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Windows 10 May 2020 vs. Ubuntu 20.04 Is A Surprisingly Heated Race On The Intel Core i9 10900K

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Last week I provided some fresh benchmarks of Windows 10 May 2020 vs. Linux on AMD. As has been common across multiple systems particularly with Threadripper, using Linux leads to a ~20% uptick in performance at large over Windows. While at times we have seen similar advantages for Intel CPUs on Linux, with the new Intel Core i9 10900K Comet Lake processor it is a very competitive race between Windows 10 May 2020 Update and Ubuntu Linux.

When running 101 benchmarks native to both Windows and Linux on the Core i9 10900K under the new Windows 10 May 2020 release compared to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, it's the most competitive cross-OS battle I have likely ever seen... For the most part the results were neck-and-neck compared to the usual dominance of Linux we are accustomed to seeing.

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