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Android Leftovers

Extending no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux to open source organizations

Today, we’re announcing a new, no-cost program tailored for the needs and requirements of projects, foundations and more: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for Open Source Infrastructure. Joining a growing set of no-cost and low-cost programs, RHEL for Open Source Infrastructure provides a simpler, clearer and documented process for projects, communities, standards bodies and other not-for-profit software groups engaged with open source to gain access to RHEL subscriptions. While we plan to continue to refine this latest program, we wanted to outline what is available now for interested parties. Read more Also: Red Hat Announces Free "RHEL For Open-Source Infrastructure"

Xubuntu 21.04 Progress Update

Today, February 25, 2021 marks Feature Freeze for the Ubuntu 21.04 release schedule. At this point, we stop introducing new features and packages and start to focus on testing and bug fixes. Feature Freeze also marks Debian Import Freeze, which means that packages we have in common with Debian will no longer automatically sync to Xubuntu for the rest of the cycle. This makes it a great time to update you on the goings-on in Xubuntu 21.04. So far, we have a pretty impressive list of changes, both technical and user-facing. Read more

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