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Thoughts On GPL Compliance of Red Hat

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OSS I have been a bit amazed to watch that so much debate on this has happened around the words of preferred form of the work for making modifications to it from GPLv2§3. In particularly, I can't help chuckling at the esoteric level to which many people believe they can read these words.

NASA to Host Open Source Summit

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OSS NASA will host a summit about open source software development on March 29-30 at the agency's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PDT on both days.

Who Are the FOSS Police?

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OSS About 70 percent of the time, a mobile app that contains open source code fails to comply with basic FOSS licensing requirements, according to a study conducted by OpenLogic. With hundreds of thousands of mobile apps for platforms like iOS and Android, violations could be quite rampant, if the study's sample is representative of the whole. But who's place is it enforce these licenses, and how?

GPL expert gives Red Hat the all-clear

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OSS Well-known free software activist and GPL expert Bradley Kuhn says Red Hat's recent change of policy with regard to provision of its kernel source appears, on the surface, to be GPL-compliant.

Are Mobile Apps Violating Open Source Licenses?

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OSS There are a lot of mobile apps that use open source software, but how many of them are in compliance with open source licensing rules? As it turns out, not very many.

Richard Stallman interview video

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OSS FREE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION president Richard Stallman spoke to The INQUIRER as part of his UK tour. Talking to us at The Institution of Engineering and Technology at its building on the bank of the river Thames at Savoy Place, Stallman talked about how coders can get involved in free software and how Android isn't all bad.

Also: FSFE Newsletter - March 2011
And: Free software is what we humans are talking more about

Life at rPath: 4+ Years And Counting

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OSS Since you want to work with Open Source and Python, you should send your cv to the guys at rPath… … and so I did…that same night… The very next day I got up at 8am and there was a reply in my INBOX.

Facebook and open source: 'we've come a long way'

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OSS With over 500 million users, Facebook is by far the world's biggest social networking site - and has also been making important contributions to the open source community.

Another Real-life Open-Source Test: An Academic Presentation

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linuxmigrante.blogspot: As an advocate of Open Source, I decided since I stated this blog not to say anything good about Free Software if first I haven't used it myself. That's why whenever I say a newbie can use a distro, it is because I, being a newbie myself, have been able to use it.

FOSDEM 2011 - A Personal Account

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OSS If I had to sum up this year, then the theme was Annoyances. Having been every year for the last ten, maybe I’m just too old and crabby for these things now. But it seemed like the zealots, the idiots, the chavs, and the social retards had all teamed up to irk me at any point in the weekend when I was beginning to find some peace.

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