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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa” Release Date And Upcoming Features

Following the tradition of a regular Long Term Support (LTS) release after every two years, the Canonical team is about to finish the development of the next LTS release, Ubuntu 20.04. After Ubuntu 19.10, whose life support will end on July 2020, Ubuntu 20.04 is the much-awaited LTS with major updates and improvements with the end of life until 2030. Read more

Five reasons why your business should adopt open source software

Open source software has changed the computing landscape forever. In just over 25 years, with little fanfare and even less promotion, it’s been installed on more devices than its proprietary cousins. It’s the backbone of the internet and runs enterprise mission critical services for most of the world’s largest organisations. It’s generally seen as more secure, more agile, faster to drive value from, of higher quality and considerably less expensive to deploy, scale and maintain than its competitors – the standard proprietary software companies. Read more

Librem 5 phone hands-on—Open source phone shows the cost of being different

From a distance, this Chestnut model isn't terrible. It's a solid-feeling, plastic-backed smartphone with an old-school smartphone design thanks probably to the peel-off plastic back and the absolute brick of a body. Look closer and you'll see that the Librem 5 does not have the usual fit and finish from a seasoned Chinese smartphone builder, though, and there's no shortage of nits to pick. There are uneven glue blobs that have squished out from around the display. The earpiece speaker has some of the display glue on it. The front camera is off-center, and there is uneven, visible glue around that, too. One section of the removable back doesn't connect to the case correctly, so the seam is uneven. The most frustrating part of the Librem 5 right now is easily the power management, which isn't nearly complete. The phone is dead nearly all the time, because so many basic charging features we normally take for granted don't work. First, the phone doesn't seem like it has any kind of idle power mode. It is hot from the minute you power on until the battery dies, even with the screen off. You can't leave the phone on the charger overnight to charge it—you'll wake up to a dead phone. I think what is happening is that there's no trickle charge, so the phone charges to full, then stops charging, then the battery dies. Read more

Conversion/Converseen Software

  • WinFF on Ubuntu: Video/Audio Conversion Made Easy

    WinFF is an Ubuntu application to convert multimedia files in easy way. It is an alternative (replacement) to Any Video Converter or FormatFactory from Windows; so you can do audio/video conversions in ways you are familiar to as well on GNU/Linux. WinFF can convert all formats, including the popular MP4, MP3, OGV, OGG, FLV, WMV, WEBM, and MKV. Actually, it is a visual version of FFmpeg command line, hence the name WinFF. This tutorial explains how to install it on Ubuntu and give you example in using it. Enjoy!

  • Converseen is an open source batch image processor for Windows and Linux

    Batch tools are efficient time-savers when you need to manipulate more than one or two images provided that the intended operations are identical. Converseen is an open source image processor that's available for Windows and Linux that may help you in that case. [...] The program can be used to convert, resize, rotate and flip several images with a few clicks. It is based on ImageMagick, the open source image editor. Converseen's interface is divided into two panes: the actions panel is to the left, and to the right you have the convert list. A menu bar and a toolbar are placed at the top of the screen. Use the File menu or the Open Images/Add Images button to get starte, or just drag and drop some files to the right pane. It will display the file name, type, and size of each individual image you added to the program. A checkbox is placed next to each image in the list, and only the marked ones will be converted. Use the Edit menu to check/uncheck all files in a single click.