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FOSS Devs' Biggest Complaints: Documentation and Licensing

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OSS "What makes open source so good is often what makes it undesirable," suggested Scott Testa, director of Entrepreneur and Business Boot Camp at Villanova University. "If you are a big corporation, you want to adhere to the license, but in some cases the legal issues are not clear. If you are a programmer, you just want to get the code writing job done."

Australian government can't recruit fast enough for open source

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OSS The Australian government is seeing a lot more demand for open-source support, according to chief technology officer John Sheridan.

Why not change the world?

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sgallagh.wordpress: No one in history has ever changed the world by being what others wanted them to be. They have changed the world by daring to laugh at conventional wisdom and try something new. This is the sentiment that drove me into my open source career.

Has Apache lost its way?

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OSS Complaints of stricture over structure, signs of technical prowess on the wane -- the best days of the Apache Software Foundation may be behind

Ode to Groklaw: A Requiem for What Was Lost

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Web (blog safari): Groklaw is "truly the canary in the coal mine," suggested blogger Martin Espinoza. "When it is no longer possible to tell the truth online sufficiently for it to exist, none of us have the freedom of speech.

FSFE opposes claim that free software harms consumers

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OSS Does no-cost software harm consumers? The FairSearch coalition thinks so, at least when it comes to Google: They say Google engages in predatory pricing when it distributes Android – a Linux-based mobile operating system – without charge. Recently, FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) responded in a letter to the European Commission, labeling as "wrong" and "dangerous" FairSearch’s claims.

Also: The litigation business – The Free Software Column

Hobbyist coder 2.0 spreads open source in 2013

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OSS The survey was offered to 8,000 individuals, including 4,000 professional electrical design engineers who had purchased dev kits or dev-kit-related products in the year leading up to April 2013, as well as 4,000 sundry buyers of dev kits or related products

Patterns and practices for open source software success

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OSS How do you create a successful free or open source software project? There are two parts to success:

Open source has won, let's look to the future

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OSS Here I expand on the lessons I've learned from other people working in open source, new technologies emerging in open source that haven't come of age yet, my passion for open source not being a Zero Sum game, and bringing open source to other parts of society and industry.

How open source took root in one Pennsylvania school district

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OSS Since public education communities have historically been biased toward the traditional, you might guess that, at the very least, open source was long considered a little outlandish. Part of my journey [was] to challenge this mindset.

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