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Linux and Open Source news headlines
Updated: 7 min 58 sec ago

RealSense Robotics dev kit includes a Raspberry Pi-like SBC

Thursday 14th of April 2016 11:13:34 AM
Intel’s “RealSense Robotics Development Kit” features a RPi-like single board computer based on a quad-core Atom x5-Z8350, along with a 3D RealSense camera. The Intel RealSense Robotic Development Kit runs Ubuntu on a new, unspecified open spec, Raspberry Pi-sized, single board computer based on an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 SoC, along with 4GB RAM and 40-pin […]

Enlightenment Developer Days 2016 Takes Place May 14-16, in Paris, France

Thursday 14th of April 2016 10:16:23 AM
The development team behind the Enlightenment window manager have published details about the upcoming Enlightenment Developer Days 2016 conference.

The young Vivaldi browser is taking its cues from the community

Thursday 14th of April 2016 09:19:12 AM
Vivaldi is a rather new browser, powered by libraries from more than 100 different open source projects, and growing in popularity. Recently I interviewed Ruarí Ødegaard of Vivaldi. Ruarí is a QA engineer for Vivaldi, the company behind the Vivaldi browser, which was created by the former CEO and co-founder of Opera, Jon von more

Enlightenment 0.21 Desktop Environment Likely Brings More Wayland Improvements

Thursday 14th of April 2016 08:22:01 AM
The developers behind the lightweight, open-source Enlightenment window manager/desktop environment have announced the release of the first Alpha build for Enlightenment 0.21.

Docker 1.11 Debuts with runC, Supports IPv6

Thursday 14th of April 2016 07:24:50 AM
Docker Engine 1.11 is out today and the most noteworthy piece is a complete refactoring of code to make use of new model, that used the containerD daemon to spin up new container instances with runC

Intel aims $15 Quark D2000 dev kit at IoT devices

Thursday 14th of April 2016 06:27:39 AM
Intel released an open-spec development kit for its RTOS-driven Quark D2000 MCU, featuring Arduino compatibility, sensors, and a micro-USB port. In November, Intel announced three Quark processors, which unlike the 400MHz Quark X1000 chip found on the Intel Galileo Gen 2 board and numerous IoT gateways, does not support Linux. The bare-metal ready Quark D1000 […]

Linux AIO Passes the 200,000 Downloads Mark, Celebrates with a Zorin 11 Live ISO

Thursday 14th of April 2016 05:30:28 AM
We have just been informed by Linux AIO that they've passed the 200,000 downloads mark and, in celebration of the event, released a Live ISO image for the Zorin OS 11 distro.

Vivaldi 1.0 Web Browser Makes Its Debut, Led by Opera Co-founder

Thursday 14th of April 2016 04:33:17 AM
Overall, the key focus for Vivaldi is on user customization, with no shortage of configurable options for how to experience the Web. We look at key features of the Vivaldi 1.0 release.

Some early The Talos Principle Vulkan benchmarks

Thursday 14th of April 2016 03:36:06 AM
I decided to take a look at this Vulkan nonsense with The Talos Principle, since I hadn't actually tried it yet myself. Here are some benchmarks done on my 980ti. I will look to do some on my 970 if people want to see them too.

Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) Update: Q1 2016

Thursday 14th of April 2016 02:38:55 AM
This is an update on the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program for the first quarter of 2016. MOSS is Mozilla’s initiative to support the open source community of which we are a part.

Rugged, fanless mini-PC runs Ubuntu on Atom at 8.3 Watts

Thursday 14th of April 2016 01:41:44 AM
Logic Supply is selling a rugged, Cincoze-built “DA-1000” mini-PC with an Atom E3826, -25 to 70°C support, and a price starting at $569.

Mozilla Thunderbird 45.0 Released, Fails to Bring GTK3 Integration for Linux

Thursday 14th of April 2016 12:44:33 AM
Today Mozilla finally announced the availability of the final release for the highly anticipated Thunderbird 45.0 email, calendar, and news client, for all supported platforms.

