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today's odds & ends:

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# Third beta of KDE PIM Suite uses Akonadi
# Using the HAVP anti-virus proxy to protect from web attacks
# Backports now an official Debian repository
# Install Compiz Anaglyph Plugin-real 3D screen/window in Ubuntu
# Is Microsoft Funding Anti-Google Investigation?
# Screen capture tour of Mandriva 2010 Spring installation
# Installing #Cherokee on #CentOS 5.5
# FOX Desktop and some graphical apps
# Get to know Linux: Using grep
# Wget: Manage network Bandwidth rate and Quota using Wget
# OpenMEEG: opensource software for quasistatic bioelectromagnetics
# Install Compiz Fusion And Extra Effects Ubuntu 10.10
# Fair, Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory...Ain't
# Linux and Breakfast Cereals
# Use SuperOS Repos in Ubuntu
# How to block Messengers using squid
# Open source projects under microscope
# 2 monitor radeon xorg.conf
# Open Innovation Awards 2010: List of Finalists
# Converseen- A mass images converter

today's leftovers & howtos:

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  • GIMP howto: Attack of the Clones!
  • Install/Run Turbo C/C++ IDE on Linux
  • Going Linux Sep 05: #113 - Listener Feedback
  • Add desktop icons to KDE and GNOME
  • GNOME Activity Journal gets major performance improvements
  • Linux Beginners Q&A | LAS! s13e06
  • Stripes – KDE be free, freeBSD
  • GUI Program to install ath9k_htc (Atheros Linux Driver)
  • Cardapio - A lean application menu and launcher for Gnome
  • Screenshots from 120Mhz
  • Anamnesis - A New Linux Clipboard Manager With Full-Text Search
  • Fedora Systemd Test Day on Tuesday 2010/09/07

today's howtos & leftovers:

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  • Linux Tip: How to instantly spell suggestions?
  • Nightingale - Songbird Fork Soon Going to Have First Release
  • How to turn Ubuntu into a Gaming platform?
  • Hidden Linux: Moving /home
  • Strategy Sucks (openSUSE)
  • Some notes on Flash in Debian and Debian Edu
  • The BSD Show! – 2010-09-01
  • Linux Containers and Networking
  • Compiz Vignetted dim
  • How to Edit the Context Menu in Firefox
  • Summary of Less command
  • Custom hardware modeling with QEMU (ELC 2010)
  • How to install Web Developer Tools in Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu: Restore the Keyboard Command for Killing the X Server
  • Speeding Up Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Performance

some howtos:

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  • Blender 3D 2.9: Working with Textures
  • CentOS: Change that hostname
  • Linux Tip: How to check your aliases?
  • Improve speed of your Linux by using preload
  • GnuPG : A wonderful security tool
  • Installing KDE wallpaper add-ons in Kubuntu

some howtos:

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  • UUID on Linux fstab file
  • /dev/xdx does not have any corresponding BIOS drive
  • How to Rip Audio CD in Linux
  • How to fix your Debian file system with fsck
  • VAG-COM (USB) using Wine on Linux
  • How to clear the cache from memory
  • setup Multiple simultaneous keyboards with unique layouts
  • Install Mac OS X boot-up splash screen theme in Ubuntu 10.04
  • How to set CPU affinity for a process in FreeBSD
  • Monitor bandwidth consumption per process - NetHogs
  • Share a single file to any device with browser
  • Xsel, access X selection from command line
  • Say Goodbye to Repetitive Typing on Linux with Autokey

Block crackers with 3 locks to your SSH door

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Learn 3 ways of hardening SSH access to your system to block would-be crackers

some howtos:

