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Linux Kernel 4.3.5 Is the Biggest Update in the Series, Users Urged to Update

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After informing us about the availability of Linux kernel 4.4.1 LTS, Linux kernel 4.1.17 LTS, Linux kernel 3.10.96 LTS, and Linux kernel 3.14.60 LTS, kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman has now published details about the fifth maintenance release in the Linux 4.3 kernel series.

Looking at the appended shortlog, we can't help but notice that Linux kernel 4.3.5 is the biggest in the series, changing a total of 172 files, with 1,622 insertions and 722 deletions. Improvements include dozens of fixes for the ARM64 (AArch64), PowerPC (PPC), and x86 hardware architectures, but also for the MIPS, ARM, and MN10300 ones.

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