Linaro Announces Software Reference Platform for ARM

Wednesday 13th of April 2016 11:47:22 PM
With the launch of its Software Reference Platform for ARMv8-A processors,Linaro is proud to enable both a complete end-to-end open-source serversoftware stack and access to ent

Open Standards, Move Over

Wednesday 13th of April 2016 10:50:11 PM
Well, that's not a title I ever thought I'd use. But there you have it - open source foundations are taking over the role that open standards consortia used to play

Will the iPhone 7 win over Android users?

Wednesday 13th of April 2016 09:53:00 PM
Also in today's open source roundup: Why switching to iPhone from Android is not easy, and Linux botnet attacks grow larger.

How to convert jpg image file to pdf format on Linux

Wednesday 13th of April 2016 08:55:49 PM
The JPG (JPEG) format is without any doubt the most popular format used to share images on the Internet. However, there are several advantages in using PDF images compared to JPG images. For one, while JPG is a raster format with lossy compression, PDF is a layout format that contains both vector and raster graphics.

Cayenne: IoT made easy for the Raspberry Pi

Wednesday 13th of April 2016 07:58:38 PM
Cayenne can support multiple devices as well. Beyond adding as many Raspberry Pis as you want, you can select from a range of sensors, extensions and actuators that will be wired to your Raspberry Pi. Once the device is wired, you can then assign it to the GPIO pins. With your GPIO pins registered to certain devices, you can now set alerts or triggers to occur on schedules that you create through the dashboard.

Screenshot everything with Shutter on Fedora

Wednesday 13th of April 2016 07:01:27 PM
Fedora Workstation ships with a simple, yet capable screenshot utility that allows the user to take quick grabs of your desktop. If you are taking many screenshots in a session or want more control of how your screenshots are taken,... Continue Reading →

What is a URI? Understanding license terminology for compliance

Wednesday 13th of April 2016 06:04:16 PM
A recent court case illustrates the importance of reading and understanding technical terms used in copyright licenses. In Drauglis v. Kappa Map Group, LLC, 2015 WL 4932305 (D.D.C. Aug. 8, 2015), the plaintiff, Art Drauglis, posted a picture from a photo sharing site under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA- 2.0 more

Users more await for new Ubuntu than Fedora release

Wednesday 13th of April 2016 05:07:05 PM
Fedora 24 and Ubuntu 16.04 families are due to release within next month or so.Just about a month ago the Linux notes from DarkDuck blog started a poll where you could vote which of these two distributions you await more. It is time to give the results of that poll now.Let me do this without any further delay.

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“LEDE” OpenWrt fork promises greater openness

A “Linux Embedded Development Environment” (LEDE) fork of the lightweight, router-oriented OpenWrt Linux distribution vows greater transparency and inclusiveness. Some core developers of the OpenWrt community has forked off into a Linux Embedded Development Environment (LEDE) group. LEDE is billed as both a “reboot” and “spinoff” of the lightweight, router-focused distribution that aims to build an open source embedded Linux distro that “makes it easy for developers, system administrators or other Linux enthusiasts to build and customize software for embedded devices, especially wireless routers.” Read more

Neptune 4.5.1 ISOs are available now

Neptune 4.5.1 ISOs are available for download now and update the system since the Neptune 4.5 release to the state of 3. May 2016. The biggest issue fixed in this release is the usb booting from USB 3 ports. Besides that this new maintainance release features KDE SC 4.14.16 as desktop. Read more

Movidius Fathom — This USB Stick Converts Any Linux Computer Into An A.I. Supercomputer

Chip maker Movidius has unveiled “the world’s first embedded neural network accelerator”. Known as the Fathom Neural Compute Stick, this device could be plugged into a Linux device to allow it to perform functions like image recognition, language comprehension, and pattern detection. Read more Also: Concurrent Introduces RedHawk Linux for 64-Bit ARM® Processors