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Open Source Lights Up Darkest Africa

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OSS While low cost computers, networking hardware and software are helping these countries develop the computer infrastructure they need those are only part of the answer. To really establish a sustainable infrastructure a lot of these countries, who may have been under colonial rule for decades, also need training in entrepreneurship and capacity building.

Contribute your expertise to an open source textbook

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OSS A project that intends to produce a textbook for instructors who want to teach open source software development processes is asking for contributions.

Do open-source projects need strong leaders?

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blogs.computerworld: GNOME, the popular Linux desktop interface, took a hit today. Its popular leader Stormy Peters left GNOME for Mozilla to work on the open Web. This got me thinking. How important our "leaders" to open-source projects?

Oracle’s War on Open Source

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  • Oracle’s War on Open Source Is the Tip of a Bigger Management Problem
  • Community Rights and Community Wrongs

Open vs closed source software

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  • Open vs closed source software: The quest for balance
  • Case Studies In Corporate Open Source
  • Who Really Pays for Open Source Software?
  • Open innovation vs open source innovation
  • Atlanta conference puts spotlight on ‘open source’
  • Report: Open Source Developers a Bunch of Moochers?
  • Drupal Founder on Why Open Source is Good for Business
  • Are You in Compliance with Open Source?

Open Source License Used Widely In App Store Apps

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OSS According to a study from OpenLogic, a software services vendor, licensing for open source are used widely in app store apps for mobiles.

What Developers Think

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OSS Why do you need to know what companies' developers are up to, including what tools they're using? Developers are the early adopters, and the decisions they make can have a big impact on a business' IT capabilities and strategies for years to come.

How Open Source Can Help Real People

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OSS The success of open source is undeniable. Just about any website you visit today is running on some kind of open source software. Can open source developers create software that directly benefit people, instead of wait for either implementers or the likes of Apple, Google, not to mention Microsoft and Oracle, to do it with our code?

Why consolidation will boost use of open-source systems

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OSS After months of planning, the federal government's data center consolidation initiative should ramp up in January. Through the next year, that effort also could have an interesting ripple effect: a spike in the use of open-source systems. Here's why.

Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Awards 2010

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OSS The votes are in! Read on to find out how your favorites fared in this year's awards.

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Carrier adds Arduino and MCU hooks to Zynq ARM/FPGA COM

Avnet released a carrier board for its Linux-driven, FPGA-enabled MicroZed COMs featuring an Arduino shield interface and hooks to an optional MCU board. The MicroZed Carrier Card Kit for Arduino extends Avnet’s SBC-like MicroZed computer-on-module with Arduino and MCU expansion. The $89 kit is designed for Internet of Things applications such as industrial control, remote sensing, and embedded vision. Read more

The road to LibreOffice 5.0

LibreOffice 5.0 will be announced next Wednesday – August 5, 2015 – at noon UTC. It is our tenth major release, and the first of the third stage of LibreOffice development. To show the impressive amount of new features added to LibreOffice since version 3.3, released in January 2011, we have compiled a summary of all previous announcements. Read more

Ubuntu Touch Finally Gets a Regression Fix for Nexus 4 and Aquaris Phones

Canonical has recently released a new OTA update for Ubuntu Touch and it brought a large number of new features and improvements, but also a nasty regression that caused the telephony function to fail on BQ phones and Nexus 4. That fix has finally landed. Read more

OpenDaylight dawn: Open-source software defined networking goes into production

OpenDaylight, the open-source, software-defined network, is moving from the lab into full-scale production. Read more