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Fedora Silverblue vs. Workstation: 6 Major Differences Between the Two Distros

Fedora Silverblue is a rapidly maturing version of Fedora Linux that may come to replace Fedora Workstation as the default version someday. On the surface, Fedora Silverblue looks the same as Fedora Workstation; both provide the GNOME desktop and a similar set of apps. So what sets Fedora Silverblue apart from Fedora Workstation, and why is it generating such excitement among a corner of the Linux community? The differences are primarily under the hood, and they are a drastic rethink of how to build a Linux distribution. Read on

So you’ve decided to start a free software consultancy...

Recently a friend of mine told me that he was planning to start a free software consultancy, and asked for my advice, as I have an extensive background doing free software consulting for a living. While I have already given him some advice on how to proceed, I thought it might be nice to write a blog expanding on my answer, so that others who are interested in pursuing free software consulting may benefit. Read on

Migrating from vscode to vim

Every Linux user experienced at least one “battle of the text editors” once in their lifetime. I even participated in a few! Text editors form the foundation of nearly every Linux user’s workflow. You need to use one eventually, whether for quick configuration file edits, developing software, or writing blog posts in markdown (like this one)! Read on

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