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Leftovers: OSS

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  • Open Source at SanDisk

    More than ever, traditional companies are embracing open source and find that it can get out of control if they don’t have a coordinated plan to manage it. And what do I mean by a traditional company? Companies that are pre-open source (or born before 1995). Also companies that are not in the hardware or software product space, but more in the services space – financial, telecom, healthcare etc.

  • SysArmy Joins OSI Affiliate Member Program

    New affiliate membership highlights diverse communities of interest supporting open source software beyond programmers.

    The Open Source Initiative (OSI), the steward of the Open Source Definition (or OSD), is announcing the affiliate membership of SysArmy. SysArmy, a community of system administrators and IT professionals from Argentina, was founded to provide, "support for those who give support."

  • Open source will revolutionise the enterprise storage market

    Mobility, social media, the Internet of Things, Big Data and the cloud have caused data volumes to reach new heights. Businesses already have too much data to cope with, and it’s unlikely that the growth of ‘Big Data’ will slow down any time soon. Analyst firm IDC has said that the amount of data in the world doubles every two years, and that by 2020 there will be 44 trillion gigabytes of data stored. This data presents massive opportunities for businesses and IDC has also predicted that those organisations that analyse all relevant data and deliver actionable intelligence will see an additional $430bn (£300bn) in productivity gains by 2020 than those that don’t.

High-Availability Allows Business Continuity, Says Dietmar Maurer, Proxmox CTO

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Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH -- based in Vienna, Austria -- offers enterprise server virtualization solutions, including the open source project Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE), which combines container-based virtualization and KVM/QEMU on one web-based management interface. The company was founded in 2005 by brothers Martin and Dietmar Maurer. In 2014, the company joined the Linux Foundation to deepen its commitment to virtualization technologies such as KVM.

In this exclusive interview, Dietmar Maurer, CTO of Proxmox, talks about how virtualization is driving the modern IT infrastructure and how high availability (HA) directly affects business operations.

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Leftovers: OSS and Sharing

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  • OnePlus 3 Camera Samples Released; Smartphone Leaked in Numerous Images

    There is little left to the imagination when it comes to the OnePlus 3. The smartphone has been subjected to numerous leaks ahead of its June 14 unveil, and now, we get treated with camera samples, and some leaked pricing details.

    After releasing camera samples a few days ago, OnePlus has released more images to show what the OnePlus 3 camera can do. The four images are stunning; capturing movement, depth of field, and colours adeptly.


    The company in the meanwhile has also released the kernel and device tree of OxygenOS to the community for further development.

  • No Oxygen Open Source — Personal Apology Regarding Misreporting

    Yesterday, we pushed out an article where we claimed that OnePlus had open sourced OxygenOS. The basis of our claim was the recent activity on OnePlus’s github. Based on the information that we had on hand at that exact moment, and a precursory look at the code that indicated a lot of code pulled over from CAF, we wrongly concluded that OnePlus had open sourced part of OxygenOS.

    What happened in fact was that OnePlus released the device tree and some HALs for the OnePlus 2. This is still big news by itself, as it will be of great use for 3rd party development efforts on the OnePlus 2. However, it is not in any way related to OnePlus open sourcing their OS.

  • New Course from The Linux Foundation and Open Daylight Project Focuses on SDN
  • Bruce Byfield Talks ‘Designing With LibreOffice’

    Byfield’s thoughtful book on design using LibreOffice can help improve the quality of both online and print material you create with LibreOffice — or even with its progenitor, OpenOffice.

  • open source modular design: the business benefits

    Open source hardware, as defined by the Open source Hardware Association, lowers the barriers to innovation by making reuse and redesign explicitly allowed from day one, without needing to involve a lawyer. You are explicitly allowed to make money from it. That’s expected and encouraged. Open source hardware has one very interesting difference from software. Nobody seriously expects hardware to be free, so the business model for open source hardware is the same as proprietary. People pay for objects.

  • Open access: All human knowledge is there—so why can’t everybody access it?

    He went some way to achieving that goal of providing general access to human knowledge. In 1856, after 20 years of labour as Keeper of Printed Books, he had helped boost the British Museum's collection to over half a million books, making it the largest library in the world at the time. But there was a serious problem: to enjoy the benefits of those volumes, visitors needed to go to the British Museum in London.

    Imagine, for a moment, if it were possible to provide access not just to those books, but to all knowledge for everyone, everywhere—the ultimate realisation of Panizzi's dream. In fact, we don't have to imagine: it is possible today, thanks to the combined technologies of digital texts and the Internet. The former means that we can make as many copies of a work as we want, for vanishingly small cost; the latter provides a way to provide those copies to anyone with an Internet connection. The global rise of low-cost smartphones means that group will soon include even the poorest members of society in every country.


