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2011: Top Ten FOSS Legal Developments

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Legal This year, 2011, was one of the most active years in legal developments in FOSS. This activity reflects the increase in FOSS use: Laura Wurster of Gartner, noted in the Harvard Business Review blog that open source has hit a “strategic tipping point” this year.

OpenLogic Ranks Top Open-Source Projects of 2011

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OSS OpenLogic delivers its annual list of the fastest growing open-source projects of 2011, leading with HBase and Node.js.

What Minecraft Can Teach Us About Open Source Communities

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OSS Along with the praises I've already heaped upon Minecraft and the fascination I've continued to have with it, I've been enthusiastic about it because of its very unique development pattern.

Many Eyes, Many Heads

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Security One of the advantages of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) is that it’s not created and distributed in the vacuum of a heavily EULAed/binary/closed environment and anyone can examine the code.

Some FOSS-Related Predictions for 2012

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OSS If you’re busy guessing what the FOSS world will bring in 2012; don’t rack your brain; just read on as we list some FOSS-related predictions for this year.

Going All-FOSS With a New Computer

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OSS Linux bloggers' New Year's resolutions tend to be many and varied in any given year, but one most can surely agree upon is the desire to outfit a new PC with nothing but free software.

Game Engines Should Always be Open Source

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Gaming Games are another form of media we experience, but due to the richness of this media it is probably not feasible nor even a good idea to have common formats or specifications for how games should be created. How then is it possible to ensure that the games created today live on even when the systems they were created on a long obsolete?

The economic incentive to violate the GPL

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  • The economic incentive to violate the GPL
  • DISA revises software guideline clarifying open source rules
  • Of Open Source and the European Commission
  • NASA Promotes Open Source With New Website

2011 Members Choice Awards

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OSS Welcome to the 2011 Members Choice Awards. The categories have been chosen, the nominees have been posted and I'm happy to announce that the polls are now open.

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