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Red Hat moves forward with new OpenStack release

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 07:40:57 AM
Red Hat's latest release underscores just how important OpenStack is to the Linux giant's future

Open Interconnect Consortium takes on Qualcomms Allseen

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 06:43:46 AM
Intel, Samsung, Broadcom, Atmel, and Dell have launched a consortium that will develop open source standards for Internet of Things connectivity. In December when Qualcomm, the Linux Foundation, and several major consumer electronics companies announced the open source Allseen Alliance for standardizing Internet of Things connectivity, we wondered at the absence of major semiconductor companies. Well, here they are, starting up their own rival IoT group called the Open Interconnect Consortium. Intel, Samsung, Broadcom, and Atmel have launched OIC along with computer manufacturer Dell and Intel’s embedded software provider Wind River.

IBM Entrepreneur Week

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 05:46:35 AM
IBM Entrepreneur Week is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to meet, interact, and connect with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry leaders, and academics from around the world. If you're a startup or entrepreneur, join us onlne for our inaugural IBM Entrepreneur Week, 3-7 Feb 2014. There will be events taking place online and in locations worldwide, including face-to-face and virtual mentoring sessions, a women entrepreneur-focused event, and a LiveStream broadcast of the SmartCamp Global Finals in San Francisco.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 5 Delivers Long-Term Support of Icehouse

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 04:49:24 AM
Among the biggest changes in the new Red Hat release is the fact that Red Hat is now doubling the support length from the 1.5 years that was available in OSP 4.0 to three years with OSP 5.0. A key value proposition that Red Hat offers with OSP is commercial support and enterprise hardening. Since OpenStack is an open-source effort, there are a number of freely available OpenStack distributions, including Red Hat's own community RDO distribution. The free OpenStack distributions, however, generally do not have any form of commercial support. -

No, Linux is not dead on the desktop

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 03:52:13 AM
In today's open source roundup: Linux is not dead on the desktop. Plus: The city of Munich switches to Linux and saves millions, and how to find the best desktop for new Linux users.

Odroid hacker board jumps to faster octacore SoC

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 02:55:02 AM
The Odroid project launched an “Odroid-XU3? open source SBC based on Samsung’s HMP-ready Exynos5422, which mixes four Cortex-A15 and four Cortex-A7 cores. Hardkernel’s Odroid project announced pre-orders for the Odroid-XU3 at $179, with shipments starting on Aug. 18. The open-spec single board computer is the fastest of over a dozen other Samsung-based Odroid siblings, including an Odroid-XU model that it essentially replaces. Whereas the $149-$169 Odroid-XU runs Samsung’s original eight-core Exynos5410 Octa system-on-chip, the Odroid-XU advances to the new Exynos5422, which was announced back at February’s Mobile World Congress.

create stylish screenshots with screenie

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 01:57:51 AM
Screenie is a simple to use screenshot composition tool, with the ability to add perspective and reflections to screenshots. To use screenie, the user simply imports a screenshot, then tweaks […]

Linux Desktop Comes to China With Deepin 2014

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 01:00:40 AM
What tends to differentiate the various Ubuntu-based Linux distributions is the desktop environment, and Deepin is no exception. While the main Ubuntu distribution has its own Unity desktop interface, Deepin has created its own unique interface that has a Mac OS X-like dock as the primary menu interface. -

5 reasons to switch to Deepin 2014

Wednesday 9th of July 2014 12:03:29 AM
The aim of this post is to show you why that happened and why I highly recommend that you should take Deepin 2014 out for a spin. I guarantee that you will like practically all it brings to the table.

Firefox web browser popularity wanes

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 11:06:18 PM
There was a time when Firefox was the number two web browser, but those days may never come back. When you take a look at Net Applications' web desktop browser market share reports over the long run two things stand out. One, there's the rise of Google's Chrome to second place, and two, Mozilla's Firefox's steep decline.

Building, deploying, and distributing software with JFrog

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 10:55:16 PM
Founded in 2008, JFrog provides open source solutions for package repositories and software distribution aimed at a new breed of developers. With a focus on open source and the burgeoning cloud scene, JFrog has garnered their fair share of awards and press from industry heavyweights and communities alike.read more

The Ex-Google Hacker Taking on the World's Spy Agencies

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 09:58:05 PM
During his last six years working as an elite security researcher for Google, the hacker known as Morgan Mayhem spent his nights and weekends hunting down the malware used to spy on vulnerable targets like human rights activists and political dissidents. His new job tasks him with defending a different endangered species: American national security journalists.

How to add two-factor authentication from WiKID to X2Go remote desktop on Ubuntu

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 09:43:58 PM
Securing X2Go On Ubuntu Precise With WiKID Two-Factor AuthenticationIn this document we are going to demonstrate how to implement two-factor authentication from WiKID for remote desktop on an Ubuntu 12.04 server using X2Go.

SolidFire: SSD Offers Huge Performance Boost to MongoDB

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 08:46:47 PM
SolidFire's all-SSD storage solutions provide performance boosts of more than 200 percent for MongoDB NoSQL deployments, according to Yahoo benchmarking.

NS2:Combat FPS Reveals Plenty Of Footage, Coming Soon To Linux

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 07:49:36 PM
The next game in the Natural Selection series titled Natural Selection 2:Combat has been shown off some more recently and we have the videos ready for your pleasure.

An open-minded Internet safety curriculum

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 06:52:25 PM
What should high schools students be taught about Internet safety? Traditional high school curriculum has followed guidance from the U.S. Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Enacted by Congress in 2000 and updated in 2011, student Internet safety training is a requirement for U.S. schools that receive federal funding from the FCC's E-rate program. Under the terms of CIPA, students must be educated on appropriate online behavior (such as in chat rooms and social networks) and cyberbullying.read more

Obtain Linux kernel module information with modinfo

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 05:55:14 PM
Every time the Linux system is booted, number of kernel modules are loaded by the system and used to provide additional support for filesystem, new hardware etc. Obtaining an information about particular kernel module may a be an important troubleshooting skill. In this article we will explain how to obtain module information such as description, dependency, author or relevant object file name using modinfo command.

Cisco: Linux is the “Single and Best” Tech for IoT

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 04:58:03 PM
Cisco earlier this year unveiled its plans to build smarter routers and switches to help manage the massive flows of data expected between Internet-connected devices and the data center. This re-architecting of the Internet to bring computing capabilities to the edge of the network is what the company calls “fog computing” and it could help alleviate the data center strain that Gartner analysts predict will come from 26 billion installed units in the Internet of Things by 2020.

VP Of EU Commission On Copyright Reform: I'd Sing You Happy Birthday, But I Don't Want To Have To Pay The Royalties

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 04:00:52 PM
However, Kroes is making a larger point about the way we view copyright today, and how that does not fit with how the world works. As such, she suggests rethinking how a copyright system should work:

Ubuntu saves Munich millions -- should all governments switch to Linux?

Tuesday 8th of July 2014 03:03:41 PM
Trust in government is not exactly at an all-time high. Sure, there are oppressive governments such as Iran and China that filter and block web content, but even the USA has a spotty record. With all the news of PRISM and other spying programs, it is hard to tell which way is up anymore. One way to solve this dilemma is through transparency and honesty. Unfortunately, as long as governments use closed-source software, it is hard to audit and trust the actions. Today, Canonical announces that not only has Munich taken an open approach to computing with Ubuntu, but the city is saving millions of euros too. Using open-source software and saving money? maybe all governments should make the switch to Linux.