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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 29 min 37 sec ago

BQ Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Phone Is Now Available

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 01:58:53 PM
The latest Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition from the Spanish company BQ is now available for purchase on the official website. This latest Ubuntu phone was announced just a couple of weeks ago and it's finally here.

Mastering the timeline in Kdenlive

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 01:01:42 PM
Editing in Kdenlive is done both in the monitors and in the timeline. Your initial cuts are made while reviewing your footage and placing clips into the timeline in the order that you want your movie to be seen. Once the initial cut is done, though, most of your time will be spent in the timeline.It doesn't take long to get comfortable working in the timeline, but it does take a little bit of work to get more

The encryption 'access' debate heats up

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 12:04:31 PM
Even as the US government bids adieu to Clipper Chip, an infamous episode that influenced the cryptography debate for years, there is renewed focus in a number of quarters that it should not more

A Linux Bling Screenshot Tour

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 11:07:20 AM
A significant portion of my second year college work dealt with psychology of the senses. Color plays a powerful role in how we perceive, interpret and react to an event, a situation or an environment. Both Microsoft and Apple have spent millions on volumes of research and focus groups. Do you think that the dominate shades of blue in Windows, or the close proximity Apple keeps with grey, silver and metal, is by haphazard design?

Cumulus Networks Details SDN OpenStack Cloud Innovations VIDEO

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 10:10:09 AM
Among the myriad vendors in the Software Defined Networking (SDN) landscape, Cumulus Networks has managed to carve out a niche as a leading innovator of open source-based technology. Helping to lead Cumulus Networks is co-founder and CTO Nolan Leake.

Apple's HomeKit: So, you know, it exists and all that

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 09:12:58 AM
Not exactly a big push, reviving concerns that it's in troubleWWDC 2015 Apple didn't so much launch as absent-mindedly nudge its HomeKit smart home technology this week at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).…

OpenStack vs Linux: How Do the Communities Differ? VIDEO

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 08:15:47 AM
In the world of open-source projects, Imad Sousou, General Manager of Intel's Open Source Technology Center sees Linux and OpenStack as the two largest projects. Intel is a leading contributor to both projects and is more aware than most of the differences and similarities in the two communities. Sousou also sits on the Board of Directors for both the Linux Foundation and the OpenStack Foundation

Free embedded Linux training materials demystify Buildroot

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 07:18:36 AM
Free Electrons has posted free detailed training materials for its course on building an embedded Linux project on a BeagleBone Black SBC using Buildroot. Last November, Linux training firm Free Electrons posted free training materials for a three-day training course on building an embedded Linux project using Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded. Now, the company has […]

How to install and configure Fail2Ban on your Ubuntu server

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 06:21:25 AM
How to install and configure Fail2Ban on your Ubuntu server. Fail2Ban is the most famous application that can prevents dictionary attacks on your server.

When a Community Bands Together

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 05:24:14 AM
Jason has a career in movies, television and the gaming industry, supplying voice talent for those mediums. Although Jason has a successful career in Hollywood, his true passion is using perfectly good computer components and combining those parts with his environmentally-friendly plastic cases and the Ubuntu operating system in order to produce an amazingly functional computer.

Using Tunir to test Fedora Cloud images

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 04:27:03 AM
In Fedora 22, one of the new features from the Cloud SIG is a project called Tunir. It is a very simple system which can be used to test Fedora Cloud images, or it can be used to test any normal software project using the Cloud images or bare metal systems.

20 Things To Do After Installing Elementary OS Freya

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 03:29:52 AM
Here is a guide for things to do after installing Elementary OS Freya to get a more polished desktop.

Apple to tailor Swift into a fully open source language - for Linux, too

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 02:32:41 AM
Version 2.0 to have free, open compiler and standard library. WWDC 2015 Apple will release version 2.0 of its Swift programming language as open source.


Tuesday 9th of June 2015 01:35:30 AM
Because you're a reader of Linux Journal, you probablyalready know that Linux has a rich virtualizationecosystem. KVM is the de facto standard, and VirtualBox is widely used for desktopvirtualization. Veterans should remember Xen (it's still in a good shape,by the way), and there is also VMware (which isn't free but runs on Linuxas well).

Peppermint: Desktop Linux for the cloud generation

Tuesday 9th of June 2015 12:38:19 AM
Peppermint combines Ubuntu Linux with Google's Chromium Web browser and cloud services for a modern take on the desktop.

How to install and configure VSFTPD

Monday 8th of June 2015 11:41:08 PM
As the name suggest 'Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Deamon' (VSFTPD) is one of the most secure FTP daemons available, vsftpd is used as the default FTP server in the Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, NimbleX, Slackware and RHEL Linux distributions.

Is Super Tux Kart sexist?

Monday 8th of June 2015 10:43:57 PM
In today's open source roundup: Images in the Super Tux Kart racing game spur charges of sexism. Plus: Debian Linux 8.1 released. And why run Linux on a Chromebook?

Arthur C. Clarke Predicts Smartwatches, Newspapers Downfall, and Social Media

Monday 8th of June 2015 09:46:46 PM
Arthur C. Clarke is one of the most influential Sci-Fi writers of the 20th century, and anyone should recognize his name as the author of mesmerizing 2001: A Space Odyssey. He was also called a futurist, and he made some interesting predictions that seem to have come through.

Netflix: the crumbling borders of geolocation and the thieves who happily pay for what they

Monday 8th of June 2015 08:49:35 PM
One (sic) upon a time, movies were released in different countries at different times. This could be done because there was no easy way to copy and store away a movie. If you lived in Italy, you could wait up to two years before you saw a popular movie. Then two things happened: it became easy to copy and store movies; and everybody in the world suddenly became interconnected. The regional segregation ended: the only ones to believe that it's still there are the dinosaurs from a past era.

Indian government includes open source in RFPs

Monday 8th of June 2015 07:52:24 PM
The Government of India has implemented a remarkable new policy-level change for open source software (OSS) deployment. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has asked that open source software-based applications be included in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for all new procurements. Note there is not a plan at this time to replace existing proprietary systems with open source more

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When Your Linux Servers Get Audited

If your Unix/Linux servers are to be involved in an ISO 27001 audit, there are a lot of things you should be doing ahead of time to ensure that they won't end up generating findings. While there are many things you can do to secure the systems you manage, the key to getting a Unix system to pass an ISO 27001 audit is knowing what the auditors are likely to ask and what they will need to see. Read more

Why Ubuntu plans to replace traditional Linux packages with something better

Ubuntu is about to undergo a dramatic overhaul. No, I don’t mean the huge shift to a converged Unity 8 desktop with the Mir display server, although that’s also coming. Ubuntu is going to move past Deb packages and apt-get in favor of Snappy, which is currently used for cloud images. Canonical’s Ubuntu isn’t the only project looking to replace Linux packages with something better. The GNOME project is working on a sandboxed, cross-distribution application package framework. Read more


So what is Pinos? One of the original goals of Pinos was to provide the same level of advanced hardware handling for Video that PulseAudio provides for Audio. For those of you who has been around for a while you might remember how you once upon a time could only have one application using the sound card at the same time until PulseAudio properly fixed that. Well Pinos will allow you to share your video camera between multiple applications and also provide an easy to use API to do so. Read more

Razer’s open source virtual reality project now supports Android devices

Razer’s open source virtual reality project will support Android, which opens up the future of this mind-altering world to multiple devices. Read more