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Quick Roundup

PCLinuxOS 2008: We have Another Winner

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distrogue.blogspot: I waxed poetic about PCLinuxOS 2007 a few months ago when I compared it to Mint (and even earlier about version 0.93a). The new version, PCLinuxOS 2008, will ship with KDE 4, but at the time of writing, the final isn't out yet. They recently released a so-called "MiniMe" version of the final product with KDE 3.5, and it's better than ever- to the point that I would actually use it.

openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 5

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The fifth issue of openSUSE Weekly News is now out! In this week’s issue: KDE 4.0 Released with openSUSE Packages and openSUSE-based live CD, Lenovo delivers preloaded SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, and Temporary Download Failure.

Annvix: A stable, secure, no-frills server distro

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Linux Annvix is a distribution aimed at providing a secure, stable, and fast base for servers. Be warned, however: Annvix is not for everyone.

How Vector Linux 5.9 breathed new life into a tired old laptop

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Raiden's Realm: It was the first laptop I ever bought and cost me as much as a small, secondhand car but there's always been something special about my old Dell 8000 Inspiron. I began wondering how the 8000 would perform with one of the current crop of Linux distros famed for their speed and low resource requirements.

Russian Teachers Receive First Alt Linux Delivery

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Linux First formal acquaintance with Linux OS has been held. On Friday, January 11th 2008 the teacher Alexander Ponosov and ALT Linux vise president Alexey Novodvorsky presented the rural teachers of informatics in Vereschagino District of Perm Region with the developments of the consortium.

Mozilla's New CEO, John Lilly Steps Up To The Task

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informationweek: The former COO talks about launching the group's e-mail client, modifying the browser for mobile devices, and dispelling rumors about taking the company public.

Linux guru offers sneak peek at Kernel Report

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Interviews Jonathan Corbet is an active kernel contributor, co-founder and president of Linux development community news site, and the lead author of Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition. His renowned Kernel Report has been presented to audiences worldwide, and this year in Melbourne will mark his fourth appearance at

A spotter’s guide to open-source Linux package formats

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iTWire: Want to find open source tools? Linux distros have long had the tradition that software is bundled into easily-installed packages. Yet, finding packages can be less than intuitively obvious and even then they may not appear to be available for your flavour of choice. Here’s how to get the most out of Linux packages.

Also: Source or package install?

Sun Micro says to buy MySQL for $1 billion

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reuters: Sun Microsystems Inc said on Wednesday it will buy open source developer MySQL AB for about $1 billion, allowing it to expand into an estimated $15 billion database market.

synergy: sharing the keyboard and mouse

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DPotD: There are many occasions at which a user needs to use two computers at the same time, even with two different operating systems, all in the same desktop. One of the most annoying things that might happen is that you will need to use a different set of keyboard and mouse for each computer with the resulting waste of space on your table.

Kernel Madness: Basic Kernel Knowledge

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FOSSline: For a fair number of people not accustomed to the operating system concept of a kernel, installing a Linux, BSD, or Hurd based distributions typically involves crossing your fingers and hoping that the installer can detect all of your hardware properly. I want to give an overview of what a kernel is.

The State of Google's Everex Linux PCs

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Matt Hartley: It was only a short time ago I wrote a piece detailing my initial thoughts on the little Everex boxes running a Google branded OS (Linux) that magically had no actual Google fingerprints anywhere on it at all. Today, I learned that their main distributor, Wal-Mart, has completely sold out of them. I have to admit, I'm speechless. Beta Usage Numbers Released

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press release: Since the launch of beta last month, over 20,000 new CNR users have downloaded and installed the beta CNR Client. In addition, over 250,000 software programs, packages and libraries were downloaded and installed at an 89.9% successful installation rate.

Build A Linux-Based Wireless Access Point (Part 2)

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Carla Schroder: In Part 1 we looked at some of the great hardware choices for building a custom Linux-based wireless access point, including mini-ITX and embedded systems. Today we'll learn how to convert an ordinary old PC into a powerful, customizable access point.

Mandriva and Turbolinux Announce Manbo-Labs

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Press Release: Mandriva and Turbolinux announce a partnership by creating a lab named: Manbo-Labs. This Lab is the result of an agreement between Mandriva and Turbolinux to share resources and technology to release a common base system on each of the Linux distributions.

today's leftovers

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  • Open XML trumping ODF in document format war, say analysts

  • Howto: Printscreen in IceWM
  • Pandora Screenlet
  • Setup and Benchmark Encrypted Partitions in Ubuntu
  • Open source a Pull-a-Part yard?
  • Even Linux haters run Linux
  • Justice for open source in Italy?
  • Memcached 1.2.2 on RHEL/Centos using DAG rpms
  • about:mozilla for Jan 15
  • How to fix your Windows MBR with an Ubuntu liveCD
  • ISO Master wrangles disc images
  • Who says you can't use Active Directory with Linux?
  • whee! crux at 1ghz
  • Problems at Gentoo Wiki

Open Season - Episode 9

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OSS Adobe Dave helped kick off the show by walking us through some of Adobe's open source efforts and intentions. The four of us also dug into Red Hat's new CEO.

Stepping Up for Gentoo

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LinuxToday blog: Any day now, we should start seeing four more faces on the backs of milk cartons: those of the apparently vanished members of the former Gentoo Foundation who have apparently resigned from the five-member board.

Fedora 8 Tips Topper

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Linux Fedora 8, the company's community-developed Linux distribution arrived in early December as planned and was bumped to version 8.0.1 before the end of the year. The biggest changes to the distribution in this trip to the haberdasher are numerous targeted installations, dubbed “Spins” by the Red Hat team behind its development.

2007 earns Apache more feathers in its cap

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tectonic: Open source and all-volounteer group, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), today announced that last year finished as its strongest yet.

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OSS Leftovers

  • DataBasin - object inspector and updates
    First, the underlying DataBasinKit framework got an important update.
  • In-demand dev skills, understanding licensing, and more open source news
  • Higher ed systems expanding access to open-source materials
    Open-source learning technology is at the core of higher education for institutions that want to reach broader audiences with very strict ideas about how convenient learning should be. But developing these initiatives does not happen quickly or easily. It requires strong leadership in information technology, expertise to determine which solutions work best for a campus, and a financial commitment to making sure the technology is sustainable.
  • Proxmark Pro Proxmark3 Standalone Open Source RFID Tester (video)
    Rysc Corp has unveiled a new open source board in the form of the Proxmark Pro which now offers a true standalone client and RFID test instrument, check out the video below to learn more. The Proxmark Pro will feature an FPGA with 5 times the logic cells of the Proxmark3 and will remove the need to switch between HF and LF bit streams during operation, to use developers.
  • ErupteD Brings Vulkan To The D Programming Language
    The D programming language is just the latest to have support for Vulkan alongside C++, Rust (via Vulkano, if you missed that project), Go, and many other modern languages getting bindings for this Khronos Group high performance graphics API. Should you not be familiar with the D language, see Wikipedia.

Leftovers: Security