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Ubuntu Really IS Easy…Sort of

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Ryan Stewart: I spent the past couple of days exploring Ubuntu and since I came away pretty impressed, I wanted to blog my thoughts.

How-to Edit Grub

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So you've just installed your second, or third, or ninth Linux distribution and it either didn't recognize all your installs or you chose to skip that phase of the install. Of course you'd like to be able to boot all of these installs. Editing the grub.conf (or menu.lst) is an easy peasy procedure once you have an elementary understanding of the basic components.

DistroWatch Rankings

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Shift Backspace: If you follow the Linux community there is no doubt you frequent the DistroWatch website. One of the greatest features of DistroWatch is how they rank all of the distributions.

Installing Photoshop on Ubuntu Linux

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max limpag: Having been reared on image editing with Photoshop, I couldn’t find my way in Gimp. I’m not really a graphics person but I use Photoshop often for editing photos, editing images of screen activity for tutorials, and creating blog and website headers.

New Look for YouTube Player

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CyberNet: Yesterday, Google Blogoscoped noticed a new YouTube player from a video that was embedded into a blog. Some of you may have also noticed this new player over the last several days.

Installing Ubuntu 7.04 on a HP 510 laptop computer

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Are about everything: I’ve just finished installing Ubuntu on the HP 510 laptop. Installing off the Live CD, I was a bit annoyed that Ubuntu couldn’t resize the existing XP partitions, but being able to dualboot isn’t that important for this machine, so I used the entire disk for Ubuntu.

PCLinuxOS 2007 installation review and first impressions

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Tryst with Linux: Never have I had such an incident free installation procedure before. Really! I’m not joking. There’s literally nothing much (in terms of problems) to report.

Five reasons to love Sabayon

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The distrogue: You've probably heard the constant hype about Sabayon Linux, maybe that it's a perfect distro, or maybe even rumors that it's going to knock PCLinuxOS and Ubuntu off the top spots on DistroWatch. Here are the main reasons why people love Sabayon:

Linux: Rethinking Suspend and Resume

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KernelTRAP: What started as the review of a bug report grew into an interesting debate as Linus Torvalds slammed the current suspend and resume design in the Linux Kernel, "why the HELL cannot you realize that kernel threads are different?"

Apt-get remove SUSE; apt-get install Etch

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Desktop Linux: Ever since comparing seven Linux distributions on my "old thinkpad" testbed, I've remained impressed with the flexibility and ease-of-maintenance of Debian-based Linuxes. In my followup article on using Etch as a desktop OS, I pondered converting my primary desktop from SUSE to Debian. I've done it. Here's my tale...

Whirlwind Wheelchair empowers the disabled with open source

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Red Hat Mag: Getting from point A to point B is a need that we all have, but what if you’re in a third-world country and require a wheelchair? That’s where Whirlwind Wheelchair International steps in. They believe that anyone who needs a wheelchair should have access to one.

The Zonbox $99 Linux desktop computer

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flagrantdisregard: The Zonbox by Zonbu is a positively tiny desktop computer that makes no sound, makes no pollution after carbon offsets, and will only set you back $99. It’s a fully loaded desktop computer running a Linux operating system and almost all the software you’ll ever need.

Eternal Vigilance Is the Price of Linux

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Linux Online: Browsing around Digg the other day, I saw one of these terrible articles about Linux. I hate to even mention these pieces of internet litter because I'd really like to avoid giving them more legitimacy than they deserve. It's one of those pieces that includes a variation on the expression '[n] Reasons' in the title, where 'n' is the number of arguments the author came up with before he ran out of ideas. Digg users must like these '[n] Reasons' entitled pieces, as they seem to proliferate so much over there.

GNU/Linux Horizons: How OLPC May Impact the Future

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Really Linux: The GNU Manifesto and the Linux kernel development are two important and unpredictable events that took place within the past quarter century, tightly coupled with the internet explosion. However, I propose that we are beginning a new phase of the Open-Source saga, a particularly bright phase, with the hardware development of the OLPC project.

People Behind KDE: Jason Harris

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For the next interview in the fortnightly People Behind KDE series we remain in North America, down to the deserts of Arizona to meet an astronomer who uses his work expertise to bring the galaxy to our desktops - tonight's star of People Behind KDE is Jason Harris.

What Microsoft Fears More than Linux

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Linux Today: As I attended the sessions at the Open Source Business Conference this week, the rhetoric was very strong--far stranger than anything leveled at The SCO Group when they started their happy litigation hunt years ago. By leveling an allegation on 235 patents that Linux supposedly infringes upon, Microsoft has apparently engendered a reaction in the free and open source software communities the likes of which I personally have never seen.

BeleniX v0.6 LiveCD Screenshots

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Phoronix: The BeleniX LiveCD that is based off of OpenSolaris with GNU applications has reached version 0.6 after some setbacks. While this release is coming out later than expected, it is based upon OpenSolaris Build 60, uses X.Org 7.2, features Compiz 0.5 for Xfce and KDE.

Novell goes public with terms of Microsoft Linux deal

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LinuxWorld: Novell on Friday published redacted versions of the three agreements it signed with Microsoft in its annual 10K filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, providing the public with its first detailed look into a deal that some see as critical to the future of Linux. The 10K filing had been delayed by an internal stock options review at Novell, which was concluded Wednesday.

10 Open Source Apps You Can't Live Without

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intranetjournal: Even for the most seasoned computer user, taking the leap to open source can prove to be a bit daunting. But once you have a solid base of core applications, I believe most people will find the switch is not nearly as painful as they imagined. Here’s a list of open source applications that I feel are a “must have” for anyone interested in exploring open source software alternatives:

Xubuntu Gets Feisty

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linux devcenter: The third release of Xubuntu, the variant of Ubuntu with the lightweight Xfce desktop, appeared last month. Feisty Fawn (version 7.04) uses the final gold code of Xfce 4.4.0 rather than the release candidates in Edgy Eft (version 6.10) and Dapper Drake (version 6.06). I had very positive experiences with both Edgy and Dapper so I had very high expectations for Xubuntu Feisty Fawn.

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