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How open source advocates beat themselves

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OSS It’s a story I heard from every European open source advocate I talked to over the last three weeks. “So-and-so (name or institution) is in the pocket of so-and-so (Google, Microsoft, IBM).”

Open Source Primer

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OSS Open source software is software in which the actual source code of the software is freely available along with the software. That is not to say that it is necessarily free as in no cost. But rather that the source code is included or available with the software.

What open source community?

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OSS Is there such a thing as the open source community?

Schools Combine Netbooks, Open Source

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Ubuntu Thanks to the relatively simultaneous development of smaller and cheaper laptops and advances in open-source computing, schools that could not afford 1-to-1 computing programs a few years ago are finding ways to adopt them today.

How to Get Support for Open Source Software

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OSS One of the most persistent myths surrounding Linux and other open source software is that there's no easy way to get good support. Here's a look at some of the many ways and places you can find open source support.

FSF initiates "Respects your Freedom" hardware program

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OSS The Free Software Foundation (FSF) announced today that it has published an initial set of criteria for endorsing computers and other devices.

Open Source Software and Politics

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OSS As we are in the midst of another endless election cycle, they seem to no longer stop do they, I thought I would look to see if any politicians are using open source as part of their campaign messaging. Even more than that, do you think this is a winning argument that can sway voters?

67% of open-source devs code at work

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OSS While many employers are concerned about how much their staff use Facebook or Twitter in work hours, a report has found that approximately 67 per cent of open-source developers spend some work time writing applications unrelated to their employment.

Pay Per Patch:

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Dutch share code and concepts of base registry

The Dutch government has made available as open source a catalogue of data and concepts used in the country’s ‘System of Basic Registrations’. The aim is to provide users and suppliers a comprehensive view of the system, and to make it available for reuse. Read more

​Canonical and Juniper team up on carrier-grade OpenStack SDN

Everyone loves clouds these days. But telecomm companies are understandably cautious about entrusting their technology to the cloud. Wouldn't you be if a failure mean dropping phone or data services to millions of customers? Still, Juniper Networks and Canonical, Ubuntu Linux's parent company are certain they can devise a carrier-grade OpenStack cloud for virtualizing core networks and network functions. Read more

Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 Makes It Easier for Windows Users to Adapt to the Unity Interface

The Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 Beta 1 (Vivid Vervet) operating system has also been released alongside the Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, and Ubuntu MATE distributions, bringing a wide range of improvements, numerous updated components, as well as the usual bug fixes. We took the distribution for a test drive and created a nice screenshot tour for all users of the Chinese Ubuntu community. Read more

PlayOnLinux Reached To 4.2.6, Install Windows Apps And Games In Ubuntu Linux

playonlinux 4.2.6 released, install windows games on ubuntu linux

PlayOnLinux is a software designed to installWindows applications and games on Linux. The team released PlayOnLinux 4.2.6 recently with several improvements and bug fixes that makes it more stable and useful. Let's install it on Ubuntu and other Ubuntu derivatives.

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