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Surprised? Survey Suggests Oracle Bad for Open Source

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OSS Open source database vendor EnterpriseDB is taking the fight to database market leader Oracle via a survey showing that respondents generally don’t trust Oracle on prices, think Oracle is bad for Java and don’t really like Larry Ellison.

Managing Open Source vs. Proprietary Issues

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  • Managing Open Source vs. Proprietary Issues
  • Death, taxes and open source software certainties
  • thebigword Goes Open-Source as Lisa Shuts Down (PR)

Open Source Software is not Free

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jeffhoogland.blogspot: When you have been suggesting free open source software to people as longs as I have you are bound to run into at least a few people believe FOSS is only for "cheap" people. They accuse you of only using free software because it comes at no cost to you. Nothing is ever free.

It's the Free Software, stupid!

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OSS Heated discussions are going on in the KDE community in the aftermath of the announcement of Nokia's platform strategy change. Rationality often goes out of the window when people feel such a change goes against their personal values or beliefs.

Open source expert takes on the hardest job at Microsoft

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OSS A few months ago, Gianugo Rabellino traded his Linux and Mac PCs for a Windows 7 laptop, left the open source company he founded and moved to Redmond for a new job with Microsoft. His goal: improve Microsoft's credibility within open source circles.

Also: PHP user group lauds Microsoft's open source contributions

More than half of businesses have adopted 'some' open source

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OSS Of course we know that there are only lies, damn lies and statistics -- and it's worth remembering that fact before we consider looking at the broad brush claims made by a Gartner survey earlier this month, which "revealed" that more than half of organisations have adopted open source software as part of their IT strategy.

Legally open, socially closed

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Ubuntu Much has been said lately about the revenue sharing decision made by Canonical in regards to the Banshee music store sales. What I haven’t seen discussed, and what I would like to bring up, is this often cited but never quite defined notion of the moral or ethical restrictions on the use of FLOSS.

Dru Lavigne: Confessions of a community manager

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OSS Dru Lavigne has been contributing to BSD since late 90s and is now the community manager for PC-BSD. At SCALE9x, which continues in LA through this weekend, she spoke about being a community manager and how to decide whether your project is ready to have one.

Portland software developers ratchet up their open source ambitions

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OSS Puppet Labs CEO Luke Kanies hopes to demonstrate the commercial potential of the open source project he created. But he's still unsure whether Portland's foray into open source will pay off for the city.

Government excludes open source

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  • Government IT suppliers claim procurement system excludes open source
  • Cabinet Office pushes suppliers on open source
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