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Open Source Not For Financial Institutions? Bah Humbug

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OSS Ssh, don't tell anyone bu open source is used at the biggest banks and finance houses in the world, but can you steal open source code?

Also: A lot of investment banks are using open source software

The frustration is mounting

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socceroosd.blogspot: Here's a few issues that are having me retreat to the bathroom to contain myself from bursting out in utter frustration at the stubbornness of the humans around me:

Public sector eyes free software

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OSS The province's public sector will favour free computer software, like the Linux operating system and the OpenOffice suite of applications, over commercial software, like Microsoft Corp.'s Windows and Office applications.

Billion Dollar Open Source Companies? There Are Lots of Them

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OSS In the year 2011 we will in all likelihood see the first company to reach a billion dollars in revenue with an open source focused model. Dan Woods over on has an excellent piece highlighting Red Hat as the first and probably only company in the foreseeable future to reach this truly epic milestone. I think there are many open source companies generating a billion dollars.

Is There A Sexual Harassment Problem In The Open Source Community?

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OSS For a long time I have spoken out against sexism in the IT industry. While we bemoan the scarcity of woman in IT, we still manage in many cases to act like caveman when it comes to treating them as equals and peers in technology.

“Microsoft is working towards establishing a long-term community connection”

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OSS “Microsoft is open to openness,” says Vijay Rajagopalan, principal architect in Microsoft’s interoperability team. The LINUX For You team caught up with him to find out the truth behind this assertion, and to learn more about just how serious Microsoft’s engagement was with open source projects and the community.

The 6 dimensions of Open Source

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fnords.wordpress: Why do people choose to participate in Open Source ? It’s always a mix of various reasons, so let’s try to explore and classify them.

Quality drives enterprises to Open Source Software

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OSS Open source is so very important now that it touches us every day more than we actually realize. A recent Netcraft survey places the open source Apache share of web servers at 57 percent. Linux OS, which is more popular on servers than on PCs, has been estimated to have 1 percent of operating system market share including both servers and desktops.

FSF software repository hacked

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  • Free Software Foundation's software repository hacked
  • Savannah and downtime - chronological account
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