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Why Making Money from Free Software Matters

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OSS Free software began as a political movement: its central aim was – and remains – the propagation of freedom. Later, free software also became a way of making serious money – something that Stallman has repeatedly said he is quite happy with, contrary to much FUD claiming otherwise.

Either it’s free or it’s not

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kmandla.wordpress: I used to get a lot of hate mail — a lot. That was over two years ago. So you can imagine my relative surprise when a rather acerbic blog took offense more than a year after it had been forgotten.

Why You Don't Contribute To Open-Source

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OSS Over on the GCC mailing list is a rather lively discussion. A developer is asking why you don't participate in contributing to GCC?

Cherry-Picking Open Source Licenses

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OSS The widespread creation and reuse of open source software by commercial companies has introduced a whole new level of complexity to the legal challenges related to software licenses.

The future of open source

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  • The future of open source is in the middle
  • Cenatic: 'Using open source is key for e-government'
  • EU: open standards and interoperable systems for e-government
  • How the UK government can follow Obama's open source revolution
  • Using version control to manage Intellectual Property

Free/Open Source Software Global Maturity Matrix (FOSS GloMM)

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jamesdixon.wordpress: I have stated a few times that the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and its advocates don’t have a vision of the future that I find viable. Twenty years from now, across the globe, every individual, business, organization, and government entity will have FOSS suitable for all their needs.

Four Considerations When Using Open Source in Production

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OSS IT staff and developers often overlook non-technical considerations that are critical when running open source on a production system.

Debunking Free Software Myths

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jeffhoogland.blogspot: I fancy myself to be what some would call a "Free Software Advocate" and as such when I am making recommendations of free software to people I hear many of the same common misconceptions day in and day out.

Open source training more attractive

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  • Open source training more attractive to workers
  • For Openness – and Open Source - We Need Transparency
  • Vendor ownership doesn't mean lower open source risk

Jon 'maddog' Hall's Picks for Today's Six Best OSS Projects

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OSS Here are my picks today, though, for hot new OSS projects:

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