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Desktop Linux 101: Reinstall Your Favorite Apps With This Easy Automated Solution

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My job – and sheer curiosity – compels me to distro hop a lot. You know, endlessly trying out new desktop Linux distributions to see what’s new and shiny, and learn stuff along the way. But I found myself repeatedly installing the same set of software after each “nuke and pave.” Along the way I discovered a solution that saves bunch of time: writing a simple bash script!

Basically it’s a text file that contains a series of commands that you can run as a program. It’s a great way to automate things that would otherwise get pretty tedious.

In my case, I have a ton of staple software I like to have (like Audacity, Kdenlive, Spotify, Discord, Telegram, Steam, OBS Studio) no matter what PC or Linux distribution I’m using. Sure, I could go to the software store and install them one by one, or batch install them in a Terminal windows, but let’s streamline the process!

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Getting Started With ZFS Filesystem on Ubuntu 19.10

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Ubuntu 19.10 gives the ability to install use ZFS on root. What is ZFS filesystem and how to use it? This tutorial answers your questions.
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