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  • How to Install the Latest OpenShot Release on Ubuntu
  • Vulnerability scanning of Docker images on OpenPOWER systems
  • The Tiny Internet Project, Part III

    In a previous article, I introduced the Tiny Internet Project, a self-contained Linux project that shows you how to build key pieces of the internet on a single computer using virtualization software, a router and free open-source applications. In the second installment, I explained how to set up the host server using Proxmox and build a first basic Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine. In this third installment, you'll learn how to set up an Ubuntu mirror, a DNS server, a mail server and a web server.

    As you finished with Part II, you hopefully had just booted a raw Ubuntu 14.04 server VM. Now, I'll describe how to customize that VM with some user accounts and software, keeping it fairly generic, but ready to become a template for most everything else you'll build.

    Initially, you'll do all your work from the Proxmox web interface on your Proxmox server:

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