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MPL 2.0, copyleft, and license compatibility

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OSS In part one of my Mozilla Public License piece, I mentioned license compatibility as a major feature of MPL 2.0. In fact, it's such a major - and complicated - issue that it warrants its own explanation.

Open Australasia government

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  • Open government policy developments in Australasia
  • NSA Extends Label-based Security to Big Data Stores
  • Swiss government unblocks open source court software release
  • Federal Court may share its DMS as open source, parliament says

What is the killer evolutionary force impacting open source?

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OSS Lots of French people speaking Anglais and putting up with 'les rosbifs' and other Euro nations for three whole days? That must be something special -- and of course it is, the fourth Open World Forum runs from Thursday 22 to Saturday 24 September 2011 in gay Paris.

In Defense of Negativity

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OSS I have often heard criticism of "negative campaigning" in the free software movement. "Negative" campaigns speak out against proprietary software as opposed to "positive" campaigns which instead speak of the benefits of software freedom.

Taking the risk out of open source

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  • Taking the risk out of open source
  • Government a closed shop for open source
  • Should Adobe Embrace Open Source?
  • Understanding open source technologies, the ethical way
  • GPLv3 is not enough to protect our constitutional communication rights
  • Software Freedom Day to be Celebrated September 17, 2011
  • Indian Government Takes the Open Source Route
  • Microsoft gave repressive Tunisia aid to stop open source

Justifying contributor agreements in open source

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OSS At the start of the summer, you may recall Project Harmony causing a certain amount of controversy on the subject of contributor agreements in open source communities.

We won and we didn't notice

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OSS On a recent visit back to the UK, lead Samba developer Jeremy Allison met up with Richard Hillesley. Here, Richard Allison's description of the history of his involvement with open source, Linux and Samba.

Mea maxima culpa

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larrythefreesoftwareguy.wordpress: My friend Amber Graner, an editor at Ubuntu User magazine, took Jim Zemlin out to the woodshed over the topic of yesterday’s blog item, saying yesterday in a Google+ post to me:

Open source: Driving change in the software industry

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OSS Open source software isn't free, but it usually is cheaper and more adaptable than proprietary software.

On burnout

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OSS Bruce Byfield has published an article on burnout in community projects, to which I was happy to contribute some thoughts. Overall I believe the thoughts people shared in that article, while not surprising or radical, can help people avoid putting themselves in a burnout situation.

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