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Imagination’s new router chips could save open source firmware from FCC rules

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A company that designs MIPS processors for networking hardware says it is developing technology that would allow installation of open source firmware on wireless routers while still complying with the US Federal Communications Commission's latest anti-interference rules.

The FCC now requires router makers to prevent third-party firmware from changing radio frequency parameters in ways that could cause interference with other devices, such as FAA Doppler weather radar systems.

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Also: Small footprint open source hypervisor makes highly efficient use of hardware virtualization technology in Imagination’s MIPS CPUs

Linux and FOSS Events

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  • Software Freedom Conservancy’s Karen Sandler On FOSS and the IoT

    A fascinating interview conducted by Jenn Webb at this year’s OSCON with Karen Sandler, open source evangelist and executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy, was uploaded to YouTube this week. These thoughts of hers really hit home — “We’re only as safe as our weakest leak…. With the Internet of Things, all the software that seems not-so-critical is becoming critical — because everything talks to each other and interacts with each other. And so free and open source software has never been so important.”

  • Down the Right Corridor: Dynatrace Jump-Starts Cloud Foundry Unit Testing

    During the Cloud Foundry Summit last month, applications performance management services provider Dynatrace announced a partnership with Pivotal, Cloud Foundry’s steward. The object? Open the floodgates for performance metrics from the PaaS platform.

  • Online course targets open source SDN development

    The Linux Foundation, the body promoting the open source software ecosystem, has introduced a new online training course for engineers who want to move into networking, with the skills necessary to manage a software-defined network (SDN) deployment.

  • BBQ and forking

    Last night we had our first Nextcloud BBQ!

Mozilla launches Secure Open Source (SOS) Fund

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Open source software is ideal for security. Its transparency allows code to be publicly reviewed and audited. This not only helps to detect bugs and vulnerabilities, but intentional backdoors too. In contrast, closed source software can be a mystery to users -- who knows what is lurking in your favorite such programs?

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Open source data logger board is Arduino compatible

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The $60 Arduino-compatible “Mayfly Data Logger” board has 128KB flash, offers Grove module and XBee wireless expansion, and targets environmental apps., an open source spinoff of the Stroud Water Research Center in Pennsylvania, announced the EnviroDIY Mayfly Logger in December, and began selling it on Amazon in mid-May, as reported in this Adafruit blog entry from May 31. Although primarily designed for environmental monitoring — especially for the “citizen science” community water quality monitoring projects encouraged by Stroud and EnviroDIY — the Mayfly Data Logger can be used for any sensor-driven data logging, especially when remote operation is necessary.

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Leftovers: OSS

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  • Fiorano ESB Goes Open Source

    The Fiorano Open Source ESB is available at:

  • Tokyo – Automotive Linux Summit

    AGL.automotiveITThe Linux Foundation, which promotes the general adoption of the open-source operating system, will host the Automotive Linux Summit in Tokyo July 13-14.

    The conference will bring together a range of automotive engineers, Linux experts, business executives and open-source licensing and compliance specialists.

  • ODPi: Test Less, Build More Applications With Hadoop

    According to Alan Gates, co-founder of Hortonworks and ODPi member, that’s the issue the Open Data Platform initiative (ODPi) is here to solve: create a single test specification that works across all Hadoop distributions so developers can get back to creating innovative applications and end users can get back to making money, or curing cancer, or sending people into space.

  • Databricks Community Edition Out for Everyone Now, Includes Spark Training

    Earlier this year, Databricks came out with the beta release of Databricks Community Edition, a free version of its cloud-based Spark platform. Since then, Spark has been commanding everyone's attention, and now Databricks, which is the company founded by the team that created Apache Spark, has announced the General Availability of Databricks Community Edition (DCE), a free version of the just-in-time data platform built on top of Apache Spark, at Spark Summit 2016.

  • IBM and Other Tech Titans Raise Commitments to Apache Spark
  • Midokura raises $20M Series B round for its network virtualization platform

    Network virtualization specialist Midokura today announced it has raised a $20 million Series B round with participation from Japanese fintech company Simplex and existing investors like Allen Miner and the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan. With this round, Midokura’s total funding has now hit $44 million.

  • Professor, publisher clash over stance on open-source education

    In a growing climate of "publish or perish" for university faculty members, forfeiting a publishing opportunity is a unique and strong stance in any discipline. Add that to the recent news of shrinking opportunities for faculty positions in liberal arts disciplines, and Jhangiani's position seems even bolder.

  • FarmBot Open Source CNC Farming Robot (video)

    If like me you are lacking green fingers but would like to be able to grow your own vegetables you may be interested in a new open source CNC farming robot that has been created using Arduino hardware and awesome programming, called FarmBot.

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AMDGPU-PRO Driver 16.30 Officially Released with Support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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