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Flinders University gives open source the boot

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OSS Flinders University will migrate its 16,000 students over to Microsoft’s Live@edu email platform from mid-2010 after dropping an in-house open source solution.

Let's Have Responsible Disclosure For Open Source Violations

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OSS Last week brought news about Microsoft inadvertently using open source code in one of their binary-only tools -- code that had to be redistributed with the tool itself. When this does happen, what's the best way to bring such a mistake to an offending company's attention? Is shouting about it far and wide always wise?

Promoting FOSS with Analogies: Ford vs BK

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OSS Out of the many analogies I have used over the years, the Ford vs BK one is likely the best I have ever encountered. But what is the Ford vs BK analogy and how does it help me promote FOSS?

Open Source Software Ready for Big Business

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  • Open Source Software Ready for Big Business
  • Copyright/left at the centre of open source business strategies
  • Are enterprises saving $26 million per project with open source?
  • Top Open Source technical writers on the Web
  • Is Europe's love of open source Microsoft's best friend?
  • Creative Commons: Best practices for webmasters
  • Schmidt: Proprietary code is more securely written

Ahhhhh – Youre killing FOSS!

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openbytes.wordpress: I am looking at a claim thats usually made against many outspoken people in the FOSS, but often you see it when there is no counter in an debate/argument. When I first started writing this article little did I know I would get my own example of “killing the FOSS” directed at me.

The State of Open Source

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  • Open Source and Cost of Use
  • "Intellectual Property" a Violation of Real Property
  • Project management lessons from the FreeDOS Project
  • The State of Open Source on Firefox's Fifth Birthday
  • SourceForge, Inc. Changes its Name to Geeknet, Inc.
  • Sun/Oracle deal fail shows EU doesn't get open source

Why FOSS Matters to Me (But Maybe Not to You)

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OSS The Free Software Foundation is having a video contest on the subject "Why is free software important to you?" It's a timely topic, with Windows 7 just out and with the free software community's bickering so bitter as of late that common goals sometimes seem in danger of being forgotten.

MS pulls download tool over GPL violation accusation

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  • Microsoft pulls download tool over GPL violation accusation
  • SFLC tech director finds one new GPL violator every day

Riddle me this license, riddle me that.

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OSS The biggest difference between open source software and proprietary software, apart from being able to see the code, are the licenses governing their usage.

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