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KTC partners with SERAPHIC to deliver Linux powered smart TVs in Europe

KTC, one of the main and established end product manufacturers in China, today announced the integration of SERAPHIC’s TV browser into its Linux powered smart TVs targeting at European markets. With SERAPHIC’s TV browser, viewers have an easy and immediate access to thousands of global TV apps from mainstream TV portal providers and can choose any content or program they like. SERAPHIC is a leading digital TV browser provider. Its competitive product offering includes browser for Freeview Play, HbbTV, YouTube TV, TV Portal, Open Browser, etc. In the fast evolving market, Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) like KTC have always been seeking out to enhance their competitive advantages and provide differentiating services for their customers. Read more

KDE's Plasma 5.10.4 in Chakra GNU/Linux

15 ways to empower students with open source tools

Recently I read the fascinating book Empower: What Happens When Students Own Their Own Learning, by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani. The book led me to think more deeply about my teaching methods and how I like to learn. I think learning should be exciting, and I'm happiest when I'm actively engaged in what I'm doing. Why wouldn't students in our schools want anything different than that? And why aren't we doing more to give that experience to them? While many schools today have a 1:1 ratio of computers/tablets to students, most of them use platforms and software that allow little (if any) modification. Students can't tinker with the software or hardware. Yet tinkering and experimenting are at the heart of learning. The authors of Empower say that students in environments that foster "making" take ownership of their learning more readily and tend to be deeper thinkers who are more at home with frustration. Ultimately, they wrote, "makers are better equipped for life." Read more

Red Hat Upgrade and Insider Selling