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5 open source programs for the automated teen's toolbox

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My first open source project was GIMP. In second grade, I made a cover for a small book I wrote. My dad taught me how to deal with layers so that I ended up looking like I was hugging a fictional character (Fancy Nancy!). As far as the first open source project for other kids, I would suggest OpenShot [video editor]. It was my brother's first open source program, too. It's so simple to use, but complex enough so that kids can get a head start into a more advanced field—video editing.

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Leftovers: OSS

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Linux and FOSS Events

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NGINX Plus Release 9 (R9)

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  • Plug it in: Nginx Web Server now accepts more modules

    Nginx is making its commercially supported enterprise Web server more extensible, providing interoperability for add-on modules that have previously been used only with the open source version of the server.

    Nginx Plus R9, debuting today, uses the new Dynamic Modules feature to work with more than 100 modules for capabilities like Web security, authentication, and integrating third-party languages. Nginx will host a repository and support the modules, ensuring they have been properly compiled and tested, Owen Garrett, Nginx head of product, said.

  • NGINX launches NGINX Plus Release 9

    NGINX, Inc., the engine delivering sites and applications for the modern web, today announced the availability of NGINX Plus Release 9 (R9), the latest release of its application delivery platform. Today’s updates provide significant new features for NGINX’s innovative community of users, including the ability to dynamically install rich extensions to NGINX Plus, the inclusion of commercially-supported UDP load balancing, and new, more flexible pricing and support options.

OpenStack and Hadoop

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Robust New FreeOffice Suite Proves Free Can Be Just as Good

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FreeOffice is one of the best-performing Microsoft Word replacement suites for Linux. It is also a great replacement for Microsoft Windows run under WINE.

FreeOffice's design makes it a near twin to SoftMaker Office 2016. The differences are minor. If you have a compelling need for a pay-only option, then download the 30-day free trial edition to verify that you really do prefer the Office 2016 version.

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Leftovers: OSS

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  • Chatty Puppets on Atlassian HipChat

    HipChat is a team communications platform that provides 'persistent' one-on-one chat, group chat, video chat, file sharing and integrations.

  • Open Source Audio Video Apps: 36 Top Apps

    In the media-saturated world we live in, having an array of top-notch audio-video tools really comes in handy. Trim a file, edit a video, maximize your audio – we all need to feed our social media streams, and companies always need audio-video content to best communicate with users.

    This list of audio video apps is potentially a major cost saver. The following open source apps replace expensive commercial AV apps, often with very similar functionality.

    If you have addition AV apps you’d like to recommend, please use the Comments section below. Happy downloading!

  • Using behavioral patterns to build awesome communities

    Human beings are complicated animals. We are packed with ambitions, fears, desires, anxieties, and other nuggets of the human condition. Of course, the extent and manifestation of these different elements varies from person to person, across cultures, and in different environments.

    This makes building human systems—such as communities or companies—complicated. To some (typically bureaucrats), it can be tempting to ignore what makes us human and instead create seemingly logical processes, despite the processes not matching our human attributes well, and then convince people to use them. If you want to build engaging communities, don't try to model people in spreadsheets; rarely does it work well.

  • Is your open team fully awesome, or too cool for school?
  • firefox vs rthreads

    Firefox is too slow. OpenBSD is too slow. The combination is too too slow. This situation was known for some time, but resolution was also slow for quite some reasons.

    Many Firefox on OpenBSD users, particularly developers, only use OpenBSD so the extent of the performance gap between platforms went unnoticed. Web browsing would grow ever slower, but the only page that matters would continue to load as quickly as ever, once the slumbering lizard had awoken. Clearly the reason it takes me thirty seconds to view a single tweet was idiot kids and their infernal javascript frameworks.

  • Linux Top 3: CoreOS 1010.1.0, FreeBSD and PC-BSD 10.3

    Yes of course, we *know* that FreeBSD isn't Linux, but aside from using a different kernel (a big aside of course), there are a lot of common areas between modern BSD and Linux.

  • Recapping The New Features Of GCC 6: OpenMP 4.5, HSA, C++14, AMD Zen & More

    GNU --
    As GCC 6 should be officially released soon, here's a quick overview of the improvements and new features for this yearly free software compiler update.

  • Urgent - Help until 10 April to influence how 750 millions will be spent

    We were notified of a very interesting consultation by the European Commission. The European Commission is about to allocate 750 million Euro over the next years on the "future internet", but the really important subjects (like: everything we learned from Edward Snowden) are not on their radar - yet.

    However, if we bundle our efforts that is something that is definitely within reach. At the moment we are told there are only a couple of dozens of submissions from mostly the usual suspects, so your response would (at least on paper) count for influencing a few million Euro of this budget. It really makes a difference if you submit something, even if it is really short.

