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Open source 'community' doesn't exist

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OSS Many users, forums and magazines like to speak of the open source community. It's the glue that holds free software together. It's a term that implies cooperation and cohesion, when there's just too much conflict and disagreement for this to happen. Instead, there are disparate groups of individuals, businesses and enterprises, as with any other operating system.

blockers that prevent open source being taught

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OSS One of the hardest things about trying to bridge two worlds--for instance, open source communities and academic institutions--is all the stuff you don't hear on a daily basis when you're working remotely.

Fear of Forking

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OSS The fear of forking remains rampant in spite of the rise of Git, Mercurial and the other decentralized standard bearers. Perhaps because instantiations of Git and its decentralized brothers, for all of their popularity amongst the developer elite, remain heavily outnumbered by the legacy version control alternatives.

Will Mark Zuckerberg Prove He's Open Source's BFF?

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blogs.computerworlduk: Although I don't use it much myself, I've heard that Facebook is quite popular in some quarters. This makes its technological moves important, especially when they impact free software. Yesterday, we had what most have seen as a pretty big announcement from the company that does precisely that:

open source model is key to future development

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osswatch.jiscinvolve: What continues to surprise me most about open source software (OSS) development is how the particular mindset OSS embodies has seeped into an incredibly diverse range of discussion that transcends software itself.

Open Source and the Federal Budget Squeeze, Part 1

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OSS "If there's anything federal agencies put a premium on, it's streamlining costs," said Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile. "Deploying open source software generally takes less time and fewer resources than proprietary software.

Should Companies That Use Open Source Software Pay a Tithe?

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OSS The founder of search engine Duck Duck Go just pledged 10 percent of the site's income--will anyone follow suit?

Windows Legacy Apps vs. Linux Desktop Adopters?

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  • Windows Legacy Apps vs. Linux Desktop Adopters?
  • Avoid the tool trap when building communities
  • An Open Source Toolkit for Your Small Business

The Apple-Oracle plot against open source

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OSS It’s really quite clever. Tie Google up in court, sign a deal with Apple to coordinate development of Java, and ignore the open source community.

Free Software Without Freedom

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  • Aerodynamic Elephants and Free Software Without Freedom
  • It's not Apache vs. Oracle; it's Oracle vs. open source
  • Open core licensing is free software’s evil twin
  • Geeknet Joins Open Invention Network as Licensee
  • Which came first, the customer or the community?
  • PyPy Joins the Software Freedom Conservancy
  • Open Source Ohio: Bringing FOSS and Business Together
  • Linux open source drivers for Xbox Kinect released
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