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  • Restore, Recover Deleted Ubuntu Top Panel
  • Use Ubuntu/GNOME Desktop as Alarm Clock
  • install PC-BSD on an encrypted ZFS file system
  • Install hardware sensors for awn applets
  • Find the model and serial number of a Linux server
  • Use Squid Proxy Cache Server To Control Internet Access
  • Newsbeuter, Mutt and Google
  • Dual Boot openSUSE USB Stick Installer
  • solve the PHP XCache error: /dev/zero: No space left on device
  • 5 Ways to make Wine apps feel Native in Ubuntu
  • Tech tip #7: Browse Amarok’s embedded MySQL database
  • How to fix AVR-SIZE on Ubuntu 10.04
  • Rename a file based on inode
  • Best Practices with sudo
  • How to Install Apps With Ubuntu Software Center
  • Unix How-To: Checking Responses with ckyorn

Eight Linux Tech Tips for Beginners

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jeffhoogland.blogspot: If you are someone who is diving into Linux for the first time it can be a somewhat daunting task learning all the ins and outs of the operating system. The following will help.

How to Use KDE Plasma Activities

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HowTos The concept of activities is a new feature introduced with KDE 4. In the old desktop model of KDE 3, the desktop was a program called “kdesktop”, which gave users the ability to have a number of virtual desktops.

some howtos:

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  • Running Windows Music & Sound Applications Under Wine 1.2
  • Ubuntu 10.04 fix for USB Drive not mounting on pc with Floppy Drive
  • Juniper NSM Tip: starting and stopping
  • relocate device logs on juniper NSM server
  • Drive and partition backups with dd
  • Project management the open source way
  • ftpfs in gentoo (curlftpfs)
  • Measuring and monitoring system performances through sysstat
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More in Tux Machines

FoundationDB Source Code Shared

​Learn to use GitHub, ​GitHub Releases Atom 1.26

  • ​Learn to use GitHub with GitHub Learning Lab
    The most popular open-source development site in the world is GitHub. It's used by tens of millions of developers to work on over 80 million projects. It's not just a site where people use Linus Torvalds' Git open-source distributed version control system. It's also an online home for collaboration, a sandbox for testing, a launchpad for deployment, and a platform for learning new skills. The GitHub Training Team has now released an app, GitHub Learning Lab, so you can join the programming party. GitHub Learning Lab is not a tutorial or webcast. It's an app that gives you a hands-on learning experience within GitHub. According to GitHub, "Our friendly bot will take you through a series of practical, fun labs that will give you the skills you need in no time--and share helpful feedback along the way."
  • Atom 1.26
    Atom 1.26 has been released on our stable channel and includes GitHub package improvements, fuzzy-finder support for Teletype and file system watcher improvements.
  • Atom Hackable Text Editor Gets GitHub Package, Filesystem Watcher Improvements
    GitHub announced the release of the Atom 1.26 open-source and cross-platform hackable text editor for Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms with more improvements and bug fixes. In Atom 1.26, the GitHub package received various improvements and new features, among which we can mention the ability of the ’s Git pane to display a read-only list of recent commits for quick reference, and support for storing your GitHub username and password credentials in the Git authentication dialog.

Games Leftovers

Linux and Linux Foundation

  • V3D DRM Driver Steps Towards Mainline Kernel, Renamed From VC5
    The Broadcom VC5 driver stack is being renamed to V3D and developer Eric Anholt is looking at merging it into the mainline Linux kernel. The VC5 DRM/KMS and Mesa code has been for supporting the next-generation Broadcom VideoCore 5 graphics hardware that's only now beginning to appear in some devices, well, it seems one device so far. Though as I pointed out a few months back, there's already "VC6" activity going on too as the apparent successor to VC5 already being in development.
  • Azure Sphere Makes Microsoft an Arm Linux Player for IoT [Ed: Microsoft marketing at LF (only runs on/with Windows and Visual Studio etc.)]
  • Keynotes Announced for Automotive Linux Summit & OS Summit Japan [Ed: "Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft" in there; LF has once again let Microsoft infiltrate Linux events; in the words of Microsoft’s chief evangelist, “I’ve killed at least two Mac conferences. […] by injecting Microsoft content into the conference, the conference got shut down. The guy who ran it said, why am I doing this?”]
    Automotive Linux Summit connects those driving innovation in automotive Linux from the developer community with the vendors and users providing and using the code, in order to propel the future of embedded devices in the automotive arena.