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7 Reasons Why Free Software Is Losing Influence

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OSS Five years ago, when most of the Java code was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), Sun Microsystems took care to enlist the Free Software Foundation (FSF) in the announcement, collecting approving statements from Richard Stallman, the president of the FSF, and Eben Moglen, its legal counsel. Today, you can hardly imagine any corporation making the same effort.

Has open source outgrown the Apache Way?

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OSS Organizations like the Apache Software Foundation, the Linux Foundation, and the Free Software Foundation have long been a part of the open source and free software ecosystem. But some in the FLOSS community are beginning to wonder.

Investment Protection With Open Source

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  • Investment Protection With Open Source
  • Google's open source geezer gets shirty about security
  • More open source software at European Space Agency
  • Interview with a Pirate

Release often … enough

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OSS No doubt you’ve heard the maxim “release early, release often.” It’s one of the cornerstones of Free/Open Source software development. By making frequent releases, you give your users the opportunity to try out the new features and tell you what they think of them. But how often is often enough?

Open Source and the Open Road, Part 1

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OSS Automotive electronics are becoming more sophisticated each year, and it's reaching the point at which some cars may soon need built-in operating systems in order for people to use them properly.

Embracing the Big open-source Society

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OSS In this age of austerity, public sector IT leaders are constantly looking for alternative solutions to deliver more with less. It is perhaps surprising that the government's overall approach to open-source solutions has been lukewarm to say the least.

Open Source Nurtures Innovation

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OSS The days of open source being copies of proprietary software are long gone. Today the majority of the innovation in software depends on open source.

Women in FOSS: men need to do more, says senior dev

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OSS A long-time member of the FOSS community believes that men need to do much more about increasing the participation of women in the community and improving their experience of being part of the community.

Linus Torvalds Takes Aim at Proprietary Tech, and Apple

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OSS Linux creator Linus Torvalds spoke at the LinuxCon Brazil event this week, and had some choice words for makers of proprietary technology, especially Apple and Microsoft.

How misinformation can still hurt FLOSS

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OSS There seems to be a bit of confusion out there about what open source means in terms of security: specifically, there's a pervasive notion that because software is open source, it's inherently insecure.


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