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NVIDIA 435.27.06 Vulkan Linux Driver

  • NVIDIA 435.27.06 Vulkan Linux Driver Has Useful Display Improvements

    Released on Wednesday was the NVIDIA 435.27.06 Linux driver as their newest beta build focused on offering better Vulkan driver support. While the NVIDIA 435.27.06 driver doesn't offer any new Vulkan extensions or landmark new features, it does offer some practical improvements. Catching our eye in particular is the better fullscreen exclusive support handling for non-primary monitors and better G-SYNC support for borderless windows. The other fixes are also quite useful too.

  • NVIDIA 435.27.06 Vulkan Beta driver is out

    If you like to live on the wild side, NVIDIA yesterday released a brand new update to their Vulkan Beta driver series with version 435.27.06.

Games: Wildermyth, Aeolis Tournament, Crusader Kings 3

  • Papercraft inspired tactical RPG Wildermyth enters Early Access plus initial thoughts

    With a visual style inspired by papercraft, story telling like Dungeons & Dragons and XCOM-like combat options the new tactical RPG Wildermyth is out in Early Access on Steam. Note: Key provided by the developer. A character-driven, procedurally generated RPG where each play-through will give you new characters and events. With a story told through comic-styled ripped-up paper scraps, giving you a sort-of choose your own adventure choice style it certainly gives a great first impression.

  • Chaotic 8-player party game Aeolis Tournament announced with local and online play

    Canadian developer Beyond Fun Studio has announced Aeolis Tournament, a new 3D 8-player party game that will be coming to Linux in April next year. This is the first time they've officially announced it, however they've shown it off at various conventions like the Tokyo Game Show, MEGA-MIGS, DreamHack Montreal and Comiccon Montreal. They also won the Best Game award at both the 2019 Catapulte program and 2018 Pixel Challenge in Quebec City so they must be onto something good here.

  • Paradox explain their vision for Crusader Kings 3, along with a new dev diary on War

    Crusader Kings 3 is going to be a big game, of that I've no doubt. Everything Paradox has said about it so far has me exceptionally excited, especially with their bigger focus on accessibility for more players. As a reminder, it's already confirmed to be coming to Linux when it launches next year. They're now doing regular development diary posts to go over some of the game mechanics, giving us an early look at what to expect from from this upcoming grand strategy game. Just recently Paradox put out a new video with the Game Director of Crusader Kings 3, Henrik Fåhraeus, who goes over their vision.

Audiocasts/Shows: Choose Linux, BSD Now and The Linux Link Tech Show (TLLTS)

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