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The future of free software – are we on rocky ground?

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OSS In this months column, openSUSE community manager Jos Poortvliet ponders the future of free software…

Free software isn't a single school of thought

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OSS "Would it be immoral for me to write a program and then to sell it without providing the source code?" Someone asked in response to my last blog entry. The question might have a troll, but I replied.

RMS, Freedom and the Cloud

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OSS RMS has an article on der Spiegel about the dangers the cloud presents to computing. He is correct that the cloud is a dangerous place but not any more dangerous than the web has been all along.

Control Points and Steering Mechanisms

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  • Control Points and Steering Mechanisms in Open Source Software Projects
  • The open source "shallow fork" approach to pre-deployment
  • Asia Pacific traders prefer open source
  • Creative Commons Chief Technology Officer Needed at FSF
  • AU: Guide to open source software published after online public consultation
  • Quest Software Demonstrates Open Source Absorption

What I’ve learned from (nearly!) a year of open source

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OSS As the days count down until I jet off to Las Vegas and release v2.0 of Agnitio I’ve been thinking about the past year and the lessons/things I’ve learned since I first released Agnitio – my first open source project.

Stallman to give talks in Israel

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OSS Stallman was invited to speak in some Palestinian universities a few months ago; when he organised some talks in Israeli universities as well during the same trip, he had to cancel them.

Microsoft Ads on FOSS Sites

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Web Quite a few years ago, a popular Linux site began displaying ads from Microsoft on their home page.

10 best (unknown) open source projects

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OSS hat's right folks, another ten best! But this time I'll wager you're not familiar with any of them, or at best one or two. The free/open source software world is vast and full of excellent applications for all occasions.

Developer Transitions from Corporate to Open Source

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OSS The expansion of the open source development model to companies who are just starting to submit code and take part in communities is leading to an interesting problem for their developers. How do they transition from a corporate development model to an open, global development environment?

FLOSS: Accept no substitutes

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OSS Free-as-in-freedom software is very often free-as-in-beer, too. This is normally a good thing. But one open source project developer is calling out a troubling problem with free software: counterfeit applications.

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Gnome: Release code names

Hi all, I'm working on the release notes for 3.18, and I will also be working on release promotion. During GUADEC, the board and Release Team agreed to name September release after the GUADEC host city, and each March release after the GNOME.Asia host city. Read more

systemd 225 Adds 'su' Replacement, Saving of Private-Zone DHCP Options

The systemd development team, through David Herrmann, had the pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the systemd 225 open-source, next-generation init system for GNU/Linux distributions. Read more

Interviews with FLOSS developers: Elena Grandi

One of fresh additions to Debian family, and thus wider FLOSS family is Elena Grandi. She is from realms of Valhalla and is setting her footprint into the community. A hacker mindset, a Free software lover and a 3D printing maker. Elena has big dedication to make the world free and better place for all. She tries to push limits on personal level with much care and love, and FLOSS community will benefit from her work and way of life in future. So what has the Viking lady to say about FLOSS? Meet Elena "of Valhalla" Grandi. Read more

Jide Remix Mini Android PC to ship in October

Google Android is an operating system that was originally designed for smartphones, but these days it also supports tablets, TVs, smartwatches, and more. It’s not really designed to replace a desktop operating system like Windows or Ubuntu, but there have been a number of attempts to modify the open source Android operating system to make it feel more like a desktop OS. This year Chinese startup Jide launched Remix OS, which a version of Android with a taskbar, support for multi-window apps, and other desktop-style features. Read more