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Games: Drox Operative 2, The Wizard: WizHarder Edition, Lutris, TF2 and More

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  • Starship action RPG 'Drox Operative 2' arrives on GOG

    The currently in development space action RPG Drox Operative 2 can now be picked up DRM-free on GOG. If you enjoy 2D space exploration, plenty of combat, dealing with warring races and a bunch of RPG-styled progression mechanics then Drox Operative 2 might be a good pick for you.

    Soldak Entertainment were kind enough to provide us with an Early Access key, so we will be taking a look when it gets a bit further along. So far though, it does seem like a promising step up from the original with graphical improvements, smoother combat and more enhancements that currently feels like a remaster of the first rather than a huge sequel.

  • Dungeon exploring puzzler 'The Wizard: WizHarder Edition' announced

    The Wizard: WizHarder Edition was announced recently, as an expanded and upgraded edition of the very popular free web game that's been going for 6 years now.

    Initially starting as a small experiment written in HTML5/JavaScript, it eventually grew into a full game with an extensive campaign, high-quality soundtrack, and delightful 16-bit visuals. To this day, Hypnotic Owl say it's gained "over half a million players" and considering the very warm reception to the web-game with players "demanding more", they've decided to remake it for desktop players with The Wizard: WizHarder Edition.

  • FOSS Linux game launcher 'Lutris' has a new bug-fix release out

    It's free, it's open source and it helps you manage your thousand+ game library, a fresh update of the game launcher Lutris has arrived.

    Not a game store but a launcher. Letting you add games from GOG, Humble, Steam and more along with compatibility layers like Wine/Proton and emulators too. It's an all-in-one solution for gaming on Linux. It's also seen plenty of recognition with even Epic Games granting them a small sum. Lutris can make managing things like Origin or Battle.Net on Linux with Wine a much smoother experience, thanks to people writing various scripts to automate everything they need to be setup nicely.

  • Valve silences the bots in Team Fortress 2, TF2 Classic Mod out now

    Valve silences the bots in Team Fortress 2, TF2 Classic Mod out now
    Team Fortress 2 continues to have a bot problem but Valve are actually fighting back and the latest update takes another blunt approach to dealing with them.

    After a few updates recently aimed at bots, Valve took away a few features from newer accounts like text chat, taking away name changing during games, new in-game options for players to actually turn off text and voice chat and so on. A few days ago another update released that removes all types of voice chat from accounts that cannot use text chat.

    It's a very blunt and harsh approach, that has also limited voice commands for newer accounts, presumably to also stop voice commands like calling for a medic from being spammed into games. The knock-on effect is that legitimate players won't be able to use any of these systems either, until they get a TF2 Premium account status by buying something so it's become a free to play game that heavily reduces what people can actually do until they pay something. It's a shame but hopefully Valve will come up with a better solution eventually.

  • Charge Kid, a new open source platformer where each jump is a puzzle

    Up for some more open source gaming fun? Charge Kid, released on June 30 is a platformer that makes you think about your jumps and turns every single one into a puzzle.

    Mechanically and artistically simple but what it does with it is pretty great. You have to be clever, making great use of the limit abilities it gives you to reach across each level to progress onto the next. Instead of needing super-precision with your platforming, you need to solve the jumping puzzle on how to reach each section. It's definitely challenging.

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