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How to customise your Linux desktop: Gnome 3

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I want to wrap up this post by returning to what I said at the beginning about the Gnome Shell. What I have presented in this post are ways to configure and customize the Gnome Shell - but because of the modular way in which Gnome 3 is designed, it is also possible to replace the Gnome Shell entirely with something else which presents a completely different desktop and has completely different configuration and customization possibilities. In fact, that is what both Cinnamon and MATE do, and I will be discussing them in the next couple of posts.

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How to customize your Linux desktop: KDE

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There are at least eight other options for presentation style -- take a look and try them out for yourself. While you are in the Desktop Setting utility (also known as System Settings), look at some of the other appearance and behavior options there. This is where you can really get into some low-level details of customization and configuration.

I apologize for this going on so long, and I promise to try to make the next post, about Gnome 3, somewhat shorter. But I might fail.

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How To Fix Time Difference Between Ubuntu And Windows

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fix time difference between ubuntu and windows

Recently LinuxAndUbuntu reader raised an issue that he was having with his dual boot. When he restarts from Ubuntu to Windows, the time in Windows changes. Here is why it happens and how you can fix it easily from Ubuntu.
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