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Free Software is not only GNU

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OSS I don’t try to hide the fact that I think that FSF’s continuous stress over “GNU/Linux” is a huge ego stroke toward GNU that tries to deny that there is other Free Software beside GNU.

The post open-source world (already here?)

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  • The post open-source world (already here?)
  • Is the Desktop Becoming Legacy?

Can Professors Teach Open Source?

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OSS At, we think so, and we wrote a book to help. The following excerpt comes from the Foreword of our new textbook, Practical Open Source Software Exploration, which is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA-3.0. I

Proprietary Licenses Are Even Worse Than They Look

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OSS There are lots of evil things that proprietary software companies might do. Companies put their own profit above the rights and freedoms of their users, and to that end, much that can be done that subjugates users.

VC funding for OSS-related vendors in 2009

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OSS The latest report from the 451 Group’s CAOS (commercial adoption of open source) practice is now available, presenting an analysis of venture capital funding for open source software-related vendors in 2009.

IBM Denies Breaking Its Open Source Promise

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  • IBM Denies Breaking Its Open Source Promise
  • IBM patent claims show open source has arrived

IBM tears up open source patent pledge

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  • IBM tears up open source patent pledge, claims FOSS
  • IBM: Open Source's Friend? Not So Much Now
  • IBM uses pledged patents against open source mainframe emulator

Emacs & the birth of the GPL

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OSS For many the old aphorism that "Emacs is my operating system, and Linux its device driver" still holds true.

5 reasons to support Open Source Software

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  • 5 reasons why you must support the spread of OSS
  • Open Source: Computing for the masses
  • Weekly OSS Links #5

Open Innovation's Challenge: Letting Go Is Hard To Do

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OSS Open-source software provides an important example of how companies can leverage external sources of innovation. In practice, however, big high-tech companies often have a difficult time collaborating and sharing control.

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Knoppix Topics: An interview with Linux pioneer Klaus Knopper

At this year’s CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany, Christopher von Eitzen sat down with Linux legend Klaus Knopper to discuss his popular Knoppix Linux distribution as well as Linux and accessibility in open source software. Designed to boot and run directly from a CD, DVD or USB flash drive without needing to be installed on a computer’s hard drive, Knoppix incorporates automatic hardware detection with support for a wide range of video and sound cards, USB devices and other peripherals and uses and on-the-fly decompression to run entirely in a computer’s memory. The CD version carries up to 2GB of executable software, while the single-layer DVD edition stores up to 10GB of data. The operating system can be used, for example, as a rescue system, to demonstrate Linux, as an educational CD, or installed directly to a system. Read more

LibreOffice 4.4.3 RC2 Is Out, Stable Version Should Arrive Very Soon

The Document Foundation has just announced that the second RC (Release Candidate) for the LibreOffice 4.4.3 branch has been released and is now available for download and testing. Read more

New Ubuntu Touch OTA Update Planned for This Week

Ubuntu Touch is working great on the Bq Aquaris and Nexus 4 devices, especially after the previous update, and now the developers are focusing on a new OTA upgrade that should also bring some interesting fixes. Read more