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Bitcoins: A new way to donate to the FSF

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OSS Bitcoin is a virtual peer-to-peer currency, powered by free software, and we've received several requests over the last year to participate.

What is the motivation of Open Source Community?

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OSS But the question/fact that "why would skilled programmers, devote their time, effort and knowledge for an opensource project, where they might not get any reward interms of money?" So what are the motivations?

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About ODF 1.2

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OSS Some little known facts, all of them true, but only some of them amusing, and even then only just so, about ODF 1.2, recently approved as a Committee Specification by the OASIS ODF TC:

Turning Sharks into Minnows

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OSS I came across an interesting blog post at The Daily Flux titled “Why I still don’t contribute to open source.” The author lists several reasons as to why he is not an active contributor to open source projects:

Linux as Social Justice Symbol - I Think Not

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OSS Today I saw a comparison of Linux vs Microsoft to the establishment/capitalism/corporate American vs 60's hippies. Either this young writer is a product of the socialistic indoctrination running rabid throughout the world or he just has a profound lack of understanding of Open Source software.

The FTC weighs in on patent reform

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  • The FTC weighs in on patent reform
  • Does the DoJ Have FOSS' Back?
  • 1+1 (pat. pending) — Mathematics, Software and Free Speech
  • Linux Patent Winners and Losers

FOSS marketing is stupid

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OSS As Dion points out very valuable and thoughtful points about the presentation of KDE, also others both in KDE and on the outside use the term "marketing" self-evidently when they talk about presentational, distributional or promotional issues. Though using this buzz-term seems to attract some people to join the related groups and efforts it makes you look pretty dumb to outside people.

What Does Google Owe FOSS?

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OSS When a corporation like Google controls the release of open source code like Android, what responsibility, if any, does that company have to the greater FOSS community?

FOSS Trademarks are Probably OK

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OSS The protection that projects have from trademarks can often seem to be a weapon used to remove the freedom of hackers to change the source code and redistribute.

Open source programming tools on the rise

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OSS If the open source model has a sweet spot, it's in programming tools. Linus Torvalds's fabled "world domination" on the desktops of clerks or CEOs may never arrive, but it's already here on the computers of programmers everywhere. Even in the deepest corners of proprietary stacks, open source tools can be found, often dominating.

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Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 Beta 1 Is Out with Updated Software Center, Linux Kernel 4.1 LTS

As part of the release of Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) Beta 1 for opt-in flavors, the Ubuntu Kylin team had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability for download and testing of the first Beta build of the upcoming Ubuntu Kylin 15.10 distro. Read more Also: Kubuntu Wily Beta 1

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Croatian policy encourages open source adoption

Earlier this year, Croatian political party Sustainable Development of Croatia (ORaH) published a new policy that encourages the government to pursue open source solutions, addresses the dangers of vendor lock-in, and insists on open document standards. Best of all, they did it the open source way. Read more

Is Office 365 cheaper than OpenOffice and open source?

Indeed, Microsoft's marketing team published a press release recently saying Office 365 is about 80% cheaper compared to the open source office suite, OpenOffice - with the figures stemming from reports in Italy and the City Council of Pesaro. The Redmond giant claims that to roll out Open Office, Pesaro incurred a one off cost of about €300,000 and had lots of problems with document formatting. But equally how would you convince a public sector organisation to migrate to your cloud services instead of using 'expensive' open source software? The obvious way would be to present a case study from a similar organisation together with a well written report commissioned to an "independent" consultancy firm. At this point your future customer has all the data and justifications required to sign on the dotted line. And some journalists are now presenting this case as fact of Microsoft Office 365 being 80% more economical than open source alternatives. I would argue that this is an isolated case and the PR efforts by big technology vendors, like many other methods, are being used to trick private and public organisations into signing contracts based on data or claims that may be not completely true. Read more