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How do you like your freedom?

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OSS Today is a special day for many people. This day, September the 19th, is of particular importance to computing tech heads, geeks, developers and even you. Yes, you.

Sexism in FOSS

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OSS Today is about sexism towards women in FOSS. It is about treating women differently, and poorly, just for being women. It is about doing harm to FOSS. There are a number of reasons why the participation of women in FOSS is so low, around 1.5%, and cruddy treatment of women is a big one.

The Role of Free Software in Education

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OSS On 19 September, we celebrate Software Freedom Day. At tomorrow's Boston gathering, I will have an opportunity to thank the Free Software Foundation on behalf of Sugar Labs for their support. I will also have a chance to tell the story of Sugar, our efforts to help children learn to learn and learn to love and exercise their freedom. I will also solicit your help.

The FOSS image is important.

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OSS We live in a world where, unfortunately, image is everything to the general public, enterprise business and the media. This image provides the reputation from which the validity of the product, person or business is judged. In the computing world, regarding software, I would say that there are three main players.

The Pyramids and the Bazaar

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OSS Eric Raymond's software bazaar is a fantasy. What really goes on in open source projects has nothing to do with his "great babbling bazaar of differing agendas and approaches".

Intel talks Linux, netbooks and rivalry with ARM

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OSS Imad Sousou is the director of Intel's Open Source Technology Centre, which is behind the Moblin project — aimed at providing optimised Linux technology for netbooks and mobile internet devices. On Wednesday, ZDNet UK caught up with Sousou.

Open source – no question of quality

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OSS I am probably biting off more than I can chew, within a brief blog post here. But, I wanted to capture a couple of points relative to the notion of the quality of open source software (OSS).

Submit your nominations for the 2009 Free Software Awards

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OSS The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the GNU Project today announced the request for nominations for the 12th annual Free Software Awards.

Will FSF's summit on women in FOSS achieve anything?

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OSS What a movement achieves depends greatly on the motivations behind it; when one is pushed to do something, then much less is achieved than if the movement arises spontaneously.

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