  • A French paperback edition of the book Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig is now available

    I'm happy to report that the French paperback edition of my project to translate the Free Culture book by Lawrence Lessig is now available for sale on Once I have formally verified my proof reading copy, which should be in the mail, the paperback edition should be available in book stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble too.

    This French edition, Culture Libre, is the work of the dblatex developer Benoît Guillon, who created the PO file from the initial translation available from the Wikilivres wiki pages and completed and corrected the translation to match the original docbook edition my project is using, as well as coordinated the proof reading of the final result. I believe the end result look great, but I am biased and do not read French. In addition to the paperback edition, the book is available in PDF, EPUB and Mobi format from the github project page linked to above.

  • Open Government integral part of Smart Cities

    Open Government initiatives should be an integral part of Smart Sustainable Cities. They ensure access to government data, stimulate citizen participation, and facilitate innovation. This is one of the recommendations made in the 'Smart Sustainable Cities — Reconnaissance Study' published last month by the Operating Unit on Policy-Driven Electronic Governance at United Nations University (UNU-EGOV).

  • Updated Austrian Manual for Data Managers available

    Last month, Austria published an updated 'Handbuch für Dateneinsteller' (Manual for Data Managers). It provides the country's public administration with all the information needed by agencies to get started using the national Open Government Data portal

    The manual explains the OGD Austria initiative, the open data principles, the why, how, and by whom of publishing open data, followed by all the legal, procedural, organisational and technical details.

    The 'Handbuch für Dateneinsteller' is written in German and is freely available from the OGD Austria website.

  • pypy: suprisingly good

    That's better than I expected for the JIT technology.

Storming the government castle

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Open source software seems like a perfect fit for government IT projects. Developers can take advantage of existing code bases and, it's hoped, mold that code to their needs quickly and at less cost than developing code from scratch. Over the last few years, governments in the U.S. and abroad have been more closely embracing open source. However, agencies at all levels of U.S. government are still wary of open source and can be reluctant to adopt it. It's still not easy for government projects to use open source or for developers employed in the public sector to contribute their work to open source project.

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MPV 0.17.0 Open-Source Video Player Adds a Direct3D11 Video Acceleration Decoder

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The developers behind the MPlayer-based MPV open-source video player software have announced today, April 11, 2016, the release of the MPV 0.17.0 update for all supported platforms.

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Linux Kernel 4.15 Reached End of Life, Users Urged to Move to Linux 4.16 Now

After a very busy cycle due to the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities, which were publicly disclosed earlier this year and later discovered to put billions of devices using modern processors at risk of attacks, the Linux 4.15 kernel series was released at the of January heavily redesign against two critical hardware bugs. Now, nearly three months and only eighteen maintenance updates later, the Linux 4.15 kernel series reached end of life and it will no longer receive support. As such, all those using a kernel from the Linux 4.15 branch on their GNU/Linux distributions are urged to upgrade to the latest Linux 4.16 kernel series as soon as possible. Read more

LibreOffice 6.1 Lands Mid August 2018, First Bug Hunting Session Starts April 27

Work on the next big release of the widely-used open-source and cross-platform office suite for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems, LibreOffice 6.1, has already begun this week with a focus on revamping the online experience and improving the Writer and Calc components. A first bug hunting session was scheduled for the end of next week, on April 27, 2018, when developers will hack on the first alpha milestone of LibreOffice 6.1, which should be available to download for all supported platforms a few days before the event. During the bug hunting session, devs will try to fix as many bugs as possible. Read more

This Chart Shows How The Radeon RX 580 vs. GeForce GTX 1060 Now Compete Under Linux

It was just last year that open-source RadeonSI/RADV developers were trying to get the Radeon RX 580 "Polaris" GPU to be competitive with the GeForce GTX 1060 as it is under Windows given each GPU's capabilities. We've seen the RX 580 and GTX 1060 dancing under Linux the past few months and yesterday's 20-way GPU comparison with Rise of the Tomb Raider was quite significant -- perhaps most surprising being how well the RX 580 performed. Heck, just one or two years ago it was an accomplishment seeing any official Radeon driver support at-launch for new Linux game releases. So here are some extensive tests looking closer at the GTX 1060 vs. RX 580 battle in this latest Vulkan-powered Linux game port. Read more

Linux 4.9.95

I'm announcing the release of the 4.9.95 kernel. All users of the 4.9 kernel series must upgrade. The updated 4.9.y git tree can be found at: git:// linux-4.9.y and can be browsed at the normal git web browser: Read more