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Calligra Plan version 3.2.2 released

We are pleased to announce the relase of Calligra Plan 3.2.2. Read more

Games: Last Epoch, GemRB, Bloody Rally Show, Pixelorama

  • Action RPG 'Last Epoch' full release delayed until Q4 2020

    Eleventh Hour Games have decided to slow down their roadmap, take a little more time and get it right with Last Epoch now moving to a full release being in Q4 2020. Originally planned to leave Early Access in April 2020, that's quite a big delay. Speaking about it on their forum, they said they will be using "this extra time to ensure that we arrive at 1.0 at the highest possible quality while having adequate time to continue acting on your feedback". Not something you can argue with, too many games release early.

  • GemRB, the FOSS game engine for Bioware's Infinity Engine had a new release recently

    Here's an open source game engine reimplementation you don't hear about much. GemRB, for Bioware's Infinity Engine games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment games had a new release recently. Nice to see another FOSS project still going, with this being the first release in two years!

  • Intense top-down racer 'Bloody Rally Show' now has a demo available

    Currently in closed Beta while still in development, I've had access to the full version for some time now, with it already entering my regular rotation of games to jump into because of just how fun it actually is. It reminds me of many classic top-down racers I played on the Amiga, only it looks a lot better and has a much expanded feature set. This is one to keep on your wishlist.

  • Need to make some pixel art? Pixelorama is a cross-platform FOSS tool worth looking at

    It seems Godot Engine is good for more than making games, as the FOSS pixel art tool Pixelorama will show you. Only a few days ago, this impressive application had a big new update bringing in a new UI, options for each tool, a colour picker tool, rulers and guides, a mini-canvas preview area, a preferences window and a Greek localization.


  • D9VK is no more as it merges with DXVK, making DXVK a D3D 9/10/11 to Vulkan layer

    It's happened, the D9VK and DXVK projects have officially merged. This means DXVK is now the all-encompassing project to translate D3D 9/10/11 to Vulkan for Wine. Only a few hours ago the pull was request was accepted and so they're now one awesome project, meaning D9VK will now be developed directly in the DXVK project now. This does make a lot of things easier and simpler overall, since you only need to keep track of one project and they will now update together.

  • D9VK Merged Into Upstream DXVK

    D9VK, the frog-themed Direct3D 9 over Vulkan translation layer originally based on DXVK, has now been merged into the upstream DXVK Direct3D 10/11 over Vulkan layer. In other words, a single project is now providing support from Direct3D 9 through Direct3D 11 for Vulkan acceleration in speeding up the Windows gaming on Linux experience. Overnight this merge request was honored for pulling in the Direct3D 9 support into DXVK. Lead D9VK developer Joshua Ashton summed it up as, "The reason being is D9VK is usable and mostly feature complete now, even having some additional features not exposed by other implementations, and it would be nice to have all our D3D implementations in one place/project!"