Plenary session of Net Futures 2016, Brussels

    Europe’s relative weakness in digital consumer markets, in web and internet services and notably in data platforms is becoming a major challenge to the whole economy.

    In addition, users feel that proprietary platforms do not satisfy their needs. They get locked-in to a specific provider and have very little influence on the evolution of the platform.

  • Jenkins 2.0 Adds Pipeline-as-Code for Continuous Delivery

    We tend to talk about “CI/CD” (continuous integration / continuous delivery) as though it were one thing, and there wasn’t a slash between them. Even when Jez Humble and David Farley published a book on the latter to distinguish it as a goal unto itself, the book’s presentation presents it as building on the “foundation” of CI, or a “natural extension” of CI. You don’t have to look much further to find CD presented as the “logical evolution” of CI. More than once, Microsoft has presented CD as the magic button you push when you’re done with CI. And last and/or least, IBM has presented CD as CI except with a “D.”

  • New functional programming language can generate C, Python code for apps

    Researchers at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Computer Science recently unveiled Futhark, an open source functional programming language designed for creating code that runs on GPUs, for use in machine learning and other high-performance applications.

    Futhark is meant to be more convenient to use than standard C/C++ frameworks for programming GPUs. It can automatically generate both C and Python code to be integrated with existing apps.

Dell embraces open-source networking with new lines

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Yesterday, Dell Networking announced -- in partnership with Verizon, Big Switch Networks, Dell, and Red Hat -- that it had released the largest known network function virtualization (NFV) OpenStack cloud deployment across five of Verizon's US data centers.

Not resting on its laurels, today Dell announced that it's driving ahead with its Linux-based Operating System 10 (OS10) development. Underneath the base module is the Open Compute Project Switch Abstraction Interface, a platform is designed for large scale data centers. Dell is also integrating OS10 with open-source community projects including Open Compute Project (OCP) and Microsoft's Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC).

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OpenStack News

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  • At Platform9, OpenStack-as-a-Service is the Focus

    Among the many approaches seen in the OpenStack arena, OpenStack as a service is emerging as an interesting choice. Platform9, which focuses on OpenStack-based private cloudy, has announced a new release of its Platform9 Managed OpenStack, which is a SaaS-based solution with integration for single sign-on (SSO) solutions. The company also updated its private-cloud-as-a service offering from OpenStack Juno to OpenStack Liberty.

  • OpenStack by the numbers: Who’s using open source clouds and for what?

    The latest bi-annual survey data of OpenStack users shows a continuing march of the open source cloud software into mainstream of enterprises, but also the project’s continued challenges related to ease of deployment and management.

  • OpenStack and Amazon’s cloud: Friends or foes?

    Four years ago tensions between OpenStack and Amazon Web Services were at a high. The open source cloud computing platform was being developed as an alternative to AWS’s and members of the community spoke despairingly about the public cloud behemoth.

    Fast-forward to today, and the relationship between these two cloud platforms seems quite undefined.

5 humanitarian crises where open source projects aimed to bring stability

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An annoyed user couldn’t fix his printer as the printer’s source code wasn’t available to users. This was the reason that led to the start of the open source movement. Organizations have saved billions of dollars and man hours by collaborating and innovating on the open source platform. The open source software has been used almost everywhere, and most importantly, technologists are taking full advantage of it when the world needs it to solve humanitarian problems.

Here are some humanitarian crises that technologists have built open source platforms for, just to give a new life to those badly affected by it.

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Korean Government Developed Open-source Cloud Computing Platform

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On April 26, the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning and the National Information Society Agency (NIA) unveiled the first version of the PaaS-TA, which is an open-source platform as a service for cloud computing service development.

The ministry worked on the cloud computing platform with the Ministry of the Interior from March 2014. At present, the domestic PaaS sector is characterized by various companies’ different development environments and a low level of compatibility, which have caused software service providers to repeat their development processes for services on different platforms.

The South Korean government developed the PaaS-TA at this time in order to address this problem. Supporting at least six development languages and diverse cloud computing infrastructure services, it is open-source software and can be utilized by anyone. In addition, it comes with the standard e-government framework and is capable of realizing e-government services on the cloud computing platform.

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Leftovers: OSS

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Fairphone's Google-free open source OS is now available to download

Phone manufacturer Fairphone is all about making smartphones that are as accessible and ethical as possible. This includes trying to find conflict-free minerals for use in their phones' construction, but also the software that lives on these devices. Yesterday, the company released its own open source Fairphone OS — an Android-based operating system that doesn't include Google services. This means users will have to find their own apps for email, maps, and a browser, but in exchange they get more control over their software. Read more

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    Fedora 24 Delayed, Linus the Tops, New openSUSE Team

    Fedora Program Manager Jan Kuřík today announced a delay in Fedora 24, both the upcoming Beta and Final. Elsewhere openSUSE announced a new community release team, a group of volunteers to help with the release tasks. Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman both appeared on a "top 10 programmers of all time" list and a Windows 10 upgrade screen has gone viral. Read more

    elementary OS 0.4 "Loki" to Be Based on Ubuntu 16.04, Promises Big New Features

    A year ago, we were bold enough to predict that the next release of the elementary OS distribution would be version 0.4, dubbed Loki and based on the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system. Read more